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Arnold Schwarzenegger Workouts, Movies, Governor, & Scandal

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Arnold Always Wanted to go to America


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Early Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger grew up Thal Austria in a strict family. His father was in the police force and Arnold was expected to do well, and be an upstanding citizen. Young Schwarzenegger always had high hopes of success and knew that with the strong Socialist tendencies of Austria he would never have the freedom or opportunity to branch out and find himself. He was cheerful and high spirited as a child and things were not very pleasant at home, financially or emotionally.

Schwarzenegger had dreams of going to the United States and achieving goals and dreams, but would never talk of these desires with his father.

The avenue that Arnold Schwarzenegger would use to get himself out of the humdrum world of socialism to the exciting land of opportunity would be bodybuilding.

Arnold had a naturally nice frame. He was well proportioned, but skinny as many adolescents are.

It would be a matter of packing on muscle to earn himself the right to his first bodybuilding competition.

Arnold on His Way to Body Building Fame


Schwarzenegger the Workout King

Arnold participated in many sports and excelled in soccer, but when he became serious in bodybuilding he realized that he needed to put his focus on one sport and bodybuilding was the winner.

At first Arnold's father was against bodybuilding and thought it was a waste of time, but after Schwarzenegger won his first contest they were very proud of their son and although not entirely supportive, they were not discouraging Arnold's efforts to get ahead in the bodybuilding world.

In 1965 Arnold Schwarzenegger won the Mr. Europe title, and then was named the Best Built Man in the Europe, which made him famous.

Shortly after that he competed in Mr. Universe, coming in second while the winner was Chester Yorton. But, as luck would have it one of the judges in the 1966 Mr. universe contest took Arnold under his wing to coach him in London. It was during this time that Arnold gained a solid grasp of the English language.

In 1967 Arnold won the Mr. Universe title at the age of 20. Arnold put his nose to the grindstone and went to business school and trained 4-6 hours per day and went on to win Mr. Universe 3 more times.

In 1970 Arnold won the ultimate bodybuilding title, he became Mr. Olympia and defended the title for 7 years. It was a whirlwind of interviews, movies and celebrity status from then on.

Arnold As Mr. Universe


The Best Built Man in the World

Arnold was named in the Guiness book of world's records as the best built man in the world. But simply being the best eye candy in the world was not enough for Arnold, he wanted to be more than just a beautiful body, and had a burning ambition to become all he could be in the land of opportunity.

Indeed, Arnold earned the respect of his peers and became a very good actor and starred in many popular films. Schwarzenegger wanted to conquer acting before moving on to what had been stirring in his mind for several years.

Arnold Finally Marries Maria


Arnold Schwarzenegger Marries Maria Shriver

Arnold had been dating Maria Shriver since the 70s and in 1986 he decided to settle down and get married to start a family with her. His critics say that he had his sights set on politics early on and used Maria for her political connections. But, whatever his motivations were, they married and began a family, eventually having four children together.

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Arnold became an ambassador for the red cross in the early 90s, and became governor of California in 2003 in a special election to complete the term of Gray Davis.

As governor we was criticized by democrats for being a republican and criticized by republicans for governing like a democrat. Either way, Arnold showed himself to be a classy republican when he did not accept his governor's salary because he was intending to do what he thought was right, and he already had money.

All the while Arnold now had women popping out of the woodwork to claim he sexually harassed them twenty or thirty years ago. Allegations were being hurled left and right, while Arnold did not bother rummaging through all the dirty laundry, but rather stated that he did behave badly during his youth, and most of what is coming out is simply not true.

Arnold Works His Way Into Politics With the Help of the Kennedy's


Schwarzenegger Achieves Yet Another Goal

Arnold has had great goals in life and made every attempt to fulfill them, and now that he has entered into the political arena that persona does not sit well with the public. Arnold was bombarded with negative press stating that he is not a thoughtful or caring person, and using the movie, Pumping Iron as ammo to show the world how heartless he really is.

Pumping Iron portrayed Arnold as a guy who would do anything in order to win. To make matters worse, it was presented as a real documentary without scripted parts. Pumping Iron did nothing to present Arnold in a human light and attempted to make Arnold the heartless man with the foreign, Germanic accent. It worked at the time, and benefited Arnold as an actor, but now it was a thorn in his side.

In reality Arnold does have a human side and when the press was in love with him there were a few stories that point to it. Arnold was seen defending a woman in public when a man began physically harassing her. He actually challenged a man who was picking on a woman he did not know because she could not defend herself. He also saved a man who was drowning in Malibu by swimming out in the ocean to save him.

These are things that the press liked to leave out of the Arnold headlines when Arnie was Governor of California. Why someone in his shoes would want to go into politics is beyond me.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold- Governor of California

As governor Schwarzenegger repealed the increase in vehicle registration fees, and rejected the issuing of drivers licenses being given out to illegal aliens. These were his initial high points.

Later on- Arnold began to feel the pressure from unions, and he seemed to be moving to the center, rather to the conservative right. A "special" election was held and Schwarzenegger was on his way out. But, he was on his way to experiencing the greatest scandal of his life.

Arnold's Love Child and Mistress


Scandal Falls on Arnold

Rumors began to circulate that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a child out of wedlock. If that was not poison enough, the rumors were circulating that the Arnold's housekeeper was the mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child.

It turned out to be more than a rumor and Arnold does indeed have a child with a woman who worked for him. The child is the result of a ten year old affair with Mildred Baena.

Schwarzenegger never lied or pointed fingers when the scandal was being dragged around the news stations and he wisely dropped out of site.

Arnold's Autobiography

Arnold's Mistress Comes Out Publicly With Her Love Child


unauthorized biography of Arnold

Arnold on Amazon

Mildred Baena

Mildred Baena did not mind her identity being leaked to the public, but Arnold did manage to keep her identity under wraps for some time after the scandal broke out. He was also concerned for his son's well being when photographers were fighting like mad to get a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child.

This was the greatest political scandal in years, and to keep it even more interesting to National Enquirer readers was the fact that he was married to a Kennedy, and had been a Hollywood star.

Arnold's Secret Family


Arnold's Autobiography

During the time Arnold was married to Maria, he was playing part time husband and father to Mildred and their son. Often under the same roof.

An unauthorized biography of Arnold has rocked the bookshelves lately that depicts Arnold as a gold digger who intended to go into politics years ago and used Maria to get him there. In an effort to set things straight for his family and himself, Arnold has now published his own Autobiography.

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Ahdilarum on September 17, 2014:

Wow.. Interesting facts about Arnold. Liked this page much.

Kas from Bartlett, Tennessee on March 19, 2013:

Amazingly detailed. Loved the hub. From the fact that I can remember this man in Pumping Iron and action movies from years before. Sad that he had such a hard fall in the end. Redemption is always there for whomever, I just hope he makes more good character driven choices from now on. Voting this up as interesting Skarlet.

caltex on October 07, 2012:

Very informative! I actually liked Maria and him as a couple, not knowing what was going on. Then it all came out. I could not have written this as well as you have. My disgust would have been too obvious. Voted up!

dulcevidas from London, UK on October 05, 2012:

Politicians are just like the rest of us. The fact that they chose a career in public life as custodians of our laws and regulations does not automatically transfrom them into super beings. Of course ideally we would like to see them as beyond reproach and morally perfect. Thats just the theory. It hardly ever happens. . Im even going to go further and say that an "honest politician" is an oxymoron. There is nothing of the kind. Politics by definition to me is one long process of lies or distortion of truths. So Arnold got on with the maid. Sorry to say but how many guys do that? How many men resist an ever present temptation? State governor or not a man is still a man. Not That I approve just saying.

Suzie from Carson City on October 04, 2012:

Skarlet.....I like Arnold. He screwed up in his personal life, but he is man enough to take full responsibility.....want to make amends to his wife and kids. I saw him on Piers Morgan just the other night.

He's certainly a successful man in his celebrity as well as Political achievements........I almost cried for him when he talked about how Maria is the absolute love of his life and he wants to try to repair the damage and be with his family......MEN!! They're so good at afterthought.............UP+++

Dianna Mendez on October 04, 2012:

I enjoyed him in the Terminator movie series and had respect for him as a governor. After the discovery of his hidden affair, I lost respect for hi as a person. However, anyone can change for the better. I see he is starring in a new movie. Let's hope he has learned how to make better choices. Enjoyed your post on his background, well done.

Russ Moran - The Write Stuff from Long Island, New York on October 03, 2012:

Interesting hub about a truly compelling character who has, well, character flaws. The 60 Minutes interview was excellent.

The Logician from then to now on on October 03, 2012:

I find it so interesting that people who are basically without character and untrustworthy to the core seek to be politicians. From the Kennedy's to Clinton to John Edwards and now Schwarzenegger . The list is long and when those closest to them cannot trust them how can anyone expect them to be honest with their constituents, strangers to them for the most part.

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