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Another Maleficent Movie!-Review

Here it comes!From the fairylands with mythical creatures and royalties,The Mistress of Evil!


Once upon a time,maybe twice upon a time...

Is finally here,another enigmatic Maleficent movie!This movies has everything,humour,action,fantasy,romance,drama,and all of them are just in one movie,how spectacular is this!!

At this time,we have a bunch of new characters and more heartbreaking moments,we see Aurora,prince Philip,all the fairies and the one and only,The Mistress of Evil!

Angelina Jolie nailed it again,such a beautiful actress and the most importantly,a huge talent!This time we see more about her character and her origins.Let's pause that and go more in depth of the movie!

In the beginning Prince Philip asks Aurora if she wants to marry him,so heartbreaking and romantic moment,but hold on! Do you think that Maleficent agrees with this? You got it!Of course,not! She finds out from Diaval and she rises in the sky with her impressive wings.Well,finally she understands that love is more important than anything and she accepts to meet Philip parent's at the castle.

This movie has some funny parts,definitely you will laugh a lot and you will cry and you will laugh again! Let's talk about CGI!We like CGI,right?If it's well done,of course.There is a plenty of CGI,but come on,is amazing,the land,creatures are phenomenal!

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We have some interesting new cool characters,after Maleficent is hurt,she falls in to the ocean,so sad...But we see another appearance,somebody with horns and wings,just like her,named Connal,which is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor,another great actor,he gives such a strengh and wisdom to his character.The story continues,the Maleficent is taken to their cave when she finds out that is not alone,there are thousands and thousands,just like her!

Be prepared,there is another cruel and mischievous character,the queen,or Michelle Pfeiffer!She is against all,wants to kill all the fairies and to defeat Maleficent and has no limits!

Meawhile,the quenn is preparing for war,the orher side as well,the leader of the wizzards,named Borra,is not listening and hates people,he wants to destroy but is that the sollution?

Of course not,and there are some facts about this movie,it has strong accents about humanity and relationships,the director of this movie wants to tell us that conflicts generate more conflicts and we must stop them,the only way is to forgive and act like one together for a common cause.Another important thing is about relationships,appearance,it doesn't matter how we look,all that matters is the compasion and to try make our place a better place.


We have an ending!

But wait,there are some great moments before the end.So.the war is starting,and our hero is not showing up,not yet!All the wizzards are trying to survive against the weapons created by the queen in order to defeat them.Is chaos,a lots of wizzards start to vanish and suddenly,a light comes up from the sky,is our hero,Maleficent!Omg,is finally here! Maleficent acknowledges that she has the power to end those conflicts between humans and the creatures.The weapons are turned off but what about queen?Maleficent is going after her,also like Aurora.She sacrifices for Aurora and is vanished,the queen won...Oh,oh, wait a second,a few moments after,there is a light and a vortex,Maleficent is rising but in another form,is like a dark phoenix!! The chaos stopped.All of them are safe now and there is,the final.But the wedding!Yes,there is a wedding,one of the most beautiful moments in the movie!

You must watch the movie,you cannot miss this!

© 2020 Mihai Cosmin

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