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Anime Review: 'B: The Beginning: Succession' (2021)

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Official promotional artwork for "B: The Beginning: Succession" (2021).

Official promotional artwork for "B: The Beginning: Succession" (2021).

Quick Info

  • Directors: Kazuto Nakazawa and Yoshiki Yamakawa
  • Distributor: Netflix
  • Released: March 18th, 2021
  • Runtime: 150 minutes
  • Availability: Streaming worldwide exclusively on Netflix

Story Summary

In the kingdom of Cremona, things appear to have calmed down after the serial killer, Killer B stops killing, only for Killer B to show up again and kidnap a former senator. What is going on and will the Royal Investigative Service be able to stop him?

The Mysteries Return Right Where They Left Off

The mysteries of B: The Beginning has always put an interesting twist on the story because it’s a crime drama with a supernatural twist. The science-fiction aspect of trying to resurrect gods made the story interesting, but it only seemed important to one side of the story, now it’s intersecting on both sides of the story and it’s an interesting element that is expanded on in this season.

They went with the science fiction and conspiracy angle this season and it made the anime more interesting.

I also like that they made it so Keith being smart didn’t become a crutch to solve the mystery because he was kidnapped early in the season.

Izanami in hiding.

Izanami in hiding.

B: The Beginning: Succession | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

The Animation Looks Good but Season 1 Was Better

B: The Beginning: Succession has excellent animation and it does look good, but it’s not an improvement over season 1’s excellent animation. While the art style and the fights are well done it’s just not as visually interesting as the previous season and I didn’t think it was as visually impressive as it could be.

It still looks very nice and the anime has excellent production value. The character designs for old and new characters look great and it’s a fun anime to watch.

I did notice that they didn’t have as many breathtaking background shots as in season 1, probably because they focused on a much smaller setting compared to the previous season.

While it isn’t as visually stunning, B: The Beginning: Succession still looks very good and is visually entertaining for the fight choreography.

Audio and Subtitles


English (Reviewed)


Japanese (Audio description)







The English Dub Is Great!

The season 1 voice cast reprises their roles so there’s not too much to say about them because they did an amazing job last time and they did a great job again, so it isn’t much for me to say about them because they kept up the same level of voice acting that they did in the previous season.

Ray Chase did emotionally expand as Keith Flick’s character and I enjoyed that a lot, especially since we’re given more insight into his character during the second season.

Billy Kametz did a great job as Kirisame, he did appear somewhat last season but he didn’t become important until this season. I liked his voice acting and he did a great job in this role.

Abby Trott is also interesting as Asagiri, the woman that thinks she’s better than Koku. She’s an interesting character and I liked her addition to the story as it’s not repeating the same old enemy motivations from the previous season.

Christina Vee also did great voicing Erika Flick, Keith’s late sister, she makes an appearance in the anime and she did a great job in the role. I always enjoy her voice work and she was a nice surprise in this anime.

John Eric Bentley voiced the King and I liked his vocal performance. He brought weight to the character and did a good job portraying his emotions. The King is also an interesting character and John Bentley did a good job portraying that.

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I was also surprised by J. Michael Tatum is in this anime as The Prince because I’m used to hearing him in Funimation’s anime so I’m not used to hearing him work for other studios, but I did recognize his voice and he played an okay character and did a good job too.

Overall, the voice work is solid they had a good voice cast for the English dub.

ACCAMER「Be Down」Music Video

The Music Is Good

I enjoyed Yoshihiro Ike’s soundtrack and I think the music was good, but it wasn’t as memorable as the previous season, but I did like it.

The new ending theme is "Be Down." by ACCAMER, and I enjoyed the theme a lot. It’s a nice song and it’s one that I enjoyed listening to.

Overall, the soundtrack is nice but not as good as season 1’s soundtrack.

Keith has been kidnapped.

Keith has been kidnapped.

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There’s More of a Focus on Politics

B: The Beginning Succession decided to focus on Cremona’s internal politics and how it affects certain characters from the first season and it was an interesting direction to take the story but it might not be the most exciting one.

Seeing the inner politics of Cremona is interesting to me but it might not be to all the viewers who are there for the action sequences and the mystery, but since the politics do play into the mystery it is important for the politics to be in the story.

This Season Is Too Short!

B: The Beginning Succession has only six episodes compared to the previous season’s 12 and I hope that season 3 will have more episodes because they ended the season on an enormous cliffhanger.

It feels like the story just started going somewhere interesting in the second season and then it just ended. Hopefully, there will be more seasons but the ending was too much of a cliffhanger for it not to have at least another season

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Good story, characters, and world-building

The political aspect might bore viewers

Good animation, although not as good as the previous season

The season is too short to resolve everything

Great English dub

Good soundtrack

The story is a lot of fun and is worth time and money, but if you just want to stream it on Netflix, that’s fine. The second season can’t surpass the first season but I still enjoyed it.

— ReViewMeMedia

My Grade: A-

B: The Beginning: Succession is an interesting continuation of the first season that adds depth to the world-building and presents us with more world-building while it presents another mystery for the characters to solve.

While I do enjoy the story, the production values aren’t as good as the previous season. The production values are still good and I enjoyed this season and I’m looking forward to what’s coming next.

I highly recommend watching this season, but only after you’ve finished season one of B: The Beginning because B: The Beginning: Succession expects you to know the basics of what’s going on for the story and the ongoing mystery.

The season did end on a cliffhanger that I hope will be resolved soon. While I’m not sure if you should buy this season right now if you like B: The Beginning you’ll either buy it or stream it on Netflix.

The story is a lot of fun and is worth time and money, but if you just want to stream it on Netflix, that’s fine. The second season can’t surpass the first season but I still enjoyed it.

B: The Beginning does keep my attention with the ongoing mystery and diving deeper into the human experiment aspect of the story from season 1. I liked the story but it didn’t blow me away like the first season. It is a fun Netflix anime that is worth your time to watch. I think it’s worth a watch, especially if you liked season 1, just don’t go in too overhyped you might be disappointed that the second season didn’t answer all the questions of the first.

My Rating

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