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Anime Movie Review: "Lupin the 3rd: The Last Job" (2010)

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"Lupin the 3rd: The Last Job" official blu-ray cover.

"Lupin the 3rd: The Last Job" official blu-ray cover.

Quick Info

Directors: Tetsuro Amino
Distributor: Discotek Media
Runtime: 90 minutes
Released: December 6th, 2016
Availability: On DVD, digital rental, streaming on RetroCrush.TV

Story Summary

Lupin the 3rd: The Last Job (2010) has Lupin and his gang dealing with the apparent death of Inspector Zenigata when he tries to steal a valuable Buddha statue. The mysterious Morgana is after the power of Fujin but the mysterious ninja Asuka is also after the power of Fujin. But Fujiko Mine is also after it too; will Lupin III be able to steal it?

This Was One of the Better “Lupin the 3rd” Movies

Lupin the 3rd: The Last Job is a good movie that I enjoyed. It isn’t the best Lupin the 3rd movie but it is a lot of fun. I enjoyed the story and the character interactions.

I liked the caper in this anime movie and it’s a fun Lupin the 3rd movie. It also is an entertaining story that I liked, it’s not the best Lupin the 3rdmovie I’ve seen, but it is a fun and enjoyable movie.

It was also one of the more interesting Lupin the 3rdmovies and I enjoyed it because of the characters and story. It is a typical Lupin caper so some of it is predictable if you’ve watched a lot of Lupin the 3rd.

This is one of the better movies in this franchise and if this is your first Lupin the 3rdmovie it’s a decent first movie for getting into this franchise, but it’s not the best movie for newcomers.

The main villain of the movie, Morgana.

The main villain of the movie, Morgana.

Lupin III: The Last Job Trailer

The Animation Is Nice!

Lupin the 3rd: The Last Job has nice animation that looks really good. The artwork is nice and I like how it looks. The fights are good and the chase scenes are fun as always.

The art style is nice for the original characters too and the animation is pretty good when it counts and it’s an enjoyable movie visually.

It has good animation that is visually entertaining and I liked the movie a lot.

The Voice Cast Is Great!

I like the Japanese voice actors a lot and they did a fantastic job in the anime movie. The voice cast has always been great and I enjoy the movies in Japanese if they don’t have an English dub for the movie.

Lupin III

Kanichi Kurita voices Lupin III, he does a great job as Lupin and I enjoy his voice acting in this anime movie. He’s fun and entertaining voicing Lupin and he’s charismatic and funny and his character is very entertaining to listen to.

He’s a great voice actor in this role and he makes the movie a lot of fun. He’s been voicing Lupin for a while and he gave a great vocal performance in this movie.

Daisuke Jigen

Kiyoshi Kobayashi is great in his role as Daisuke Jigen. I’ve enjoyed his voice acting in this role and he’s fun to listen to. I have always enjoyed his character and it’s always fun to hear him in the role of Jigen.

Daisuke Jigen is the stoic member of Lupin’s gang but he’s always fun to watch and listen to, he’s the cool gunman that keeps up with Lupin and is the level-headed member of the gang. He’s always an interesting and entertaining character.

Goemon Ishikawa XIII

Makio Inoue’s voice acting is always great when he voices Goemon Ishikawa XIII. I’ve enjoyed listening to his voice work in the movie and he did a great job in this role.

Goemon usually doesn’t speak too much in these movies but he’s always a fun character that I enjoy listening to in this movie and the Lupin the 3rdanime.

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Fujiko Mine

Eiko Masuyama does a great job in her role as Fujiko Mine. She’s still the same character she always is, constantly betraying Lupin’s gang for her own profit.

Eiko Masuyama’s performance is great and I like her voice acting a lot. She was fun to listen to and she’s always interesting when she voices Fujiko Mine.

Inspector Koichi Zenigata

Gorō Naya did an excellent job as Inspector Koichi Zenigata and even though he didn't say much, he was a lot of fun in his voice performance for this movie. His role as a character in the story is important and Zenigata has a big impact on the story despite not being in it a lot.

Asuka Kagurazaka

Aya Hirano did a great job as Asuka Kagurazaka and I liked her voice acting in this role. She is an interesting “Lupin Girl” and she’s entertaining. I enjoyed her character because she’s a very unique character being part of law enforcement and yet working with Lupin III but still wanting to catch him.

I enjoyed seeing her in this movie and it she made the movie fun.


Masane Tsukayama did a great job as Morgana. He is a great villain for this movie. He’s definitely a more threatening villain for the movie and since he’s an adaption of his manga counterpart, he’s more interesting than some of the more generic Lupin the 3rdvillains that show up in the anime or some of the other TV specials.

Masane Tsukayama is a good voice actor and I liked his voice work in this role. He was an entertaining villain and fun to listen to in the movie.

The Japanese voice cast is fantastic and if you like watching anime in Japanese; you will enjoy this voice cast.


The Music Is Great!

Yuji Ohno composed the anime for the movie and he did a great job composing the music for this anime. The music is fun and exciting. I love the music used in the movie and it was just an enjoyable soundtrack.

I like how jazzy the soundtrack is for this movie and it’s just a great soundtrack.

You Need to Watch “ Lupin the Third: The Fuuma Conspiracy” to Learn More About the World-Building

(1987), I wish I had watched it first because I would have some previous knowledge of the other anime movie because it would have made this movie even more interesting.

I would recommend watching Lupin the 3rd: The Fuuma Conspiracy first because it gives world-building to the background of some of the characters.

Lupin III and the movie's "Lupin girl", Asuka Kagurazaka.

Lupin III and the movie's "Lupin girl", Asuka Kagurazaka.

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“Lupin the 3rd: The Last Job” Is a Fun Movie That Is Entertaining

I enjoyed Lupin the 3rd: The Last Job and I think most anime fans will enjoy it too. It’s not perfect, the world-building is based on having seen a previous movie and while that doesn’t bring down the movie, it does make me wish I had seen the movie to have more background context for this movie.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot and I found it interesting and entertaining. While I do think it is worth buying if you want a really fun Lupin the 3rd movie, you can just rent it or watch it on RetroCrush if you live in the U.S.A. or Canada.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great storytelling, characters, and world-building

Some of the world-building depends on the movie, "Lupin the 3rd: The Fuuma Conspiracy"

Good animation

Great voice acting

Great soundtrack

My Grade: B

Lupin the 3rd: The Last Job is a fun and adventurous Lupin the 3rdcaper that new and old fans will enjoy. It has an interesting plot and the characters are fun, and the new characters that are introduced in the movie are good, not my favorites, but they were fun to watch.

The villain Morgana was a great villain, it was interesting to watch and he was a great villain for this movie.

The animation is very well done and it’s a visually entertaining movie.

The voice cast is great and the soundtrack is great too. I loved the Japanese dub and they all did a fantastic job.

I enjoyed the movie a lot, but since it was available for free on RetroCrush.TV, I didn’t have to pay for a rental or have to rely on my local library. It is worth watching but you’ll have to decide if you want to buy it after you watch it.

If you just want to watch it and you live in the U.S. or Canada you can stream it legally for free with some commercials on RetroCrush.TV. It is worth your time and maybe your money.

My Rating

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