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Anime Movie Review: "Lupin the 3rd: The Legend of the Gold of Babylon" (1985)

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"Lupin the 3rd: The Legend of the Gold of Babylon" official blu-ray cover.

"Lupin the 3rd: The Legend of the Gold of Babylon" official blu-ray cover.

Quick Info

  • Directors: Seijun Suzuki and Shigetsugu Yoshida
  • Distributor: Discotek Media
  • Runtime: 100 minutes
  • Released: November 27th, 2018
  • Availability: On blu-ray, DVD, and digital, available for rental on digital stores, streaming dubbed on TubiTV and, streaming subbed on

Story Summary

Lupin III, his gang, and Fujiko Mine are all in New York City searching for the fabled gold of Babylon. The mafia is also searching for the treasure as Lupin tries to unravel the location of the fabled treasure.

This Is a Wild and Wacky “Lupin The 3rd” Adventure!

Lupin The 3rd: The Legend of the Gold of Babylon might not be the wackiest adventure Lupin and his gang get into, but it’s weird and wacky enough that it’s memorable for just how bizarre the movie’s plot is.

The plot is just strange because it involves archeology and science fiction and it’s also a heist story featuring characters that are prone to comedic moments.

The movie does balance out the comedic and the serious moments but the story is so strange that you will either love or hate this movie. I’m more in the middle that I like this movie but I can see why people hate it. For some fans of Lupin The 3rd, this film is just too weird, even for this franchise.

The gang's all here!

The gang's all here!

"Lupin The 3rd - The Legend Of The Gold Of Babylon" Trailer

The Visuals Look Good!

The animation is very old now but I still enjoyed watching the movie despite its age. The art style is nice and the animation is very smooth. The art style has been consistent throughout the Lupin The 3rdfranchise but the “Pink Jacket”, Lupin The 3rdera is a weird entry into the franchise where everyone looks really strange when it comes to the art style of the characters.

The animation is fluid and the fight scenes are good, but this has a very unique art style that you will either love or hate so it might not be the most amazing anime movie you’ve ever watched.

The art style is similar to Lupin The 3rd Part 3 so if you enjoyed the anime then you will enjoy the movie more. The movie still holds up despite being a very old movie and if you like older anime you’ll enjoy Lupin The 3rd: The Legend of the Gold of Babylon.

The visuals aren’t the most amazing animation you’ll see but it still holds up very well for its age.

Audio and Subtitles


English (Reviewed, TubiTV and RetroCrush.TV)

English (RetroCrush.TV)

Japanese (TubiTV and Retrocrush.TV)

The Voice Cast Is Great for the Main Cast

The English voice cast from Lupin The 3rdreprise their roles for the main cast and there are new cast members for the movie characters that they encounter.

Lupin III

Tony Oliver reprises his voice role as Lupin III, he’s reprised this role in most Lupin The 3rdanime and movies except for the ones dubbed by Funimation and Streamline and the spinoff movies set after The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.

He gets to play up the wackier side of Lupin’s character as this movie is just so weird that it just works for Lupin III to be in this kind of story because he is associated with comedy.

Tony Oliver did a great job voice acting and I enjoyed his voice acting in this movie, even if this isn’t my favorite Lupin The 3rdmovie he still made it fun.

Kōichi Zenigata

Doug Erholtz reprised his role as Kōichi Zenigata after he replaced Dan Lorge after he retired from voice acting. He once again does a great job and he has some funny moments.

He did a great job and his character is fun. I’ve always enjoyed watching Inspector Zenigata.

Doug Erholtz is a good voice actor and while I do like Dan Lorge more as the character, he’s still a great replacement for him.

Goemon Ishikawa XIII

Lex Lang reprises his role as Goemon Ishikawa XIII. He always placed Goemon as being a straight-laced character and I enjoy Goemon as a character.

While he’s not as important as he is in the main anime series, he’s still important to the plot.

I enjoyed Lex Lang’s voice acting in his role as Goemon and his character is very entertaining. His voice acting is also good and I enjoyed hearing him again.

Fujiko Mine

Michelle Ruff reprises her role as Fujiko Mine and she’s more like she usually is in the TV anime and since she’s back to her backstabbing self, she’s doing what she usually does and playing all sides for her own benefit.

Michelle Ruff did a great job voicing Fujiko and she gave a great vocal performance like she usually does. I like her voice acting and I enjoy her voice work as Fujiko.


Ellyn Stern voices the “old lady” Rosetta, she’s the most unusual “Lupin Girl” because her role in the story is important to the plot, but she’s not the typical type of character that has this role. Ellyn Stern did a great job in this role and I liked her voice acting.

Lauren Landa voices the young version of Rosetta and I’ve heard her voice acting in Puella Magi Madoka Magica and she did a good job voicing Rosetta, even if it was a short part near the end of the film, she was good in this voice role.


Christopher Corey Smith voiced the main villain Marciano and he was good in the role. I don’t find Marciano to be a particularly memorable Lupin The 3rd villain but Christopher Corey Smith did a good job.

Overall, the English voice cast is pretty good and they did a good job, the movie is just a weird entry in the Lupin The 3rdfranchise and it’s memorable because it’s weird. Fortunately, if you like English dubs, you can enjoy the dub for this movie.

Lupin III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon Soundtrack - 1. Manhattan Joke (feat. Naoko Kawai)

The Soundtrack Is Good

Yuji Ohno’s soundtrack is good; this isn’t the most memorable soundtrack he’s composed for Lupin The 3rdbut it’s still a good soundtrack, although I didn’t find it to be very memorable.

Despite the soundtrack not being particularly memorable, the song “Manhattan Joke featuring Naoko Kawai is a really fun and catching opening song.

The soundtrack was decent, but not the most memorable of his soundtracks for this franchise.

This Movie Is Just Too Weird for Some Viewers

Because the plot for Lupin The 3rd: The Legend of the Gold of Babylon is such a weird plot, it’s going to be a story that you’ll either love or hate, but the plot of this story is just so bizarre that some viewers won’t like the movie, and that is completely understandable.

This was not my favorite Lupin The 3rdmovie and I’m happy I didn’t have to pay for it because I probably would have wanted my money back. But TubiTV has this up on their website for free with ads and I don’t mind watching ads to watch the movie.

It was worth my time but I’m happy I didn’t spend any money on it. It might be worth a rental but if you want to watch it free and you don’t mind the English dub then you should watch the movie on TubiTV.

Reader Poll

Zenigata, "Interpol's heartthrob" and the ladies of ICPO.

Zenigata, "Interpol's heartthrob" and the ladies of ICPO.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Good story, characters, and world-building

The plot of this story is so weird you'll either love it or hate it

Great English dub

Good soundtrack

My Grade: B-

While the story of Lupin The 3rd: The Legend of the Gold of Babylon is fun and interesting, it’s just a little too weird for me to give it the must-buy recommendation, but it is respected despite its weirdness. It is worth your time to watch on TubiTV if you don’t mind the dub.

If you want to watch the Japanese version you should watch it on RetroCrush.TV or rent it digitally. It is an entertaining movie and I don’t feel I wasted my time watching it, but it’s not my favorite anime movie in this franchise.

You can watch it on TubiTV or until the streaming license expires but I will update the article when that happens. It is worth a watch but don’t feel you have to buy it to own in your own collection unless you’re a collector of Lupin The 3rd.

My Rating

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