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Anime Review: 'Knights of Sidonia Season 2: The Battle for Planet Nine' (2015)

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Knights of Sidonia Season 2 Blu-ray cover.

Knights of Sidonia Season 2 Blu-ray cover.

Quick Info

Director: Hiroyuki Seshita
Distributor: Streaming exclusively on Funimation, formerly on Netflix, distributed on home video by Sentai Filmworks
Runtime: 300 minutes
Released: June 9th, 2015
Availability: on DVD and Blu-Ray, buy on Amazon and RightStufAnime, streaming exclusively on Funimation, formerly a Netflix exclusive

Story Summary

As the resident of the giant seed ship Sidonia continues their journey through space, Captain Kobayashi makes a move against the Immortal Council and decides the destiny of the ship and where they’re heading. Meanwhile, Nagate Tanikaze has become well respected as a Garde Pilot and continues his fight against the Gauna and with the arrival of the human/Gauna hybrid Tsumugi, his relationship with Izana becomes complicated.

the Season Is Lighter in Tone Compared to the Previous Season

This season of Knights of Sidonia is much more lighthearted than the previous season, and due to the tonal whiplash, it does feel odd. It’s still a great anime but since I recently finished the first season, seeing the major change in overall tone is just weird for me.

Not that some dark things don’t occur in this anime, the tone of this series has always been dark, but it’s less dark than the previous season where people dying a lot was a common occurrence. Maybe the author felt he didn’t have to be so dark if he wanted to keep his story interesting.

The story in this season was on par with the previous season so I did enjoy it when it came to the overall story. Although it ended on a good note with some unanswered questions, I am hoping that since Polygon Pictures finished the anime Godzilla movie trilogy that they’ll come back and finish the story, especially now that the manga’s done in Japan.

0:53 Knights of Sidonia - Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix:

The Animation Improved a Lot!

Polygon Pictures has improved the animation of Knights of Sidonia, and not just in how fluid it is, but also in how it looks aesthetically, as the character designs looked kind of ugly when framed with certain camera angles, but the art style and animation have definitely improved since the first season.

While I do think it looks kind of ugly from a design standpoint, it’s still very fluid animations for 3D that look like 2D and it definitely looks much better.

Audio and Subtitles




English (Reviewed)




The English Dub Is Still Great!

I really enjoyed the English dub of Knights of Sidonia for season 1. The entire cast reprises their roles and there’s not really much more I can say without repeating myself from my review of season 1 but the English cast did a fantastic job voicing their characters.

The English dub is definitely a solid dub and while it’s not one of my favorite anime dubs, it was very well done and the voice actors sounded like they fit their characters.

I have no complaints about this English dub. If you enjoy listening to English dubs, you’ll probably like it.

Sidonia no Kishi op2 [Knight of Sidonia OP2]

The Soundtrack Is Nice

Noriyuki Asakura did a good job on the soundtrack for Knights of Sidonia season 2. The soundtrack is good, but a little unmemorable, but it isn’t bad by any means. It doesn’t stand out a whole lot to me.

The opening is “Kishi Kōshinkyoku" (騎士行進曲; Knight March) by Angela and the ending is "Requiem" by CustomiZ and they’re nice enough. I did like the first opening “Sidonia” better but it’s not a bad theme song.

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The soundtrack is good but a little unmemorable. It fits the anime well enough and I think it was decent.

The animation has improved since the last season.

The animation has improved since the last season.

Some of the Plot Came Out of Nowhere

There is something from season 1 that appears to come out of nowhere but it feels like the author wanted there to be a conflict but didn’t foreshadow it at all so it feels like it just randomly happened but it does bring some closure for something lingering from season 1 so it’s nice for the previous arc to be resolved in the second season.

It just feels a little weird because there wasn’t any foreshadowing for this event to happen at all and it feels like it was just there because there wasn’t really a major villain that did anything, although the main villain is working behind-the-scenes, he didn’t do anything major in the arc for season 2.

This Season Improves Everything and Keeps Me Invested in the Story

This season of Knights of Sidonia improved on everything, from interesting plot twists and surprises to improved animation and cinematography. It’s a season that made everything better, especially the animation, because it looks much better than the previous season, even if the 3D animation still looks jarring and odd compared to 2D animation.

I wasn’t super invested in the first season although I did enjoy it a lot. This season improved my opinion of the anime, I do think they’ve improved on everything and while it’s not a perfect story, it’s still fun if you enjoy science fiction with the Used Future trope.

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The new Gauna hybrid Tsumug.

The new Gauna hybrid Tsumug.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Good story, characters, and world-building

Some events come out of nowhere

Improved animation

Left the story unresolved

Excellent English dub


Decent but unmemorable soundtrack


My Grade: B+

Knights of Sidonia is a great anime series that is still held back by the aesthetic choice of using 3D animation that looks like 2D animation, but they’ve definitely improved the artistic style of the animation and the cinematography.

It can be a divisive anime because of how it looks and whether or not you’ll put up with weird-looking 3D animation and the odd art style. It’s worth watching at least because the animation and aesthetics have improved.

The story has plenty of twists and turns to keep you engrossed in the story, but it’s not a perfect story. This season ended with some unanswered questions and that’s why I’m hoping that Polygon Pictures will animate the rest of the story, especially since the manga’s finished in Japan so it’s not like they have to wait for new material.

I recommend streaming Knights of Sidonia Season 2 (2015) on Funimation (formerly on Netflix). While it isn’t really something I want to own in my own collection, I did enjoy watching it on Netflix a lot and I’m looking forward to seeing how the story ends once the next season is animated by Polygon Pictures. Although it’s been four years since the second season, Polygon Pictures hasn’t gotten the go-ahead to animate more Knights of Sidonia from the mangaka, but they're also been busy animating movies like Blame! And the Godzilla anime movie trilogy. They’re also animating the Star Wars: Resistance cartoon for Disney, they recently released the Knights of Sidonia movie Knights of Sidonia: Love Woven In The Stars in 2022.

I do recommend Knights of Sidonia if you have a Funimation account and you’re looking for good Netflix exclusives to watch. It’s not quite worth being in my personal anime collection, but if you really enjoyed the anime you should buy it.

It’s worth your time but might not be worth the money outside of your normal Funimation subscription. Fortunately, it is a great Funimation exclusive that I can recommend and the only thing holding it back the most is the art style of the anime.

Since Netflix dropped the streaming license it is now streaming on Funimation and it will soon move to Crunchyroll.

My Rating:

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