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Animated Movie Review: "Big Hero 6" (2014)

Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

"Big Hero 6" official blu-ray cover.

"Big Hero 6" official blu-ray cover.

Quick Info

Director: Don Hall and Chris Williams
Distributor: Walt Disney Studios
Runtime: 102 minutes
Released: February 24, 2015
Availability: On 4K blu-ray, blu-ray, DVD and digital

Story Summary

Hiro Hamada enjoys participating in illegal robot fights. His bother Tadashi takes him to his university and Hiro wants to go. Just as Hiro gets his chance to attend, Tadashi dies trying to save someone in a fire. Hiro must learn how to grieve while tracking down the person responsible for his brother’s death.

The Story Is a Lot of Fun

The story of Big Hero 6 is loosely based on a Marvel superhero team that’s very obscure. They were reinterpreted for this movie and it was a lot of fun. I enjoy the story but I don’t have any familiarity with the original versions of these characters.

The group Big Hero 6.

The group Big Hero 6.

Disney's Big Hero 6 - Official US Trailer 1

The Animation Looks Nice

Big Hero 6 has excellent animation. The scenes are well-animated and look great. The animation is very fluid and the art style is nice.

I like how unique all the characters look and have distinct art styles and designs to distinguish them from one another.

The fight scenes have excellent animation that’s very fluid and the animation looks fantastic. The story looks amazing and it kept me invested in the story. I also loved the car chase sequence in this movie because it was very exciting and had great animation.

Overall, the animation looks fantastic and it’s a fun movie to watch because of the story and animation.

The Voice Acting Is Great


Scott Adsit did a great job voice acting as Baymax, he has a very distinct voice that made him stand out to me. He did a great job in this role and I liked his voice acting. He sounds great and he made Baymax have a lot of personality.

Hiro Hamada

Ryan Potter did a great job as Hiro Hamada. I liked his voice acting in this movie because he gave Hiro an excellent personality and he’s fun. I like how Hiro acts with his friends and how he grows as a character.

Tadashi Hamada

Daniel Henney is great as Tadashi Hamada, he had a small role with a big impact so he has to do his best to be memorable and make you feel for his character and his absence.

He did that and he made the scenes his character was in feel emotional weight and have importance in the story.


T.J. Miller is a lot of fun as Fred, I enjoy his character because he’s both comic relief and the meta-commentary in the movie. He's a quirky and fun personality and I like his character. His voice actor also did a great job in the movie.

Go Go

Jamie Chung is great as Go Go, I like her voice acting and Go Go’s character a lot. She’s a smart woman that wants to help and is a clever inventor. I like how she uses her inventions and she has a lot of really cool scenes in the movie.


Damon Wayans Jr. Is great as Wasabi, he’s a funny character that also serves as the comic relief but he’s also a good character.

Honey Lemon

Genesis Rodriguez did a great job as Honey Lemon, I like her fun personality and how she’s always trying to help. I like her personality and that she’s a fun character and her voice actress did a great job. She also reprised her voice role for the Spanish dub of the movie.

Robert Callaghan

James Cromwell did a great job as Robert Callaghan. His character is very important in the story and you feel all his emotions, especially later in the story but his voice actor is great.

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Overall, the voice acting in this movie is excellent and enjoyable. All the voice actors did an amazing job in this film.

Fall Out Boy - Immortals (Official Music Video) (From "Big Hero 6")

The Music Is Nice!

Tim Mertens composed the music for Big Hero 6 and the music sounds great. It has a very heroic feel to it and it feels like music that you here in a superhero movie and fits the tone very well.

The music is very memorable and I love the music in this movie. They also used the song “Immortals” by Fallout Boy as an insert song during the movie.

Overall, the music for this film is fantastic. I enjoyed the music in this movie and it was a great soundtrack.

Baymax and Hiro.

Baymax and Hiro.

Reader Poll

The Movie Has Common Superhero Story Tropes

The film does have a lot of familiar superhero tropes and while it is a good movie. If you don’t like superhero tropes that crop up in many superhero origin stories, you might not enjoy the movie as much.

There Are Some Silly Moments in This Movie

There are some really silly moments in this movie, but being a kids' movie, it’s fine, but if you’re an adult, the moments might be a little too silly, but it doesn’t happen very often.

Fans of the Original Comic Might Not Like the Reinterpretation of the Characters

The movie Big Hero 6 reinterpreted the Marvel Comics’ characters and changed them a lot compared to the Marvel Comics versions of the characters. While these characters were obscure before the movie came out, the fans of those characters might be annoyed by the changes, so if you liked the Big Hero 6 comics, you might be disappointed by the film’s reimagining of the characters.

The man in the Kabuki mask.

The man in the Kabuki mask.

"Big Hero 6" Is a Very Fun Superhero Movie

Big Hero 6 is a fun and entertaining animated superhero movie. It adapts some obscure Marvel Comics characters and made them accessible to a younger audience. The story is fun and entertaining.

It is a well-made movie with great production value and a good story. I feel it’s worth my time to watch. I did not have to pay money for it because it was part of my signing up for a Vudu account a long time ago.

I wanted to buy the blu-ray for a long time but I didn’t need to buy it once I got a digital copy for free.

I feel that you should buy it if you want it, but you don’t have to. If you have a Disney+ account you can watch it on their streaming service instead of buying it.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great story, characters, and world-building

This movie has a lot of common superhero tropes

Great animation

Fans of the original comics might not like the characters being reinterpreation.

Great voice acting

Great soundtrack

My Grade: A-

Big Hero 6 is a great movie that fans of Marvel Comics will enjoy. I don’t know if they will like the reinterpretations of these characters compared to their comic book counterparts but I enjoyed the version of the characters I saw in the movie.

The movie was fun and exciting and I like the story and the characters a lot. The movie has good writing and the characters are unique and have development and growth in the story.

The animation looks amazing and the car chase and other fight scenes are very well. The fights are exciting and fun and show off the various characters’ abilities and superpowers.

The voice acting is great and the soundtrack is good. It’s a fun superhero movie aimed at kids that is not a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. While those movies sell a lot of toys to kids, those movies are rated PG-13 and are aimed at the teenage and older audiences despite being superhero movies.

I highly recommend this movie, it’s a fun superhero movie that is for everyone, teaches great messages about tragedy and grief, and is a fun movie that is exciting without being too adult.

I did not have to buy this movie because I got a digital copy for free, but I had wanted to buy it for my collection, but because I have a digital copy, I’m happy to have access to the movie.

I highly recommend this movie and because it’s popular you can find it at your local library so go see if they have it on their shelves for you to borrow it to watch it.

It’s well worth your time, but not necessarily your money if you can borrow it. I enjoyed the movie and I feel you will too.

My Rating

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