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Anime Review: "The Orbital Children" (2022)

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"The Orbital Children" official promotional art.

"The Orbital Children" official promotional art.

Quick Info

Director: Mitsuo Iso
Distributor: NetflixReleased: January 28th, 2022
Runtime: 188 minutes
Availability: Streaming exclusively on Netflix

Story Summary

Children born on the moon want to return to Earth, but Earth children are visiting the hotel on the moon where they live. During one of these visits, an asteroid appears on the radar and is heading toward the space station. Will the crew and the children be able to escape to Earth in time? Meanwhile, there’s a mysterious cult that is trying to infiltrate the space station.

Will everyone be able to get along to survive?

The Story Is Interesting, but Not My Favorite

I found that The Orbital Children is an interesting anime with an interesting premise. It’s a fun science fiction story, but it’s not the most memorable one I’ve watched. I did enjoy it. The setting and characters were interesting and I did find myself hooked on the premise of the anime, but it could have better execution, but I’ll talk about that later.

It has an interesting hook that made me interested in the anime, it’s not perfect but you might like it.

The main cast of "The Orbital Children".

The main cast of "The Orbital Children".

The Orbital Children | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

The Animation Is Nice

The animation for The Orbital Children is by Production +h. The animation looks nice, and I like the art style a lot.

The 3D looks a little weird but it’s still okay. I do think it could look better but it still looks good enough. I do like how the character designs are and it’s a nice-looking anime. The animation is also fluid and despite not being an action-oriented anime, this is still a nice-looking anime. Production +h did a nice job animating the movies, for Netflix streaming, they split them into individual episodes.

The animation is visually appealing and the character designs look great, I also like how it portrays space and a futuristic space station. The futuristic aspects of the story, like the robots, had nice designs that I liked and thought had a good design for the robots.

Audio and Subtitles


English (reviewed) (2.0 and 5.1 audio)


Japanese (2.0 and 5.1 audio)

English (CC)

Japanese (audio description)



Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese


Japanese (CC)

The Voice Cast Is Good

Cassandra Morris is great as Konoha Б Nanase. She portrayed an interesting character and I think did a great job in her role as Konoha B. Nananse.

Griffin Burns is great as Touya Sagami. I thought his character was interesting and made a good main character. I also enjoyed the voice acting.

Abby Trott did a great job as Nasa Houston. She was a fun and interesting character and she was an interesting part of the anime.

Adam McArthur did a great job as Taiyo Tsukuba.

The voice cast is excellent and while the dub isn’t my favorite, it’s still a very good English dub. It sounds very nice and has a good voice cast. It’s an enjoyable English dub but it’s not my favorite.

The Orbital Children - Ending Credits - Netflix

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The Music Is Good

Rei Ishizuka composed the music for Orbital Children and I thought it was a good soundtrack. It suited the anime and fit the atmosphere of the setting and I liked the music.

However, it’s not a very memorable soundtrack, but it’s still good.

This anime doesn’t have openings or endings but it’s still a good soundtrack. I just wish that it stuck out to me more when it came to the music used in the anime.

Mina Misasa, an influencer visiting the moon.

Mina Misasa, an influencer visiting the moon.

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The Pacing Feels Too Fast

The pacing of The Orbital Children feels too fast, everything just seemed to move too fast and while it was an enjoyable anime, it just felt like they kept the plot moving so fast that you couldn't take it all in.

It’s still a nice anime, but it could have benefited from slower pacing to let the audience breathe a little bit. The pacing is too fast and the story tries to wrap everything up by the end, but it feels like everything was moving too fast.

It's Forgettable Overall

Overall, The Orbital Children is forgettable as a story. It’s a very interesting story that just can’t stay in my mind. It’s an anime with great production values and a lot of good things going for it, but I don’t feel that it’s a memorable anime that I want to rewatch.

The fact that it’s not memorable in the long run makes me wish that the story was better so that I could recommend it to other people.

The anime has a great production value that is lost by the generic story ending that made the story very average overall.

It's a Little Forgettable, but Still a Good Watch

While The Orbital Children isn’t my favorite anime or even an anime that I’ve gone back to rewatch, I still remember that I enjoyed it. It was a nice, fun little science fiction anime that surprised me when I was looking for anime to watch on Netflix.

I recommend it to any anime fans looking for an interesting and unique science fiction anime to watch. It has flaws but I still enjoyed it. It might not be worth buying for your anime collection, but it is worth your time to give the first episode a watch on Netflix if you have a Netflix account.

But I will warn people with a Netflix account that if you go in with high expectations you might be disappointed. I didn’t go in with high expectations and I enjoyed it, but I can’t quite give The Orbital Children a glowing recommendation because of the pacing issues and having average writing.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

An interesting story, setting, and characters

The pacing is too fast

Good English dub

The writing is average

Good soundtrack

It's forgettable overall

My Rating: C+

I do recommend watching the first episode of The Orbital Children to see if it’s something that interests you. It is a well-done anime with beautiful visuals and an interesting premise. I did enjoy the anime even if I don’t find it to be the most memorable anime I’ve watched when it comes to Netflix anime. It’s not the worst anime I’ve ever watched, but it’s not the best either. I feel it’s good for the genre it’s in and that it is an enjoyable anime.

However, the pacing is too fast and I feel it tried to cram way too much into the story to fit the runtime, but it’s still a decent watch.
It’s a good anime, but it’s not going into my “must-watch” list for Netflix anime that is worth your time to look up and watch.

It’s still a good anime, it does feel like it’s above average, but it’s not one of the greats. It has a lot of potential and an interesting premise that did keep my interest while I was watching the anime.
I think that science fiction fans will enjoy the anime but general fans might not be as interested in The Orbital Children. Give the first episode a watch and if you’re not interested in continuing you can stop before you spend too much time on the anime.

It’s worth a try if you like science fiction, but it will keep you entertained, but don’t go in expecting the best science fiction anime you’ve ever watched.
I feel it’s worth your time to watch it at least once, but not quite worth paying the price for a blu-ray set unless you love the anime. It was a fun way for me to spend my Sunday binge-watching it on Netflix but I’ve never gone back and rewatched it.

It was an above-average anime with excellent visuals and an interesting premise that didn’t quite stick the landing for me, but give it a try and you might find you enjoy it. I did enjoy it, but I’m not saying it’s a science fiction masterpiece. It was good but didn’t quite stay with me like other science fiction anime I’ve watched.
Give it a try on Netflix and you can decide if you want to keep watching it.

My Rating

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