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Anime Drawing Teachers: Best Tutors on YouTube

Drawing Manga

Drawing Manga

Drawing Manga

Drawing Manga


When I first started drawing manga and trying things out with anime and what not, I soon found out that my abilities were not as great as my imagination. In my head, I wanted to draw full scenarios with amazing, futuristic designs, complex characters with great details and just mind blowing things.

When it came to bringing all these ideas into the white page in front of me, things got a bit harder. Crooked eyes, uneven walls, short arms and legs and pretty terrible coloring and shading, I found myself to be discouraged and wanting to stop right away. Thankfully, I found some amazing tutors that would teach me all the things I would ever need and for free.

They cared for the general public that would watch their videos and gave excruciating detail as to how to draw, what utensils to use and always encouraged me to keep going. These are the best teachers you can have on YouTube to teach you all you would ever want to know on drawing anime:

How to Draw Manga Mouths

• Manga Lessons:

This one is fun, short and simple, these videos simply amazing. The girl teaching you, takes her time to explain her techniques to you so that you can understand right away and try it with her whenever you are comfortable.

Although the video uploads on the original channel have stopped, they have continued in their new channel Otakufuel, now oriented more towards all things otaku like cosplays, gaming and drawing. It is really great and they have a simple design to all their videos. Their energy also rubs off on me and find myself to understand and relate to them a lot.

How to Draw Relaxed Hands, 5 Ways

• Koizu:

Centered on every detail and way to learn how to draw them, this guy has done it all. If you ever wanted to know how to draw incredible fight scenes, mecha suits, creatures, forests and much more, this is the channel you need to visit. Very optimistic and energetic, he has come a long way since his first videos in 2006 and is still helping many learn everything about drawing anime, leading them from basic things to the more advanced material. Cool, innovative and self-less are the perfect words to describe this channel.

• SamuraiMangaWorkshop:

Tools needed, skills applied and Japanese voice dub with subtitles following, the videos are very professional looking, filled with information and highly useful to anyone and everyone. The videos have stopped being uploaded and the selection is not very wide but the library to choose from is still very useful and I benefited greatly from what the channel taught me.

Anime slow tutorial-how to draw Manga

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• Sophie chan:

Self-taught and amazing at what she does, Sophie has her own manga book published and gives awesome tutorials on drawing some of our favorite characters in different ways, may it be painting, pens, pencils or on the computer with things like Photoshop and Manga Studio Exquick. Her talents are unparalleled and I loved seeing all her material and learning from how she drew and used her skills in every video.

Coloring manga with watercolors

• Mistiqarts:

Interesting, diverse and ever growing, this channel does not only teach but does blogs, reviews and challenges as well. The girl leading the videos and tutorials, Mina Petrovic, is highly talented and is always posting new and original artwork. If you are interested in a fun manga teacher that will also throw in some interesting culture facts and try their hand at different things every now and then, this channel will be just perfect for you.

How to Draw a Realistic Eye (Time Lapse)

• Markcrilley:

The author and illustrator of various works, with a personal favorite of mine being Miki Falls, this teacher draws everything imaginable and wants you to try to do it with him. Lengthy tutorials and a patient, soothing voice to go along with it, he posts videos regularly with new content, answers many questions and delivers interesting diversity between manga and realism. I think this was the channel that started it all for me.

After seeing a couple of his videos and following his instructions to see how I would do, I felt immensely happy with the results and I managed to persevere through my failures because of them. Growing in skills and experience thanks to many of his tutorials, I owe a lot of my knowledge to this great man, along with all the other channels mentioned here.

How To Draw Goku

• Cartoonblock:

Focusing his talents on cartoons and western productions the most, but still going into anime and manga, this channel is highly entertaining to watch and learn from. Delivering tutorials on fan favorites and holding contests and challenges as well, the positive energy can be felt whenever something is going on in the videos and I have always liked that about it. Great with viewer feedback and amazing at drawing pretty much anything, this is also a must watch channel if you want to grow as an artist.

If there is one thing that all these channels have in common is that they care most about the viewers. They want to encourage us all to express ourselves, to share our talent and to be proud of it. There are days when the drawings are just not coming out right and your brain and hand are not working together but with perseverance, practice and a strong will, I know that not only I but many others will soon be able to stand where these channels do and be able to thank them for all that they have taught us.

Their splendid and selfless work is a huge reason as to why there are so many aspiring artists today trying to make a mark on this world with their creations and making new things every day. I know that I would not be where I am with my enthusiasm and love for my art and the creation of it if it had not been for all these great people making video after video teaching me all the things I wanted to learn. A big thank you is always deserved for them and we will continue to thrive forwards with them!

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez

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