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Animated Movie Review: "Shrek" (2001)

Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

"Shrek" official blu-ray cover.

"Shrek" official blu-ray cover.

Quick Info

Directors: Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson
Distributor: Dreamworks Entertainment
Released: June 5th, 2018 for blu-ray, November 2nd, 2001
Runtime: 90 minutes
Availability: On blu-ray, DVD, and digital, streaming on Amazon Prime Video for free, Peacock subscription

Story Summary

Shrek is an ogre that lives in a swamp. One day, he finds that fairy tale creatures have moved into his swamp after being evicted by Lord Farquaad. He is sent to rescue Princess Fiona who is guarded by a fierce dragon.

The Movie That Started the Modern Animated Parody

Shrek was a unique movie because it parodied a lot of Disney fairy tales and Disney Princess tropes that appeared in movies at the time. It also was one of the first movies to make mainstream music part of the soundtrack for the film with a lot of pop songs in the movie.

After this movie came out, many films imitated the format and structure of Shrek, but this movie is fun because it was the first animated film that ran with these outside-the-box ideas.

But how does it hold up 21 years later? I saw it streaming on Amazon Prime Video for free and I hadn’t watched it in years and it seemed like it would be fun to rewatch, so I did.

Shrek with an arrow in his butt.

Shrek with an arrow in his butt.

Shrek (2001) Trailer #1

Poking Fun at Disney Was So Fun

The movie Shrek parodies and pokes fun at Disney fairy tales, Disney Princesses, and Disney as a corporation. But it’s so fun that you can’t help but enjoy the movie. Most of us have grown up with the “Disney Resonance” and all the classic Disney fairy tales, so for Shrek to poke fun at Disney and all the references you’ll find in the movie is just so fun and entertaining, especially if you’ve watched a lot of Disney movies.

The movie just uses fairy tales in a way that is fresh and hilarious and turns a lot of fairy tale tropes on their head in a humorous way. It’s fun to see all the jokes and enjoy them because it’s a funny fairy tale parody.

It’s also done in such a way that you’ll enjoy it whether you’ve watched some Disney movies or all of them. When you can spot the references, it’s just entertaining.

The Animation Holds Up

The animation for Shrek looks really nice, especially since it’s been 21 years since the movie came out. The art style is nice and the character designs are fun. They’re all unique and memorable for all the characters. The fairy tale characters are also unique and fun to look at.

The animation also portrays the physical comedy very well and the visual gags are fun to watch.

The animation also looks great and it’s very fluid. The fight scenes are also very well done and still hold up. It’s a very nice movie to look at. It holds up very well for being 21 years old and it’s still a great comedy both in writing and visual gags.

DreamWorks did an amazing job animating this movie and it’s a wonderful classic that still looks good today.

The Voice Acting Is Great!

Mike Meyers did a great job voicing Shrek. He’s a fun character and his actor did a fantastic job bringing him to life and making him a memorable character. He did a great job voice acting and he was having a lot of fun voicing the character.

Eddie Murphy is fun as Donkey. He’s a great actor and he was great as Donkey. He’s having so much fun and you could tell that he enjoyed this role a lot. I liked his voice acting in this movie and he’s a great actor voicing a fun character.

Cameron Diaz is fun as Princess Fiona. I liked her voice acting and I think she did a great job in this role. She shows all the different aspects of her character and I liked her performance.

John Lithgow is great as Lord Farquaad, he had a lot of fun and he was a great villain. I liked his voice acting in this movie.

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The voice acting is great and a lot of fun. I like the actors and they all did a great job in the movie.

Smash Mouth - All Star (Official Music Video)

The Soundtrack Is Great!

Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell composed the music for Shrek. It’s very nice and has an epic feel to the movie. The orchestral music is nice and it’s fun to listen to. I like the soundtrack in the movie.

Another fun aspect of the movie is the use of pop songs. The songs they use are really fun and fit the movie very well. I enjoyed the songs in this movie. I enjoyed the music a lot and the orchestral soundtrack combined with the pop music made the film a unique one to listen to at the time when movies didn’t really do that, they used one or the other but not both.

It’s a fun and entertaining soundtrack that brings the emotions of the movie to life while being funny and entertaining at the same time.

Some of the References Are Dated

Some of the parodies and references will date this movie, especially if you know where the references are from. When it comes to pop culture references, they will be dated. It might be weird to some newer viewers but it’s the only thing that will make this movie dated besides the pop songs.

The movie references will date the movie, but if you enjoyed the movies it parodied it won’t bother you that much. It is dated due to its pop culture references, but it has a fun time doing it.

"Shrek" Is Just as Fun as I Remember

When I decided to rewatch Shrek I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it as much as I did when I was a teenager. I found myself enjoying it again and I had a lot of fun watching it. It may be dated, but it’s a fun and enjoyable film.

Being able to see it again after a long time was a fun experience and now that it’s streaming for free on Amazon Prime in the U.S. a lot of new people are watching the movie for the first time and enjoying it too.

It’s a great movie that is a classic fairy tale parody. It’s nice to see that a new audience can enjoy it too.

Shrek and Donkey.

Shrek and Donkey.

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Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great story, characters, and world-building

Viewers might not like the dated pop culture references and music

Great 3D animation

Great voice acting

Great soundtrack

My Rating: A+

Shrek is a fun movie that I highly recommend. It’s a kids movie with a lot of adult jokes but it’s also a funny parody of Disney fairy tales that I enjoyed a lot. It’s a great movie that’s fun if you like parodies and fairy tales.

I highly recommend streaming it on Amazon FreeVee if it is available in your country. It might not be the must-buy film for me, but I enjoyed rewatching Shrek a lot. It was fun and entertaining and it is an enjoyable movie all these years later.

It’s still just as fun and entertaining as I remember it being and I know that new fans will enjoy it too.

I highly reccommend Shrek if you’re looking for a fun parody of fairy tale stories and you want something that had a large cultural impact on parody, then look no further than Shrek. It’s a movie that still holds up after so long and is a classic parody movie that I enjoyed a lot.

It’s worth your time and money if you want to buy it, but if you can watch it for free by borrowing it from your local library or on Amazon Prime Video with FreeVee then you should watch Shrek.

I am not buying it for myself but it is worth buying because it’s a fantastic movie. I love the movie and I had a good time with the humor and the songs and the characters.

The story is a fun parody of the fairy tale formula and it’s an entertaining movie that both kids and adults will enjoy.

My Rating

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