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Anime Review: Sirius the Jaeger (2018)

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Sirius the Jaeger promotioan lart.

Sirius the Jaeger promotioan lart.

Quick Info

Director: Masahiro Andō
Distributor: Netflix
Runtime: 300 minutes
Released: December 21st, 2018
Availability: Streaming exclusively on Netflix

Story Summary

A werewolf with special powers, known as a Jaeger named Yuriychka "Yuriy" Jirov works with the V Shipping Company to kill vampires. He must find out what happened to the Ark of Sirius. All while trying to destroy the vampires and their leader, Yevgraf.

The Story Is Generic

The story ideas and the main plot are very generic, there’s nothing new or exciting about them. It is the usual vampires versus werewolves plot that we have seen before. There’s nothing particularly special when it comes to the plot.

The relationship between Yuliy and his brother Mikhail is good, but it’s full of generic tropes too. Nothing about the story really stands out to make it particularly memorable.

The story and the characters are just average and it makes the story rather forgettable.

Yuliy preparing to fight vampires.

Yuliy preparing to fight vampires.

I Did Like the Characters, I Just Wish the Story Was Better

I did like the main protagonist, but I do wish that the story itself wasn’t as generic as it was. Because Yuriychka "Yuriy" Jirov has a lot of generic tropes as his main characteristics, like being a loner that seeks revenge, the moral fighter who wouldn’t hurt vampires that look like children, and his generic backstory of losing his mother, that he’s just a typical anime protagonist rather than a unique character.

The other characters are okay, but they too fall into a list of generic tropes for all of them. All of the characters fit into a designated trope so none of them really stand out for being amazing characters.

Sirius the Jaeger Trailer 2018

The Animation Has Cool Fight Scenes

PA Works did the animation for this anime. They animated the Angel Beats (2010) anime. The fights look cool and the art designs are unique, but because the story’s rather average, the fights aren’t extremely memorable.

The art designs for the characters are unique. The weapons are also cool, but running on Rule of Cool doesn’t add anything if the story itself doesn’t stand out at all.

The fights and character designs are cool, but it can’t carry the anime or save it from just being average.

Audio and Subtitles


English (Reviewed)


Japanese (original)





Traditional Chinese

Japanese (audio description)

Simplified Chinese

The English Dub Is Good

Khoi Dao did a good job as Yuriychka "Yuriy" Jirov. I like his voice acting and his character was decent. I think he did a good job in this anime.

Ray Chase did a great job as Willard. I like his voice acting and I liked his character too. He gave a great performance in the anime.

Tamara Ryan is good as Dorthea, I liked her voice acting and her character was interesting and probably the least generic of all the characters in the anime.

Erik Scott Kimerer did a good job as Phillip; I remember his character because he’s the comedy relief of the anime. I liked his voice acting and he did a good job.

Xander Mobus did a good job as Fallon.

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Ben Diskin did a great job as Yevgraf. I liked his voice acting in Fate/Apocrypha (2017) as Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia. He did a great job in this role. He was an okay villain but he did a great job in this role.

DC Douglas did a good job as Kershner. His character is pretty generic but he gave a good performance.

Reba Buhr did a great job as Ryoko Naoe. I liked her character even if she is the generic love interest. She did a good job in this role and I enjoyed her voice acting. She was very bright and bubbly as a character and she gave a good performance.

The English dub is good, but the anime itself is average, just making the entire series and okay watch, the dub is good, but the story isn’t anything spectacular, and that’s a shame.

Sirius the Jaeger - Full Soundtrack

The Soundtrack Is Okay

Masaru Yokoyama did a decent job on the soundtrack. The music was good but not amazing. It is good music but not anything amazing.

The opening is "Sirius" by Kishida Kyōdan & The Akeboshi Rockets. It’s okay but not memorable or amazing.

The ending is "Hoshie" (Star Drawing) by Sajou no Hana and I didn’t really get to hear it because Netflix skipped it.

Reader Poll

This is a generic Cain and Abel story.

This is a generic Cain and Abel story.

They Did Have Some Decent Cliffhangers

They did have some nice surprise moments and did use cliffhangers in a way that kept me watching, despite the very average story they were telling. It did have pretty good pacing for the story.

The Overall Generic Story Makes It an Average Anime

There are too many generic storytelling tropes and generic character tropes that make Sirius The Jaeger (2018) a generic anime. You’ve seen this kind of Cain and Able story done in other anime and other media that came out better.

I’m not really into Vampire Vs. werewolves but this entire story felt like they were trying to throw together story ideas and hoped some of them would be cool. Other than the cool animation, the protagonist is a generic hero with a generic villain to face off against. Nothing really stood out to me as anything amazing. Even the girl who had a crush on him was generic.

Parental Warning

Sirius the Jaeger does have blood and gore, which is why it’s rated TV-MA. They’re a lot of sword and gun battles, characters get blown up and sometimes their limbs get cut off.

There are also vampires who drain their victims by biting them. Werewolves also attack people.

Give It a Try if You Think It Looks Cool, but I Just Found It to Be Average

Sirius the Jaeger (2018) is just another run-of-the-mill action shonen anime with generic characters in a generic supernatural setting. It’s not the worst thing I’ve seen, but it’s not anything that I would tell you is a must-watch anime if you’re looking for a good Netflix exclusive anime to watch.

You might like it if you like stories involving supernatural creatures like vampires and werewolves.

It’s not one that I’ll be rewatching anytime soon. It’s not one I’m going to buy for my personal collection. It’s just an average anime with generic characters.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Interesting premise and world-building

Generic characters using generic character tropes

Good English dub

Story is average

Good animation


Decent Soundtrack

My Grade: C

I recommend just streaming Sirius The Jaeger if you have a Netflix account if you like vampires Vs. werewolves. It’s just an average anime, it does have good production values but the story is forgettable and the characters are generic.

It was a fun one-and-done type of anime. It’s not one that’s going to be flying off the warehouse shelves if you buy anime online. It’s a decent Netflix exclusive anime, but not one that you’ll be signing up for a free trial to watch this anime before you cancel.

I think if you are intrigued by the story’s premise you should give it a try, don’t expect an amazing anime. They did leave it open for a sequel hook so there might be more, but PA Works and Netflix haven’t made any announcement yet.

It might be worth your time if you like this type of story, but I’m not paying any more money than my Netflix subscription for Sirius the Yaeger. I would watch season 2 if they made it. The anime was decent, and I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I would recommend it over the Netflix exclusive Hero Mask (2018).

Overall, I am somewhat disappointed by the anime because it had a lot of potential to be great but just settled for being average. It does have good fight scenes and nice artwork and character design, you’ll probably like it if you want interesting fight scenes but pretty colors can’t save the story.

It’s not the worst anime I’ve ever watched on Netflix but it is disappointing, it’s only one you’ll want to watch if you’re looking for an anime to pass the time. It had a decent start that just couldn’t make a decent premise into something amazing.

It does have a good English dub and a decent soundtrack.

If you drop it after a few episodes don’t feel bad, many other fans besides me feel it’s a pretty generic anime too.

My Rating

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