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Anime Review: Fate/Grand Order: -Moonlight/Lostroom- (2017)

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Fate/Grand Order: -Moonlight/Lostroom-" official promotional art.

Fate/Grand Order: -Moonlight/Lostroom-" official promotional art.

Quick Info

Director: Takurō Tsukada
Distributor: AniplexUSA
Runtime: 33 minutes
Released: March 12th, 30017
Availability: Streaming on Crunchyroll and FunimationNow

Story Summary

Humanity’s Last Master, Ritsuka Fujimaru wanders into a mysterious room inside Chaldea where they say you can see things that you have lost after the Christmas holidays after saving the world as part of the Chaldea Security Organization and the success of the Grand Order operation to save the world from being incinerated by Goetia.

The Animation Looks Nice

Studio Add and Studio Neun did a good job with the animation; it’s not the most amazing animation I’ve ever seen but it does look good. The fight scenes have good fight choreography and the character designs are good.

The fights are not the most amazing things created in an anime, but they are nice to look at.

The animation does look good overall but it’s not the most amazing animation when it comes to a Fate anime. It does have some nice fights but they only make sense in the context of the story if you have played the Fate/Grand Order game.

Having the story context makes the OVA better; not having it makes viewers confused. The animation is good but not amazing and is serviceable for the OVA special.

EMIYA Alter fighting in "Fate: Grand Order: -Moonlight/Lostroom-".

EMIYA Alter fighting in "Fate: Grand Order: -Moonlight/Lostroom-".

Audio and Subtitles


Japanese (Crunchyroll, FunimationNow)

English, Spanish and Portuguese (Crunchyroll, FunimationNow)

The Japanese Voice Acting Is Great

Shimazaki Nobunaga did a great job voicing Ritsuka Fujimaru. He does a great job as the main protagonist and I enjoyed his performance. He did a great job as Riksuka Fujimaru and even if a lot of his personality doesn’t really come out in this OVA he did a good job with the role.

I enjoyed Rie Takahashi as Mash Kyrielight, and I’ve enjoyed her voice acting since I started playing Fate Grand Order in 2017 in North America, or the global server. She gave a great performance and she’s done an excellent job in her role as Mash.

The performance that I enjoyed because I didn’t get to see a lot of her character was Madoka Yonezawa as Olga Marie Animusphere. Because her character has a small role with big impact, we don’t get to know Olga Marie Animusphere.

It was nice to see the character in El Melloi II Case Files –Rail Zeppelin-, but most audiences will recognize her from Fate/Grand Order. It’s nice to see Olga again because we don’t get to see her that often.

Nobunaga Shimazaki is great as Ritsuka Fujimaru. I liked his voice acting and he gave an excellent performance like he did in the Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia anime.

Tomokazu Sugita did a good job voicing Lev Lainur and he gave an entertaining performance to an interesting character. Even though Lev doesn’t appear often in the game, he does make the beginning of the game’s story very interesting.

Overall, the Japanese vice cast for Fate/Grand Order: -Moonlight/Lostroom- is excellent and give great voice performances for characters that mean a lot to fans that have played the game.


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The Soundtrack Is Nice

Ryo Kawasaki’s soundtrack for Fate/Grand Order: -Moonlight/Lostroom- is very nice. It does suit the OVA and has an emotional score, but the impact is lost if you haven’t played the game.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack for this anime special. It was very unique music and doesn’t just reuse music from the game. It’s great music that suits the anime special and gives the anime a good atmosphere for the story it’s telling.

Mash and Ritsuka discuss what they want to do since Chaldea will be taken over by new management soon.

Mash and Ritsuka discuss what they want to do since Chaldea will be taken over by new management soon.

Reader Poll

The Story Is Confusing If You Haven’t Played the Mobile Game

Fate/Grand Order: -Moonlight Lostroom- is only meant for fans of the Fate/Grand Order mobile game that have completed Part 1 and Part 1.5. The OVA or Original Video Animation is meant for fans of the game because it is a bridge between the Epic of Remnant Part 1.5 and Cosmos in the Lostbelt Part 2 of the mobile game.

The story is meant for people that have played the game and know about the game’s lore because the lore of Fate/Grand Order is complicated and the story deviates from the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel and it changes a great deal about the future in the timeline that the mobile game takes place in. Because this is a midquel between two game story arcs, it’s meant for people that have played the game, not people that are looking to get into the Fate franchise.

The special also has foreshadowing for Part 2 of the game that you will catch if you’ve played Part 2 of the game but you won’t catch it if you’ve only played parts 1 and 1.5.

This Is Fun for Fans of the Game

Fate/Grand Order: -Moonlight/Lostroom- is an OVA special that is only for fans of the game, but fans will enjoy it. Fans will enjoy the extra plot-relevant information in the OVA.

There is a lot of foreshadowing for Part 2 if you’ve played Part 2 of the game. It does make watching the OVA interesting and entertaining.

It’s something that is fun for fans of the game but is confusing to newcomers. It is something extra for fans of the game to learn more about what is going on in the game’s plot.

It gives context to some things that happen in the game that aren’t explained that much in the game so it is entertaining for fans of Fate/Grand Order.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

The story is interesting if you have played Part 1 and 1.5 of Fate/Grand Order

The anime special can't be watched as a standalone

The animation is good.

Playing the mobile game is required for anything to make sense.

The Japanese voice cast is great.

It is not meant for newcomers to the Fate franchise, it is only meant for people that have played Parts1 and 1.5 of Fate/Grand Order.

The soundtrack is good.

My Grade: B-

Fate/Grand Order: -Midnight/Lostroom- is a unique OVA special that will not make sense to the average Fate fan if they have not played the mobile game Fate/Grand Order. This anime will not make sense if you haven’t played the game and is only meant for fans that have played it because the audience is mostly limited to fans of the game that have completed the first part of the game, I can’t recommend it for newcomers as it expects you to have played through the parts of the story that haven’t been adapted into a movie or an anime series.

It is only meant for fans that have completed both Part 1 and Part 1.5 in the game because nothing makes sense for viewers that haven’t played the game.

It is a fun anime for fans of the game but inaccessible to newcomers. It is worth streaming on Crunchyroll if you have played Part 1 and 1.5 of Fate/Grand Order. It is worth getting into Fate/Grand Order for the story, but not everyone wants to do that just for an OVA special.

It is something that helps you understand the story of the game if you have played it. It has good production values but isn’t a must-buy Fate anime.

It’s not an anime for a casual Fate fan but for fans of the Fate Grand Order anime. It is worth your time but not your money because AniplexUSA is very expensive.

Watch it on Crunchyroll or FunimationNow if you want to watch it but it’s not worth the money to buy it because it’s so expensive. It is worth your time to watch if you’ve played Fate/Grand Order if you haven’t you’ll just be confused by the story because it takes place during a very long game with multiple story arcs.

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