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Top 15 Gintama Facts

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Gintama, also styled as Gin Tama, is a manga written by Hideaki Sorachi which began its serialization on December 8th 2003. The series received anime adaptation as OVA by Sunrise and was featured at Jump Festa 2006. In the same year, they started off with full anime series which debuted on April 4th 2006 in TV Tokyo. It had a couple of sequels and two films up until now.

As of May 2016, Gintama has sold 50 millions of units.

From left to right: Sataka Gintoki, Shinpachi Shimaru and Kagura.

From left to right: Sataka Gintoki, Shinpachi Shimaru and Kagura.


The whole story is set in a fictional world called Edo. Edo was conquered by the Amanto race. One of the main protagonists of the Gintama series is Sakata Gintoki, samurai, who works as a freelancer in Yorozuya Gin-chan to have enough to pay the rent. At the start of the story, two more characters join him and later become his friends and you know them as Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura.

Together they will find themselves in so many different and weird situations which will make you more and more interested in the series. During these adventures you will learn about Gintoki's past which is quite amazing and so many other things. Also you will have a chance to meet other spectacular and unique characters for whom we are grateful forever because without of them Gintama would be yet another anime series.

If you've got enough free time to fantasize about your beautiful death... Why don't you just live your life beautifully to the end?

— Sakata Gintoki to Katsura Kotarou

A List of All Known Anime Facts about Gintama

  • The original title of the series was Yorozuya Gin-chan.

The title was supposed to reflect what was Sakata Gintoki doing in his life which meant taking up some odd jobs enough to pay the rent. However, editors didn't liked the title and so it was changed. Eventually, Hideaki Sorachi decided to go with Gintama as a title.

Kintaro on the cover of a book.

Kintaro on the cover of a book.

  • Sakata Gintoki had a completely different last name and character design in original drafts.

Before Gintama, Hideaki Sorachi worked on a different one-shot story which which was not accepted. The one-shot story was called Sakata Tomiko & Gorouzaemon. After that Hideaki Sorachi decided to use the last name and character design from the rejected one-shot story for Gintoki.

  • For Sakata Gintoki's creation Hideaki Sorachi also used a popular Japanese folk tale.

Sakata Kintoki, also known as Kintaro, is a folk hero from tale set in the Heian Period. Kintaro was a child of superhuman strength being raised by a mountain hag on Mount Ashigara. Under certain events, Kintaro became a samurai and joined Minamoto no Yorimitsu under the new name Sakata no Kintoki. It is a custom to put up a Kintaro doll on Boy's Day in the hope that boys will become brave and strong just like Kintaro.

Hideaki Sorachi explained this in one of the question corners and told that he does not plan to make Gintoki a descendant of Kintaro.

Sakata Gintoki with scooter goggles.

Sakata Gintoki with scooter goggles.

  • Sakata Gintoki wore scooter goggles all the time.

Sakata Gintoki used to have scooter goggles fastened around his neck during the early stages of the Gintama manga. However, it quickly became obvious to Sorachi Hideaki that drawing them all the time was "a pain to draw" according to him which ultimately lead to drawing Gintoki without the goggles.

  • Shimura Shinpachi was planned to be part of the Shinsengumi.
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Shimura Shinpachi was supposed to be a captain of the second unit of the Shingengumi. Also, he had a different name and it was Nagakura Shinpachi. Luckily or not, this idea was changed by giving Shinpachi his glasses and taking up the role of the one who throws the punch lines. Why Shimura then and not Nagakura? Because Shinpachi received his last name from Shimura Ken, a well-known Japanese comedian.

  • Shimura Shinpachi's name contains "Hachi" which means 8.

This can be connected to the infinite number of glasses he had to change during Gintama series because the number 8 can be used to represent the "infinite". Interestingly, Shimura Shinpachi has been placed on 8th rank in all the Gintama character popularity polls to date and there were 4 polls in total.

Kagura's troll face.

Kagura's troll face.

  • Kagura knows Chinese.

Actually, she does not. However, Kagura often ends her sentences with "aru" which is a typical speech pattern for Chinese characters in anime. "Aru" is translated as "uh-huh" in the Viz licensed volumes. In addition to this, in the Mexican-Spanish dub, Kagura speaks with a slight Chinese accent.

  • Kagura is the first Shonen Jump heroine to vomit.

No additional information is needed for this fact.

  • Sadaharu's voice actor voices another Gintama character.

Takashi Mikako not only does a great job voicing Sadaharu but she also gives her voice to Terakado Tsuu. Terakado Tsuu is a pop idol singer in Gintama anime.

  • Hideaki Sorachi wanted to do the series based on the Shinsengumi.

Hideaki Sorachi declared that he is a big fan of them. Shimura Shinpachi and Sakata Gintoki were once conceived as part of the group and they were lead by Hasegawa Taizou and a girl who was later split into Okita Sougo and Kagura.

However, Hasegawa Taizou was replaced by Kondou Isao while the girl's original design was re-used for Okita Sougo's genderbent identity in the Dekobokko arc nine years after the serialization started. The girl also had an umbrella which she used as a weapon but you already know that this was given to Kagura. Actually, the umbrella itself represent the Yato clan from which Kagura comes from.

Shinsengumi group.

Shinsengumi group.

  • Kondo Isao has a weak anal sphincter.

According to Okita Sougo, Kondo Isao has a weak anal sphincter. Because of this, he often has to take dumps in uncomfortable situations even at his age.

  • Hijikata Toushirou's voice actor voices a couple of swordsmen.

Coincidentally, Nakai Kazura voices several swordsmen including Roronao Zoro from One Piece, Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara and Mugen from Samurai Champloo.

  • Okita Sougo is based on a captain of the first unit of the Shinsengumi

The name of that captain was Okita Soji who was a prodigy and was seen as one of the best swordsmen of the Shinsengumi. According to Ryotaro Shiba's novels, Okita Soji may have owned a katana called Kiku-ichimonji.

In Gintama, Okita Sougo bought the Kiki-ichimonji RX-78.

Okita Sougo and Imai Nobume.

Okita Sougo and Imai Nobume.

  • Okita Sougo had to be a male.

We already talked about how in the original version there was a girl who was a combination of Okita Sougo and Kagura. By the rules of the Shinsengumi, you have to be a male and that is way Okita Sougo had his character design changed. Parts of his design were given to Imai Nobume of Mimawarigumi.

  • Yamazaki Sagaru is very popular.

One of the members of the Shinsengumi is Yamazaki Sagaru, the most plain characters in the series. His role in Gintama is not so important yet despite that or maybe literally because that, Yamazaki Sugaru still remains to be popular in fandom having managed to consistently rank in top ten in the popularity polls.

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