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3 Anime Series You Might Want to Give a Watch

I am an Anime enthusiast,and love discovering different genres of entertainment.

Animes are popular not only among kids but even adults these days. And not to mention there is so much to discover in this anime world, that one might definitely find something that catches your interest.

So, if you are watching anime for the first time in your life, these are my recommendations.


1.Kimi ni Todoke


Kimi ni Todoke;

English-Reaching you/ From me to you

(Japanese- 君に届け)

The story is about a shy girl named Sawako kuronuma (Sadako). She is troubled by the students of her school who considered her as mysterious and therefore ghostly. They are scared of her and anyone barely talks to her. But the main lead, in reality, is just a sweet teenager who wants nothing else but to be useful to people around her and to make true friends. This anime was so adorable, the journey of sawako in her school from a shy unpopular girl whom everyone stayed away from discovers her bright side and becomes someone who befriends her schoolmates and how her friends and her crush help her in the process. It was truly enjoyable the way it showed different perspectives of different characters.

It is a fun Romcom ,general audiences should definately give it a watch.




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It is the shortest anime I have seen so far, but that does not affect the fact that it kept me completely engaged till the end.

It is a story about people living in the town 'No.6'. Shion the protagonist meets a strange kid around his age named Nezumi (Rat in English)at his residence one rainy evening who left the other day early in the morning but this encounter changed his life. Six years later, after the city is caught in the trap of a mysterious and deadly parasitic wasp that begin taking many lives, he meets Nezumi( Rat in English) again. The two are set with a series of adventures and they thrive for the freedom and safety of the people. Will they succeed ?

Watch the 11 episodes to find out.

3.Death note


You have probably heard about it a lot by now. But, as it is said some things are popular because they deserve to be, this anime proves the saying. My first thought was that it had a really predictable storyline but the anime proves me wrong and kept me engaged.

The story basically revolves around a young student who finds a book with the title 'The Death note'.He realizes that the book has the power to make an individual suffer and die ,if the owner of the book is familiar with the individual's face and knows his/her?other's name. Just by writing this information down the boy could kill anyone he decided should die. The boy decides to clear all the criminals from the world by killing them one by one. Will he be able to do what he wants? or more trouble awaits him?

Watch the anime to find out.


ISHIKA MEHERE (author) from NAGPUR on June 22, 2021:

Thank you hirabutt ,hope you have a great day ahead.

hira from faisalabad on June 22, 2021:

Good job

Shilpa Mehere on June 22, 2021:

Love them all.

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