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Are We Racist? How Racist Am I?

I didn't know I was racist, until...

“What is your least favorite color?”


A small mishap, this. All conducted by the simplest of questions. I only thought ‘color’ soak through the purest visualization, but some grasped otherwise. Such as the dark-skinned boy in my class, his teasing tone remarked: “Doesn’t that mean your racist when you hate black?”

I am not fond of black, because of its natural reference to pollution and darkness. Don’t you think the world needs to be more colorful? Well, I do…

The simplest questions thrusted into the substitutes of racism. When numb words seep into the ears of gossipers, and reality meets dullness, all there’s left is hatred and the twisted soul of values.

The dark velvet roses, concealing their mysterious in the cold winter night. The clock strikes midnight with a careful bang—suddenly I hear rustles, cranking from the sky. Snowfalls drifting in tranquil, like white feathers interfering carefully… Riveted. Distinctive. Roses and snow rendered me speechless; the enticing work of art from God was drizzled in beauty…


Our skin color doesn't define who we are.

Racism is inevitable. Think of humanity, think of the society and the world! Between Whites, Asians, Dark-skinned, everywhere it exists! Not only is it because of how offensive people are, but what victims do to dispose racism. Some decide to neglect, some others might hurtle wide, and twiddle the fact from their mouths. Of course, we mustn’t forget the noble heroes, the ones rebelled against racism, and not the ones using a ‘protective barrier’ to proclaim for themselves and exchange unfair affairs for freedom. We must prove them wrong, not make them loathe us on sight!

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Hatred, fear, cruel… If only they signified peace. In this—compare all the colored ones as flamboyant walls, it would certainly be too plain for just one to modify our vision, right? With all combined together, it would ooze into the most thriving of light. Their all gorgeous, regardless of the blacks, whites, greens, and blues, the essence of ourselves belong to humans, not the prejudice aesthetics occupied on our faces…

Black and white, colors described as art, not reality. Their abstracted figure perched in us, summarized an objective meaning by our appearances. By realizing one’s précised meaning of words, not rigidly ignorant though, is what we must achieve. Accept the authentic beauty, not wasting absurd energy on shackling the fact into an endless hole—it swallows up our purest cognitive, and digests into filthy fragments, again picked by us, slashing, flailing at each other…

Do come on! People are frightened of expressing their own feelings because of the anxiety that is delivered, I would say this is even a violation of the right to personal liberty; restraining a hostage, meanwhile insulting them, so they could abide by the rules of shame?

However only a few would care, cowering into the sensitive boundaries, their terrified of being attacked to death. But why? Why should I be the one to apologize when I’m only exposing the truth? I am so sick of people yielding down under the bustles of false influences and fleeing away from the fact! Regardless of the people hating each other, either it's due to the vestige of history, or just plain prejudice, nothing’s fair when it comes to spreading the blame on only one—In conclusion, no snowflake is innocent of an avalanche.

In brief, racism is indeed inevitable. But we, the new generations stand in a world full of challenge and controversy, and I know that only hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; and love illuminates it.

What matters, is the kind heart we own, not the color of our skin.

One's skin color, ethnics and structures cannot be changed, but at the same time determines your value in the society. This video approaches the uncanny valley

© 2022 Maple-Gin Benson

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