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Anime Movie Review: Godzilla III: The Planet Eater (2018)

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Godzilla: The Planet Eater promotional poster.

Godzilla: The Planet Eater promotional poster.

Quick Info

Director: Hiroyuki Seshita and Kobun Shizuno
Distributor: Netflix
Runtime: 150 minutes
Released: Jan 9, 2019
Availability: Streaming exclusively on Netflix

Story Summary

Onboard the ship, the Aratrum, the crew is thrown into chaos when the Bilusaludo revolt due to Haruo’s actions; they want him to be punished when he returns for failing to kill Godzilla.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the fight against Godzilla continues as Haruo decides he can no longer keep trying to kill Godzilla. His friend Metphies seeks to summon his god, Ghidorah to fight Godzilla and kill him once and for all.

GODZILLA The Planet Eater Netflix Trailer (English)

The Story Is Interesting and Fixed the Middle Installment

This is the third installment has fixed the issue with the story that the second anime film had. The story fixed the problems that I had with the second movie and I liked this film much more than the previous installment.

The Storytelling definitely improved in this anime film. The plot is much more coherent and easier to follow along and it feels like the story is actually moving along.

This film is much better than the previous installment because the writing is definitely better. This anime movie trilogy wrapped itself up in a decent way, but it’s not amazing or anything like that. It did at least fix the storytelling problems in earlier installments.

Godzilla battling Ghidorah as the survivors watch.

Godzilla battling Ghidorah as the survivors watch.

The Animation Is Amazing!

One thing that is immensely impressive is the animation for the film. The art style and animation looks excellent. Polygon Pictures have improved their animation a lot over the years. The animation is definitely impressive and I like it a lot.

The animation is also very fluid and it is very fluid for the giant monster fight scenes. It’s very nice to look at.

Audio and Subtitles


Japanese (Original)


English (Reviewed)

Japanese [CC]




Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese

The English Dub Is Good

The English dub for this movie is good. It’s a decent listen. I do think the dub isn’t bad. It’s a dub that is competent but not amazing. Everyone in the English cast does a good job, but there is nothing amazing or outstanding about this English dub.

No one in the voice cast stands out to me, they were all good, but none of them were great. It’s too bad because the English dub does have a good voice cast, but it’s just “there” and while it’s decent it didn’t blow me away or anything.

I can’t speak for the Japanese dub but if you watch it in English at least it will sound good.


The Music Is Good

Takayuki Hattori’s soundtrack is good; it’s not amazing or mind-blowing but it fit the anime film quite well. It is a good soundtrack that I did like it. It was better than the previous film. While the music was god it wasn’t too memorable to me.

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The ending song is “Live or Die” by XAI.

The soundtrack is decent, but not one that stands out to me. It was fitting music for the anime movie, but not particularly memorable to me.

The Urobutcher Strikes Again!

Gen Urobuchi’s tendency to kill characters strikes again, and he does it in his typical fashion, it comes out of nowhere. He tends to do it a lot in his other anime, like Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011) and Fate/Zero (2011).

The body count is really high in this film, but I won’t spoil who bites it. But it’s a typical trope that Gen Urobuchi uses and it can be very depressing because Gen Urobuchi is a nihilist, he does show his idealism sometimes, but not often, and this anime film isn’t one of his idealistic stories, the most idealistic he ever was when it comes to his writing was the anime Psycho-Pass (2012).

Ghidorah attacking the Aratrum.

Ghidorah attacking the Aratrum.

This Film Was the Best of the Three and It Was Just “Okay”

Godzilla III: The Planet Eater (2018) is a good film that brings the Godzilla anime movie trilogy to a close. It ends on a decent note, but I know not everyone is going to like it, but I do think it was the best of the three films.

I am not a big Godzilla fan so I can’t say how much lore they’ve changed in the film. I do know that this film was not particularly well received by Godzilla fans but I enjoyed it, but I can understand why fans would give this film a lower rating, it does have a rather anti-climatic ending.

It is worth watching, but Godzilla fans might not like it.

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Overall, the Anime Film Trilogy Is Decent, but Not Amazing or Memorable

Overall, the Godzilla anime Film Trilogy is very forgettable. These films will only be remembered for their technical prowess with the 3D animation. It might be remembered for Gen Urobuchi being a part of the anime films but it’s probably not going to be called one of his masterpieces anytime soon.

The ending was decent but left a little room for a sequel. Whether anything comes of the possibility of a sequel trilogy or not is in the air.

While these films are decent overall, there are too many flaws in all three anime films for me to highly recommend watching the films right away.

Quick Summary:

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Decent plot, story and characters

Predictable tropes Gen urobuchi uses

Gives the anime movie trilogy a decent ending

Good dub


Decent soundtrack

My Grade: B-

Godzilla III: The Planet Eater (2018) is a good ending to the Godzilla anime film trilogy. Overall, the entire trilogy has the problem of Gen Urobuchi getting bogged down in being philosophical, but also relying on the tropes that gave him the nickname the “Urobutcher”.

I recommend at least giving this anime film and the rest of the Godzilla anime film trilogy a shot. You should at least give it a try if you’re interested in Godzilla. I can’t really recommend that you start with these movies if you’re trying to get into Godzilla as this film seems to rely on having some previous knowledge of Godzilla, which isn’t something that I have as I’ve only watched four Godzilla movies, the Godzilla (2014) movie, and this trilogy so I’m defiantly not an expert on this franchise.

This anime film and the film trilogy, in general, might be worth the time to watch it, but not necessarily your money. I can’t recommend buying it on DVD or blu-ray because it wasn’t an amazing film, I don’t feel like it’s a must-have anime film that is one for the shelf. I watched it once and that was enough for me.

I do recommend at least giving the anime movie trilogy a try, you might like it, but if you don’t I understand. You are free to drop the anime film trilogy if you feel like you’re not into it. You won’t feel like you’re missing out on something amazing by skipping the Godzilla anime movies.

Give it a try and see what you think. They were decent films that were mainly outstanding in the visual presentation, not necessarily the writing or storytelling.

My Rating;

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