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Animated Movie Review: 'The Batman VS. Dracula' (2005)

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"The Batman VS. Dracula" official DVD cover.

"The Batman VS. Dracula" official DVD cover.

Quick Info

Director: Michael Goguen
Distributor: Warner Brothers Animation
Released: April 10th, 2007
Runtime: 85 minutes
Availability: On DVD in print, available for digital purchase on Amazon, iTunes and other stores, streaming on HBOMax

Story Summary

Penguin and Joker escape Arkham Asylum and while Batman is busy chasing Joker, Penguin goes to Gotham Cemetery to search for buried treasure, instead, he finds the legendary vampire Count Dracula and accidentally awakens him when he cuts his hand.

Now people in Gotham are disappearing and Batman discovers that people are being turned into vampires. Will he be able to stop Count Dracula before everyone in Gotham becomes one of the undead?

The Story Is Really Good!

The Batman VS. Dracula has a story that is entertaining and interesting. It seems to be loosely inspired by the Batman story, “Batman and Dracula: Red Rain” by Doug Moench, but that story has a very different outcome compared to this movie.

This movie, however, is not an adaptation of that comic, but rather just took the basic idea of that comic and did its own story for this movie. I enjoyed the story a lot and while it’s not perfect it was still a fun Batman movie.

I do like that they used Vicki Vale in this film because before she was featured in the Batman: Arkham videogames, she was mainly shown in the comics because Batman: The Animated Series (1992) used the character of Summer Gleason as the reporter instead of Vicki Vale.

I did like her character and I enjoyed that she was interesting but she was never seen again in The Batman cartoon outside of this movie.

Dracula was also an interesting character too, but he was a little cliché.

Batman discovers the existence of Count Dracula.

Batman discovers the existence of Count Dracula.

The Batman vs. Dracula trailer

The Animation is Amazing!

The animation for The Batman was always good, but this movie came out during the earlier seasons before The Batman stepped up its game in both the writing and animation, and this was the movie that really made the cartoon improve because this was the first time this show really showed how good it could be because while season 2 was great, they hadn’t really found their footing yet until they made this movie. This movie proved that The Batman didn’t have to be like Batman: The Animated Series to be a good cartoon, it could do its own thing and be enjoyed by viewers.

The writing also improved for this movie and they kept improving over the course of the series.

The animation is also a step up from the first two seasons since this aired around the time season 2 was airing on TV.

The fights for this movie are very well choreographed and animated and the animation looked amazing. What I found interesting was how they used blood in this movie because this is a vampire movie and vampires drink blood but due to the standards and guidelines they couldn’t show graphic blood in a children’s cartoon, but by setting the fight in a blood bank they could “show” blood without it being graphic by keeping the room dark and how the fight turned out was amazing.

The Voice Cast Was Great!

Rino Romano, Alastair Duncan, Tommy Kenny, and Kevin Michael Richardson reprise their roles as Batman, Alfred, Penguin, and the Joker respectively.

The Joker

While I have talked about Kevin Michael Richardon’s voice acting as the Joker in this cartoon before I wanted to highlight his voice acting in this movie because this was the movie that solidified him as a great Joker voice actor, because it’s very hard not to compare him to Mark Hamill, the previous voice of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series (1992), and this movie solidified that he was a great voice actor to play a unique and terrifying version of the character.

He did a great job voicing this character and this cemented his version of the Joker is an amazing Joker too.

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Count Dracula

Peter Stormare is also great as Count Dracula, but I can’t vouch for how bad his Romanian accent is though. I did like his voice acting and he did a great job playing a terrifying version of Count Dracula.

He was a good choice in this role, but I can’t tell if the accent is real or fake but to me, it sounded okay, but he did a great job voicing the character.

Vicky Vale

Tara Strong voiced reporter Vicki Vale and I liked her performance a lot. Her character never appeared in the main cartoon but she was an interesting character for the movie.

Overall, the voice acting in this movie was amazing and the voice cast was excellent.

The Batman vs. Dracula Track 1 - Main Titles

The Soundtrack Is Great!

Thomas Chase’s soundtrack is also very nice and fits the movie quite well. I liked the music for this movie and it was really good.

Vampire Joker, he still gives people nightmares.

Vampire Joker, he still gives people nightmares.

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The Movie Is a Little Slow In the Middle

Batman Vs. Dracula does get bogged down in the middle of the movie and it did drag down the movie a bit. The movie isn’t perfect and it does feel like they tried to pad out the movie when it came to the pacing of the film.

Overall, It’s a Fun Movie!

The Batman Vs. Dracula is a great movie that is a lot of fun and pushed the boundaries of what could be shown in a children’s cartoon. The story was interesting, dark and pushed the envelope for children’s content while not being too scary.

The movie had great production value and the voice cast was solid. The animation looked amazing and The Batman improved because they took a bold step in trying to be their own series and not imitate Batman: The Animated Series (1992). The Batman Vs. Dracula movie made people take a second look at The Batman as a cartoon and it became a cult classic Batman movie.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great story, characters, and world-building

The pacing is bogged down in the middle of the film

Great animation

Great voice acting

Good soundtrackck

HBOMax has the entire "The Batman" cartoon up on the streaming service, including "The Batman Vs. Dracula" movie. I’m very happy that I own the movie on DVD and I love it but I highly recommend watching the movie on HBOMax or borrowing it from your local library if it’s in your local library system.

— ReViewMeMedia

My Grade: A-

I loved Batman Vs. Dracula was a nice rewatch after years of not seeing the movie and the cartoon The Batman. While it’s not a perfect movie it is still a lot of fun.

It’s not a perfect story and the movie has pacing issues. It does seem all over the place when it comes to the pacing of this film.

I still enjoyed the movie because the story is great, the animation is excellent and the voice cast is stellar. Overall, The Batman Vs. Dracula is an excellent movie that any Batman fan can enjoy.

HBOMax has the entire The Batman cartoon up on the streaming service, including The Batman Vs. Dracula movie. I’m very happy that I own the movie on DVD and I love it but I highly recommend watching the movie on HBOMax or borrowing it from your local library if it’s in your local library system.

The Batman Vs. Dracula is a very fun and spooky movie that’s perfect for kids to watch during Halloween, it’s a little scary but not too bad unless you’re genuinely scared of vampires.

I highly recommend buying this movie, whether you want to own a physical or digital copy, it’s a lot of fun and any Batman fan will enjoy watching this movie.

It’s not a perfect film but I enjoyed rewatching it again after a very long time and it was a nice way for me to finish my rewatch of The Batman cartoon. It is a fun movie that pushed the envelope and is very underrated compared to other fantastic Batman animated and live-action movies, but it deserves to be watched by all Batman fans.

My Rating

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