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Artiste Profile: Jessie J, Songwriter and Singer

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Many may have not heard of the name Jessica Ellen Cornish but the name Jessie J rings a bell. She is more popular by her stage name. Jessie J was born is of English descent and was born in London on 27 March 1988. That makes her 33 years old and at this young age has carved a niche for herself as a songwriter and singer. One can say that she hit the green button at a pretty young age. Jessie grew up in London where she studied at the BRIT School. She brought in the school itself when she signed up with Gut Records. Shortly after this she also struck a deal with Sony /ATV Music to write songs. She wrote for many artists including Chris Brown and Miles Cyrus.

Jessie is a gifted girl, as can be seen from the fact that at the young age of 17 she wrote her fist song. The song titled, "Big White Room," is about the time she spent in hospital at the age of 11. She shared a room with a younger boy who expired. This song is a tribute to the boy and the period she shared with him in hospital.

The song created a very favourable impression and was instrumental in her being signed by Gut records as a song writer. She toured with a number of artists, but Gut records closed down before any music of Jessie J was released.

The closing of Gut records did not deter Jessie J who signed up with Sony ATV. This was a feather in her cap and she became a successful song writer. She wrote for Chris brown and many other artistes.


Carving a niche

Jessie had fate on her side and she got a big break to co-write the song ‘Party in the US’. The song recorded by Miles Cyrus was an instant hit and rose to #2 in the US. This was the break Jessie was looking forward to and she seized it with both hands. Her songs were picked up by such big artists as Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, and Rihanna.

In November 2010, Jessie stepped out as a solo artist and released her single “Do It Like a Dude" which quickly soared to number two on U.K. Singles charts. A second single "Price Tag" in which she collaborated with hot new rapper, B.o.B became her first number-one single. It broke into Billboard Hot 100 in the US. Her debut album, called "Who You Are” was released on February 25, 2011. Many critics have rated her as one of the best new artists in the music industry. She is now a bit of a veteran though still young and I suppose she'll go higher up.

Stormy Personal and sexual life.

Celebrities cannot escape in the western world from the lens, the camera, and the tabloid. Her personal life has raised eyebrows and is certainly not ordinary. She has confessed that she is bisexual. In an interview on 3 March 2011 on the “In Demand" radio show she acknowledged her bisexuality and confirmed she dated both boys and girls.

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Jessie J believes in doing unconventional things. Just as she acknowledged her bisexuality she announced she would shave her hair for charity. She was shaved live on 15 March 2013 on the show ‘Comic Relief’ and helped raise £75m for charity.

Going one step further she recently made public in 2021, that she had decided to have a baby on her own i.e. a single mother. She confessed that she was shattered when she learned that she had lost the baby at her third scan. Doctors advised her that they were unable to detect a heartbeat.

These setbacks have not altered her resolve to succeed in life.

Last word

Jessie was initially identified as a soul singer, but now it is appreciated that she primarily records songs of R&B and pop music with hip-hop influences. Jessie J has garnered many awards for her contributions to the music industry, including the 2011 Critics' Choice BRIT Award and the BBC's Sound of 2011. If figures have any meaning Jessie has sold over 11 million singles and 2.5 million albums worldwide. Maybe these figures are a little older and her tally would be much higher.

She has served as a coach on The competition series The Voice, UK, The Voice, Australia has used her services as a coach. In 2018, Jessie J received widespread recognition of all places in China as well following her appearance in the Hunan TV reality program.

In 2014 she relocated from London to Los Angeles as she felt that people in London were not appreciating her voice that much.

Jessie refers to her fans as ‘heart beats’ and will certainly move ahead in the years to come. Readers can listen to one of her songs which I have reproduced below.

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