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Anime Review: 'Star Wars: Visions' (2021)

Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

"Star Wars: Visions" official artwork.

"Star Wars: Visions" official artwork.

Quick Info

Directors: Various
Distributor: Disney+
Runtime: 225 minutes
Availability: Streaming exclusively in multiple languages on Disney+

Story Summary

Star Wars: Visions is an anime anthology written, directed, and animated by various people and animation studios. It follows various characters living in a galaxy far, far away throughout various time periods of the Star Wars trilogies.

The Anthology Is Fun!

Disney’s handling of the Star Wars franchise has disappointed me and I have made it quite clear that I hate the Star Wars sequel trilogy. The only reason I’ve watched this is that I have access to Disney+ that I don’t have to pay for and it did look interesting to me. I still hate the Sequel Trilogy but if you like it’s that fine, just don’t be a Disney Shill and act like Disney can do no wrong, they’ve done a lot wrong with Star Wars but this anime anthology isn’t one of them.

I enjoyed Star Wars: Visions because it’s genuinely entertaining. It’s the only part of “Disney Star Wars” that I’ve enjoyed besides, Rogue One, and I didn’t enjoy Rogue One too much but it was still better than the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Star Wars: Visions | English Dub Trailer | Disney+

The Jedi in the first episode "The Duel".

The Jedi in the first episode "The Duel".

The Animation Varies, but It’s Pretty Great!

Kamikaze Douga, Studio Colorido, Studio Trigger, Kinema citrus, Production I.G, Science Saru, and Gen Studio all animated the anthology episodes for Star Wars: Visions.

Some studios did better work than others and there was only one short I didn’t like that much. But the episodes are visually pleasing.

My favorites were “The Duel”, “Twins”, “The Village Bride”, and “Ochio and Lop”. The other shorts were good, and they all had good animation, but these episodes stuck out to me a lot.

The outstanding episodes were animated by Studio Trigger for “Twins” and “Ochio and Lop” the visuals are amazing and the animation is very fluid and in “Ochio and Lop” the backgrounds are very beautiful along with the excellent fight animations in both episodes.

The one that was my least favorite visually is “Tatooine Rhapsody”, it just wasn’t that interesting when it came to the writing or the visuals.

Overall, all the episodes are very well-done and if you like good animation, you’ll enjoy watching Star Wars: Visions. All the other anime studios have their unique takes on the galaxy far, far away.

Audio and Subtitles



Chinese (Hong Kong)


Chinese (simplified)





English (audio description)

English (closed captions)



Español (Latinamericano)

Español (Latinamericano)













Portuguese (Brasil)

Portuguese (Brasil)





The English Dub Is Adequate but Has Few Standouts

The English dub for Star Wars: Visions has a lot of good English dub voice actors, but they don’t stand out to me that much. They all did an adequate job dubbing the anime into English.

The episodes that stood out to me had excellent English dubs for the episodes.

The dub has some great voice actors but I didn’t recognize many of them. They did a great job overall, one of the standouts was Anna Cathcart as Lop. I loved her performance in Lop and Ochio. It was a very touching story that has a lot of the main themes of Star Wars in it.

Kyle McCarney is in the same short as the Imperial Officer in the short. He played a bunch of other smaller roles in the other episodes.

The other voice performance that stood out to me was Eva Kaminsky as the Jedi in “The Village Bride”.

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Overall, the English dub is really good. The Japanese are also good, but I watched the English track first.

STAR WARS VISIONS Soundtrack: The Village Bride End Credits

The Soundtrack Is Nice!

Star Wars: Visions has a few different composers for certain episodes, but the most memorable music is from the episodes “The Village Bride”, Kevin Penkin composed the music for the episode and it was great.

Michiru Oshima composed the soundtrack for two episodes, “The Elder” and “Twins”. I enjoyed the music in those episodes and overall, the episodes have excellent soundtracks.

My last favorite composer is Yoshiaki Dewa and his soundtrack for “Tatooine Rhapsody”, I just didn’t like the songs, they were okay, but not my favorite.

Overall, the soundtrack is really good, and it’s very immersive and feels like a Japanese anime soundtrack, yet it's also Star Wars.

The Subtitles Are “Dubtitles”, the Closed Captions, and Not a Direct Translation of the Japanese Tracks

I know many anime fans will always choose the Japanese audio track with English subtitles as the way they watch anime, but for Star Wars: Visions you are not getting an entirely accurate translation of the Japanese to English when you’re reading the subtitles, because they’re the closed captions for the English dub track.

This will disappoint the anime fans that prefer the Japanese audio over the audio English track but this was Disney’s decision, and unlike Netflix, they don’t have a track that has a closer translation to the Japanese version of this anime anthology.

I Didn’t Enjoy All the Episodes

While the anthology is good overall, I didn’t enjoy the episode “Tatooine Rhapsody” that much, it was just a little too silly but Star Wars has always had some silly aspects in it, whether it was Ewoks in the original trilogy, Gungans in the prequel trilogy or Porgs in the sequel trilogy.

I completely forgot what Porgs were thanks to the Star Wars sequel trilogy being so forgettable. Needless to say, Star Wars has some silly aspects to it and sometimes I’m annoyed by them.

I didn’t like the episode “Tatooine Rhapsody” because the premise was just a little too silly. The episode T0-B1 also had some silly aspects but it didn’t break my suspension of disbelief because it had better writing and I enjoyed it more.

Others might find other episodes annoying but it’s always subjective to what people find annoying in a series.

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The Jedi in "the Village Bride".

The Jedi in "the Village Bride".

The Anthology Is Fun, but if You Don’t Like Anime You Won’t Be Watching This

If you’re an anime fan and you like Star Wars, you’ll be interested in watching Star Wars: Visions. If you do like anime you’ll probably be interested in watching the anime anthology and enjoy it.

As a Star Wars fan, I did enjoy this anime anthology, I’d seen some ads on Reddit and since I do have access to Disney+ I decided to stream it. It was worth my time and if you like both anime and Star Wars, it’s worth giving it a try.

The fact that it’s a very short series helps too because you don’t spend too much time on it, and if you’re not interested after the first episode you can just drop it.

Quick Summary

What works:What Doesn't Work:

Great stories, characters, and world-building

Some of the shorts are just average

Good English dub with some outstanding roles for some characters

The animation style varies between episodes and not all viewers will like that

Great soundtracks on most episodes

Some of the soundtracks are average

My Rating: A-

Star Wars: Visions is a fun and entertaining anime anthology showing us a galaxy far, far, away while being unique and entertaining with fun short stories that encapsulate the good aspects of Star Wars.

Is Star Wars: Visions worth your time if you’re a Star Wars fan? Yes, I enjoyed it a lot, but I don’t feel that I have to own it, it’ll probably be inexpensive once it hits home video.

I do recommend Star Wars: Visions if you like Star Wars and anime. It was fun and I enjoyed most of the episodes.

The stories were fun, the visuals were really good. I wish the translation of the subtitles wasn’t just the closed captions.

The fact that the subtitles are just the closed captions is annoying, but if you don’t watch the English dub you wouldn’t know that.

I had fun watching Star Wars: Visions, it’s a fun anime anthology with one of my favorite franchises, and even though I don’t really like “Disney Star Wars” that much, this was still a fun little anime to watch.

I won’t be buying it but I enjoyed watching it and if you’re an anime fan you’ll probably enjoy watching it at least once. It’s a decent Disney+ exclusive but it’s not perfect, but it was the most fun I’ve had with “Disney Star Wars” in a while, and all the old shows that came out pre-Disney purchase don’t count.

If you’re curious and you have a Disney+ account give it a try, if you like it, buy it, but I was happy to watch it once. It was good, and there are some standout episodes, but the animation art styles won’t appeal to everyone despite anime being mainstream.

It’s worth your time and maybe your money, give it a shot if you have Disney+, but it won’t appeal to people that don’t like animation. I still had fun watching it and it was just a bunch of fun Star Wars shorts that everyone can enjoy.

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