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Thirteen Noragami Facts About Yukine

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Yukine confessing his sins.

Yukine confessing his sins.


Yukine is one of the three main protagonists of the fantastic Noragami series along with Yato, the Stray God, and Iki Hiyori. His debut was in chapter 3 of the Noragami manga and in episode 2 of the anime. He was picked by Yato as his next Shinki.

At first, Yukine was portrayed as a cold and cruel person. After realizing that he was dead and nobody was unable to see him, Yukine began using this to his advantage in order to steal money and various other things.

Yato had to punish Yukine who, fortunately, confessed all of his sins and apologized. From that moment on, his personality changes drastically. He befriends Hiyori and asks for help to learn more about what she does in school. Eventually, in Noragami season 2, he will become Yato's Blessed Vessel.

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Friendship with Hiyori

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Character Theme Song



Yukine was only 14 years old when he died, which means that he’s just one year younger than Iki Hiyori. This is known from chapter 5 of the manga.

Hiyori figured this out in Noragami Aragato episode 1. Judging by his education level, Hiyori’s been able to realize that he died in his second year of middle school.


We do not know a lot about Yukine's life, but in the anime there is a moment in Noragami episode 2, just before Yato named him, where we can see some of Yukine's memories being transmitted to Yato. Those flashbacks indicate that he had a family but his mother and sister left him in his father’s custody. It may be possible that he had been beaten up or killed by his own father.

However, this only happened in the anime, so it is not yet confirmed in the manga.

Yukine's childhood memories being transmitted to Yato in Noragami episode 2.

Yukine's childhood memories being transmitted to Yato in Noragami episode 2.


As it has been seen and stated in both the anime and manga, Yukine is afraid of the dark. He can even be seen sleeping with a light on in some episodes.

This can be related to something that he experienced while he was still alive, but we can’t know that for sure since his past is still not revealed in Noragami manga.

Yukine sleeping with the lights on.

Yukine sleeping with the lights on.

What is a Shinki?

Shinki (神器, meaning “sacred treasures”) are items that gods use for various task and purposes. They are also called Sacred Treasures, Sacred Weapons, Regalias, and Sacred Tools in English.

They are made from the wandering souls of people whose cause of death was murder or accidental. Since they did not die from natural causes, the Gods can give them a second chance. In order to become a Shinki, the wandering soul must not be corrupted, therefore being a pure soul.

The Shinki have four alternative names:

  1. Human name's reading: Yuki
  2. Vessel name's reading: Setsu
  3. Name as a person: Yukine
  4. Name as a weapon: Sekki


When a God adopts a wandering spirit as a Shinki, the spirit needs to be given a posthumous name. When Yato named his current Shinki, he gave him the name Yuki (雪), which means "snow", because the form of his soul resembled of snowflake. Then he named his human form Yukine (雪音), which means "the sound of the snow". His Regalia's name is Sekki.


When Yukine is called Sekki he transforms into a silver katana, the handle of which is wrapped in bandages.

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After becoming a Hafuri Vessel (Blessed Regalia), his form was changed into two twin katanas with the same design. It is believed that Sekki’s bandages that cover its blades are associated with his past.

During the second episode of the Noragami anime, there is a single frame in Yukine’s memories where his arm is seen covered with bandages. In a similar manner, his Sekki form is a silver katana, which is loosely wrapped in bandages.

First transformation.

First transformation.

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Yukine has had 4 important changes of outfits in the anime since we first met him in Noragami episode 2. He first appeared with a simple white robe, resembling a Japanese Shinishozoku.

From then on, his outfit was changed a couple of times mostly at the beginning of the arcs.One of his main trademarks is his wool cap, which he usually wears.

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Outfits throughout the series.

Outfits throughout the series.


As a Shinki, Yukine is very talented. Yato is always surprised with Yukine's abilities, ever since the day he learned how to make a boundary in episode 5 of the anime.

Some other Gods recognized him as a skilled Shinki, such as Ebisu and Takemikazuchi.


However, Yukine is not Yato's first Shinki. Yato previously had 5 Shinkis (you can read more about them in Yato's Eleven Facts). For one of the previous Shinkis, Yato uses the name Nora.

Yukine has battled Nora multiple times in the series by now. At first, he wasn’t a good rival for her, being inexperienced, insecure and jealous. The reason behind his jealousy was because Yato hadn't cut ties with her and was still using her as a Regalia.

But, recently in the manga, it was stated by Yato’s father that he has become a worthy rival for Nora, especially after becoming a Blessed Vessel as well as being trained by Kazuma.

First confrontation with Nora.

First confrontation with Nora.


On top of that, Yukine was struck by an attack from Yato’s father that was meant to make him remember his past, but because he is a Blessed Vessel, he was not affected.

However, this doesn’t mean that he cannot become an Ayakashi if he gets to know his real name.


After Yukine confessed his sins, he became a good friend of Hiyori, hoping that they could stay friends even after she grows up and gets married. She’s a very important friend to him so he wouldn’t like her to forget him.

There was a previous instance where Hiyori lost her memories and was unable to remember either Yato nor Yukine. At that time, Yukine tried to make her remember them by showing her Yato's drawings.

Yato's drawings.

Yato's drawings.


Yato's voice actor, Hiroshi Kamiya, and Yukine's voice actor, Yūki Kaji, both work together as the leading characters of the Shingeki no Kyojin series, also known as Attack on Titan. Kamiya voices Levi Ackerman and Kaji voices Eren Yeager.

Yūki Kaji also voices Alibaba Saluja from Magi, Issei Hyoudou from Highschool DxD, Shu Ouma from Guilty Crown, amongst many, many more characters.

Micah Solusod is the English voice actor for Yukine. He has given life to many characters, such as Touma Kamijo from To Aru Majutsu no Index, Coby from One Piece and also voices Soul Eater Evans in Soul Eater, a character who, like Yukine, can transform into a living weapon.


Yukine's character song is called "Catch Ball" and it is about his feelings from the time he met Yato until the time he matured and became who we know today.

The one who sang this song is Yukine's already mentioned voice actor, Yūki Kaji.


Yukine is very sensitive of his short height.

About Noragami series.

The Noragami series, written by Adachitoka, began publishing since January of 2011. It features many Gods of Japanese Mythology and it shows how the Gods are capable of doing anything they want on their own, but still require a human spirit by their side as their Shinki.

Yato is the male protagonist of the series. He is a God of Calamity and is trying to get a shrine, as well as to become one of the well-known and respected Gods. After being left behind by his previous Shinki, Yato encounters Yukine, an uncorrupted spirit and makes him his Regalia.

They get involved with a human girl named Hiyori, who is able to see and communicate with Gods and spirits.

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