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Manga And Anime Where The Female Character Has A Baby

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Collin Raye - One Boy, One Girl By CollinRayeVEVO

Pregnancy In Manga

Pregnancy in manga and anime often turns out that the girl or woman keeps the baby. I know that that the man and the woman don't always end up together. These story are for enjoyment. They do touch on moral issues of the discussion.

Having a baby at any age is difficult with support of everyone in the family. The characters in this mangas are created to address the issue.

I do believe that having a baby should be the woman's choice. It should not be the man's choice.

I would have liked the manga below to address more issues about the topic. I am a mom. It was very scary to have a baby even with the support of my husband.

I added some music videos that reminded loosely of the mangas.


Kami-sama No Orgel

Mizusawa Megumi is the author of KAMI-SAMA NO ORGEL. This turns out to be more realistic than other mangas.

Yumi is going out with a guy named Kouta. They both love to play guitar. They spend a lot of money on playing. They are both in their second year of college.

They fight a lot, so they decide to not to date any longer. She does like this other guy but not as a real boyfriend. Yumi gets jealous when she sees Kouta with another girl but she thinks it for the best until she finds out that she is pregnant.

She tells him and they get back together. He tells his parents that very night and they are happy without any resistance. Her dad is not the same it take some time to convince him.
There is more going then what Yumi knows but I will not spoil it for the reader.

Parent Question

17 Sai No Mama

Higuchi Marina wrote 17 Sai No Mama. There are two stories to this manga that I know of anyway. The first is, The Life Growing Inside Me. This one is about a high school girl that wants to get married. Her parents don't want her to get married. The guy she is with sticks with her. Also, she finds out that she is pregnant.

Spanning The Lost Life is a story about a girl who had an abortion. After, her boyfriend leaves her right away. This sounds more realistic because they are both in high school.
I feel really sorry for the next girl he dates, really sorry.

Alright, back to the review. The girl gets a job. Then, she tries to forget about men but a guy asks her out. She worries about him too but decides to date the new guy. She gets pregnant again.

Moral Choices

Charlie Pride - Kiss an Angel Good Morning By MartyStuartVideos

Ichigo No Gakkou

Satou Nanki wrote Ichigo No Gakkou. It has to do with how other think of a couple.

This story is told in present and the past at the same time. In the past, Itabashi Kurumi is a girl who is interested in an older man. She does not show much emotion. Itabashi does not have much of a life before she gets pregnant. So, life still moves on for her when she has the baby.

This is not true for her love interest. He has to quite his job but the man quickly finds another job. He wonders if she really loves him. Is this the life he should have choose.

This story makes me think about all the words in a relationship left unspoken. If there is little communication how can any couple understand each other?

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Trace Adkins - Hot Mama By Emimusic

Akkan Baby

Miyauchi Saya authored Akkan Baby. This manga has to do with teen prenancy.
Yuki and Shigeru love to fallow their favorite band. They get the opertunity to hang out with them as friends. During that time, the both of them have an unprotected relationship leading Yuki to get pregnet.

They are both nieave about what is happening. They get stuck with a protecting a kid for one week and they come to the conclusion that they want to keep their child.

They face a lot of difficulties but they stick together through it all. This is a great manga that tells the audience that teen pregnancy is something that the whole family should address.

There is a lot of comedy to this one anime.

My Son's Favorite Toy

What I Think

I am a mother now, but I always wondered what it would be like to have a child early in life. What would my parents think of me? What would the guy think of me?

Someone like me, did not date that early in life but I have wondered about the issue. Would the guy stick with me?

Watching people on television have children at 16, seemed so strange. I wondered what all the fuss was about. There were people in my 8th grade that were having children. 16, huh? Try 13.

It frightened me seeing someone in eight grade pushing their baby around the block. My heart always stood still. You don't see that on MTV.

Then, I hear rumors of abortions. I don't know what to think. I think that having baby is a woman's choice but either choice is scary.

There are places that can help. The websites below might be helpful.>


Kristian Hammond on December 26, 2017:

I am looking for something like this but an anime instead of manga

DChance (author) on May 11, 2014:

I would love to open up some talk between parents and their children. Staying silent is not the answer.

sheilamyers on May 11, 2014:

I like when any type of stories written for entertainment also provide a glimpse of the real world and suggestions on how to properly handle various situations. By what you've said to describe these, they sound like stories teenagers should read and discuss with their parents.

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