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Any Old Miracle: Let's send Vern Gosdin to the Hall of Fame

'Music filled my life and wrapped me in fantacy...' and it still does. I live it. I love it.

Vern Gosdin, known as The Voice, has been overlooked by the Country Music Hall of Fame way too long. One of his own recordings has the answer...

First Just Listen

He Didn't Write It

But it sounds like he did.

Written by James Walton Aldridge Jr., Donald Ray Fritts, Gary Nicholson

We lost Vern in 2009



Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Honoree Vern Gosdin Remembered as 'One of the Best of All Time'.

The Hillmen


The Hillmen

Chris Hillman, Don Parmaley, Rex and Vern Gosdin.

Vern On Stage


I had the Honor

And privilege of interviewing Vern after he came off the stage at the opening of his Amphitheater in Ardmore, Alabama, in August of 1991.

He was literally on a high! High on the adrenalin of a culmination of a dream and the enthusiasm of the crowd.

A Photo I took of Vern


Vern is interviewed by someone in the afternoon


Buzz Shows Off A T-shirt For Me

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Rocket City Country Music Amphitheater

Ardmore, Alabama.

The Concert Stage


I Showed Vern ....


...this drawing I did of him... He said, 'It looks almost exactly like me.'

Well, that's an oxi-moron, but I'll take it!

Vern's Released 10 Years of Greatest Hits in 1990

Ironically, Vern only had two or three number one hits, and that may be what is keeping him out out of the Hall of Fame, but what powerful songs they were, especially Chisled In Stone.

AND when you consider his forty years as an entertainer, that should account for something!

The Boxed Set


Think about it...

There is no ungodly reason Vern Gosdin should not take his place in the COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME.

Vern and Me - 1991


Just Remember...

He is The Voice, not an Echo.

© 2018 Tiana Dreymor


Charlene Lankford McRoberts on October 02, 2019:

Vern Gosdin belongs in the CMHOF and it is shameful that the CMA doesn't recognize that ! Wake up and do your job CMA !

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