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Anime Series You Might Want to Give a Watch Part 2

I am an Anime enthusiast,and love discovering different genres of entertainment.


In a situation, like this where, a lot of us are undeniably sick of this pandemic and just want to get rid of constant concerns about our future. The entertainment industry has been able to keep us occupied with interesting and thoughtful content.

The anime industry has been successful in attracting a lot of people during the pandemic. I myself being one of such kind.

So, I present to you my recommendation list of anime series that you would want to give a try.

1.Jujutsu kaisen


Jujutsu kaisen

Imagine working your ass off for completing a task or a mission only to meet death as the end result. That exactly explains the protagonist, Yuri Itadori's situation. When he was supposed to be spending the rest of the day mourning over his grandfather's death he did not expect to meet an impassive Megumi Fushiguro at the hospital. Next, he finds himself fighting a strange creature who was seemingly after his friends' life. He finds himself in a world where he can see curses and spirits.

Watch the first season of the anime series to follow his journey.

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2. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


What would you do if you live in a town where demons turn human beings into demons? Imagine losing your family to a bloodthirsty demon, who turns your sister into a demon and you want nothing else but peaceful life. The protagonist Tanjiro kamado finds himself in the exact same situation.

Follow the journey of tanjiro becoming a demon slayer.

3. Tokyo Revengers


What would you do if you could go past back in the past? Would you like to live the same life or would you make changes in the past for a better future? In the protagonist Takemichi hanagaki's case, he has a lot that he would change. He is a lazy low-life adult who comes across a piece of news where he finds out that his middle school girlfriend and her brother have died and that is because of the terror caused by the Tokyo manji gang.

Will takemichi be able to save his middle school girlfriend and her brother?

Watch the anime to find out.


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