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Anime Review: 'Boogiepop Phantom' (2000)

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"Boogiepop Phantom" Blu-Ray cover.

"Boogiepop Phantom" Blu-Ray cover.

Quick Info

Director: Takashi Watanabe
Distributor: Nozomi Entertainment
Runtime: 300 minutes
Released: October 9th, 2001 for DVD, December 17, 2019, for the blu-ray
Availability: On blu-ray and DVD, streaming on FunimationNow, Crunchyroll,, and YouTube

Story Summary

After the events of Boogiepop and Others, people in the city see a mysterious light in the city and begin manifesting strange powers. Meanwhile, rumors of the angel of death Boogiepop affect various people around the city. What is going on and who is behind these strange events?

This Is an Early 2000s Cult Classic Anime

Many anime fans have heard of Boogiepop Phantom more than the original source material, Boogiepop and Others because this anime came out first. This is a series that has stories that take place before, during, and after Boogiepop and Others so it doesn’t have a “chronological order” when you watch it.

It’s also an anime that doesn’t hold your hand and spoon-feed you the story, you have to pay attention and think about the story and what is going on in the plot and dialogue.

It’s a cult classic because it’s an interesting story, even if it’s not the most popular anime that people watch a lot.

It has a reputation as a cult classic because it’s so interesting to the viewers that have sat down and watched the anime.

A student wants to be "taken away" by Boogiepop.

A student wants to be "taken away" by Boogiepop.

The Story Is Interesting and Makes You Think

This is not an easy anime to watch, and not because it has horror in it, it’s not an easy watch because the story doesn’t spoon-feed you information from the start, you’re meant to be shown plot elements very slowly until it all comes together in the end.

People like Boogiepop Phantom because it makes you think about what’s going on in the anime with its complex story, characters, and themes.

While this isn’t “too deep for you”, Boogiepop Phantom does require you to pay attention to both dialogue and visuals so you can pick up clues about the plot.

Boogiepop Phantom HD Official Trailer

The Animation Is Old but It Works for What It Needs to Do

The animation is by Studio Madhouse and they also did the animation for Boogiepop and Others this was their first series using the characters from Boogiepop and Others but the design differences are very interesting but you can tell it’s from the same studio. They also use a different art style between the two series but it’s very nice that the creators of Boogiepop and Others used Studio Madhouse for both anime.

Since this is not an action-oriented anime they didn’t have to anime fancy fight scenes but I did notice they reused some animation depending on the episode but for the most part it does look decent but it does look old compared to the animation Studio Madhouse does these days.

People don’t really like Boogiepop Phantom for its amazing animation, they like it for the interesting and intriguing story.

Audio and Sutbtitles


English (YouTube, RetroCrush.TV, and FunimationNow)

English (Crunchyroll,, and FunimationNow)

Japanese (Crunchyroll, RetroCrush.TV, and FunimationNow)

The English Dub Is Okay

The English dub for Boogiepop Phantom is not the most amazing English dub you’ll ever hear. It’s an early 2000s English dub so it was when English dubs ranged from okay to mediocre. While this isn’t the worst English dub I’ve ever heard it does feel a little wooden and stilted.

Debora Rabbai is the voice of Boogiepop Phantom and he’s an interesting character. Her voice sounds very different from Michelle Rojas’s Boogiepop and while Michelle Rojas’ Boogiepop didn’t sound very terrifying, Debora Rabbai’s Boogiepop plays up the horror aspect of Boogiepop’s urban legend.

I did like her work as Touka Miyashita too since she plays the character very well when Touka’s not being Boogiepop and I enjoyed her performance in both roles and although both voice actors are very different between the two anime, Rebecca Rabbai works for this version of Boogiepop.

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Boogiepop Phantom is voiced by Simone Grant and she also did a great job in this role and unless you pay attention you’re not going to notice the voice change between the two characters because it’s very subtle and requires you to pay attention, but she did a great job in this role too.

A big surprise to me in the English dub was Crispin Freeman as the Manticore Phantom and I was surprised because I was not expecting to hear him in this dub and I’ve always enjoyed his voice acting. I enjoyed his voice acting in this anime and he did a great job.

Rachael Lillis voices Nagi Kirima differently than Morgan Garrett voices Nagi Kirima in the Funimation dub. They sound very similar but they are still different from each other. I did like Rachael Lillis’s voice acting in this dub.

Overall, it’s not the most amazing anime English dub you’ll ever hear. It’s a decent early 2000s dub that has a few veteran voice actors in it during the early years of their careers so it’s interesting to hear them earlier in their careers. The Japanese dub is probably better so you’ll have to watch on FunimationNow or Crunchyroll to watch the Japanese dub with subtitles.

"Boogiepop Phantom" Opening Intro

The Soundtrack Is Great!

The Art of Club Music For B.P. is a band specifically made to compose music for this anime and it’s a very unique soundtrack that I enjoyed a lot. The music is very nice and fits the atmosphere and it does a good job of emoting the horror aspect of the anime.

The opening is "Yuudachi" by Shikao Suga and it’s a very interesting opening with nice music and uses both live-action footage and animation to make a unique opening that you’ll lremember after you watch it.

The ending is "Mirai Seiki Maruhi Club" by Kyoko and it’s a nice song but not nearly as memorable as the opening song.

Overall, the music is great and I enjoyed the soundtrack a lot.

Nagi Kirima, searching for answers in "Boogieop Phatom".

Nagi Kirima, searching for answers in "Boogieop Phatom".

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The Anime Is Complicated and Not for Everyone

Boogiepop Phantom is an anime that doesn’t tell the story in chronological order, just like Boogiepop and Others, it is very vague on purpose to keep the mystery of the plot going until the end of the series where everything comes together.

Some viewers don’t like complicated storytelling and this is not an anime that will spoon-feed you everything from the beginning, but that’s why it’s a cult classic because it’s an interesting anime series.

But this type of storytelling isn’t for everyone so I understand why some people don’t like it very much.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great story, characters, and world-building

The animation hasn't aged well and you can tell it's old even for anime that came out in the early 2000s

Animation and art style are okay

The story may be too complicated for some viewers

The English dub is okay

English dub is wooden and stiff for some voice actors

Great soundtrack

My Grade: A-

Boogiepop Phantom is an interesting anime that became a cult classic because it was different compared to other anime being released in the early 2000s. People enjoyed it because it was unique and made you think about what you were watching.

I enjoyed it a lot, and I think the plot was great and how it came together in the end. I enjoyed seeing more of the world of Boogiepop and Others because I enjoyed the newer anime a lot. Since Boogiepop Phantom takes place after Boogiepop and Others it made sense for me to watch Boogiepop Phantom after I watched Boogiepop and Others. This anime wasn’t perfect and feels very old now but it’s still a good story.

I enjoyed the story a lot and despite its age, it is still a lot of fun and I enjoyed watching it. The English dub is not the best so I recommend watching in Japanese with English subtitles to get the version that will be enjoyed more.

It’s just that if you’re used to really good English dubs the Boogiepop Phantom English dub feels really old and stiff. Some of the performances are kind of wooden so watching in Japanese is just easier on the ears.

I highly recommend Boogiepop Phantom because I enjoyed it. You can buy the blu-ray or DVD from RightStuf and it’s worth buying. I don’t have anymore space for anime in my house so I’m fine with just watching it on YouTube or Crunchyroll but it is one that you’ll enjoy if you don’t mind that the anime hasn’t aged that well.

It’s worth your time and money if you enjoy the world of Boogiepop and Others and want to see and learn more about that world. It is an anime that I enjoyed and I always remembered it because of English dub voice actor Greg Ayres recommending it in a YouTube video of his anime bootlegs convention panel that he did way back in 2007. He mentioned Boogiepop Phantom when he talked about anime that fans could watch that was licensed.

I will always be thankful for his recommendation because it’s why I got into Boogiepop and Others and Boogiepop Phantom as well. It’s an anime that is worth your time and maybe your money if you enjoy the franchise.

My Rating

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