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All About Ash Ketchum (Satoshi), his Pokémon, Friends, Rivals, and Future!

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I love Pokémon and have been watching the anime/cartoon ever since I was a little child! Pokémon is still popular!

Ash Ketchum (Satoshi)


The main character in Pokémon, Ash, has been with us for more than 20 years. Yet he is still 10 years old. Well, we all need some of that youthful potion so we can stay young forever. Over the years, Ash has caught a lot of different types of Pokémon. Some are strong, some are weak and some are funny. Ash also managed to gain the trust of all the legendary Pokémon as well. In some cases, we were all hoping he would at least catch one in one of the movies. However, it never happened. But let's look on the bright side. Over his journey to the different regions in the world, he met and befriended many people. This hub talks about some of his most notable Pokémon, friends, and rivals.

Ash's Pikachu

Ash Ketchum's main Pokémon and best friend is a Pikachu. Pikachu was Ash's starter Pokémon that he got from professor Oak's laboratory when he started his journey. At first, the electric mouse didn't seem to like his new trainer at all and laughed at Ash's attempts to catch a wild Pokémon by himself. However, Ash eventually gained Pikachu's trust and they became best friends. He didn't like to be in a Pokeball so he was kept outside with Ash all the time. Over time, Pikachu became very strong because of its frequent training and battling. Overall, Pikachu is a loyal friend and Pokémon to Ash.

Pikachu's Personality, Moves, and Achievements

Being Pokémon's mascot, Pikachu gained lots of attention. He participated in countless battles and helped Ash earn some of the most important trophies. Like Ash, he is very eager to battle strong opponents. Yes, it has been confirmed that Pikachu is in fact a male. Pikachu is also a very kind and happy Pokémon. He has appeared in nearly all the episodes of Pokémon. Despite not being a final evolution of his species, Pikachu's power is incredible. Some of his achievements are taking down Latios, Silvally, Regice, and Tapu Koko.

Ash and Pikachu together Forever!


Pikachu Defeats Mega Gyarados!

Pikachu Defeats Tapu Koko!

Ash and Fire Type Pokémon

Fire type Pokémon seems to match our hero Ash Ketchum really well in terms of personality. If you think about it, it makes sense. Our hero is a very hot-headed individual that constantly wants to be stronger. Starting with his Charizard, Ash caught and trained many other strong fire types throughout the series. Charizard is a fan favorite Pokémon. Even though Ash's Charizard have not appeared for a while in the anime, some of the characters have this Pokémon as their main partner. Alain's mega Charizard x is a power house. The world champion Leon has a Charizard that is able to gigantamax. Aside from Charizard, Ash's Infernape and Incineroar are incredibly strong too.

Some of Ash's Fire Type Pokemon


Ash's Torracat Evolves into Incineroar during Intense Battle

Ash's Other Powerful Pokemon

Besides fire type Pokémon, he has caught other Pokémon that are just as powerful.

Ash's Snorlax

This is another power house Pokémon. Not only is he a very good battler, he is also a very agile swimmer. This Pokémon has defeated many foes and earned a spot as one of the most powerful Pokémon.

Ash's Heracross

This bug type Pokémon is no doubt very strong but also cute in its own way. It currently still has a very funny relationship with Bulbasaur. Heracross drinks the sweet sap from Bulbasaur's bulb whenever it gets the chance to do so.

Ash's Sceptile

This grass type Pokémon has lots of pride in its abilities but also strength to back it up. It won many important battles for Ash. One of the most memorable battles was against Tobias and his Darkrai.

Ash's Greninja

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Ash has never been able to evolve any of his water type starters. This led many to think that he is not compatible with water types. Then, Greninja appeared with a vengeance. Without mega stone and key stone, it mega evolved and became more powerful. It's a shame that Ash released it but Greninja has an important role to fill in the world. So, I guess it's okay.

Ash's Goodra

This is Ash's first fully evolved psudeo-legendary. However, his endurance is great and attacks are powerful. Again, he released one of his most powerful Pokémon. But, I get the sense that Goodra can be called in for important battles.

Ash's Dragonite, Gengar, and Riolu

Who is excited to see what Dragonite and Gengar can do in the new series? These two Pokémon are definitely fan favorites and powerful. We are all so glad that Ash caught them instead of Go. Gengar showed a little bit of his skills in the battle against Raichu. I can't wait to see what Dragonite can do. Riolu is a baby Pokémon, but he is very stubborn and eager to battle. When he evolves into Lucario, he will be even more powerful. Can't wait to see the new episodes of Pokémon.

Ash's Dragonite!

Ash's Gengar

Ash's Most Important Friends - Misty and Brock

We all love Misty and Brock! Ever since the first series, fans love to see Misty and Brock the most. These two are just perfect for the Pokémon show. With the new series, Sword and Shield, many fans are still hoping for Misty and Brock's return. Not sure if it will happen, but we can all hope right?

Misty loves water type Pokémon and has caught a few water types over the series. Now, who is excited to see her catch more water type Pokémon? Maybe a water starter Sobble?

Brock is also a fan favorite and my personal favorite. He has a natural affinity for Pokémon, is a great cook, constantly improves his skill as a Pokémon breeder, and strives to become a Pokémon doctor. I wanted him to catch the giant Golurk that Go caught in a previous episode. The giant Golurk will be a great addition to Brock's team.

Psyduck Knows Misty!

Brock in Sun and Moon!

Ash's Worst Friend - Go

This is just a personal opinion. So don't get mad at me. I just don't like that fact that he keeps on catching new Pokémon. Go is just collecting a whole bunch of Pokémon. How pathetic. He wants to catch Mew but I hope he never does. Just look at the way he treats Scorbunny. Telling a fire type Pokémon to forget about learning a fire type move. That's unacceptable. Get him out of Pokémon and let Misty and Brock return!

Go's Raboot Evolves

Ash's Best Rival - Gary Oak

Professor Oak's grandson, Gary Oak, is a powerful trainer. His starter Squirtle evolved into a powerful Blastoise. Throughout the first two series, Gary stayed at least one step ahead of Ash. For example, Gary caught a much bigger Crabby than Ash. Gary's Pokémon are more powerful than Ash's team in terms of stage of evolution and raw power. Their rivalry culminated in the Johto League where Ash's Charizard defeated Blastoise. Even though Gary lost, it was because of Charizard that Ash won that battle. Charizard defeated many of Gary's Pokémon in that battle. Ever since the lost, Gary has decided to become a Pokémon research instead.

Ash vs. Gary - Final Battle

Ash's Most Powerful Rival - Paul

Who is Ash's most powerful rival? I think it's Paul from the Sinnoh region. This guy is really serious and completely relies on power to win his battles. Unlike Ash, most of his Pokémon pack a punch. Paul has the complete opposite approach to training Pokémon than Ash. That's the reason for many of his releases. Unwilling to invest time to get his Pokémon strong, he will release anything that he considers unworthy of his time. Their rivalry culminated in the Sinnoh league with Ash getting the win of course. However, Paul is still one of Ash's most worthy rival and I really hope for his return as well.

Paul and His Famous "Standby for Battle"


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i think that Charizard,Infernape and Pikachu are Ash's most powerful Pokémon

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