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Animated Movie Review: "Batman: The Long Halloween" (2021)

Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

"Batman: The Long Halloween: Part 1" official cover.

"Batman: The Long Halloween: Part 1" official cover.

Quick Info

Director: Chris Palmer
Distributor: Warner Brothers Animation
Runtime: 85 minutes for Part 1, 87 minutes for Part 2
Availability: on blu-ray, DVD, and digital, streaming on HBOMax, and digital rental

Story Summary

Batman: The Long Halloween Part 1 (2021) is an animated adaptation of the critically acclaimed classic Batman story “The Long Halloween” by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Time Sale.

The movie follows Batman in the early years of his crimefighting career where he, Commissioner Gordon, and District Atorey Harvey Dent swear an oath to take down Carmine “The Roman” Falcone, Gotham City’s most powerful mafia boss.

But someone else is targeting members of the Falcone family, someone murdering them on holidays that the newspapers call the “Holiday” killer.

It’s a Stunning Adaptation of the Critically-Acclaimed Graphic Novel

Batman: The Long Halloween is a classic Batman story that inspired various Batman stories, including Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight movie, but hadn’t been adapted faithfully in any medium outside of comics until this movie was released.

It’s very faithful to the source material despite not being a shot-for-shot remake of the comic, some of the scenes had to be cut due to runtime but the scenes that were cut are featured in the opening credits using the panels from the comic so I do like that touch.

All the major plot points are in the animated movie and it does end at a suspenseful part of the story that makes you want to watch the next film. When the movie is released as a combined film I will update the article.

Batman and Harvey Dent flip a coin to see if they'll burn mob boss Carmine Falcone's dirty money.

Batman and Harvey Dent flip a coin to see if they'll burn mob boss Carmine Falcone's dirty money.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One - Official Trailer | DC

The Visuals Are Amazing!

The visuals of Batman: The Long Halloween is a visually stunning movie. While it doesn’t imitate the original art style of the graphic novel the art style is very nice.

The animation also looks amazing and the fight scenes have excellent choreography. The movie does recreate a lot of iconic scenes from the graphic novel and brings them to life with excellent animation.

While the art style might not look like the original comic because Tim Sale’s art style cannot be animated, but they did use it in the opening credits of the movie showing panels from the graphic novel which is a nice way to show scenes they couldn’t fit into the movie.

It’s a visually fantastic movie that any fan of Batman will enjoy watching and can be enjoyed by both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

The Voice Cast Is Fantastic!

The voice cast chosen for this movie is great. We have Jensen Ackles as Bruce Wayne/Batman, he’s been in DC Comics movies before as Jason Todd/Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010). He did a great job voicing Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Jensen Ackles didn’t phone it in as Batman, he put a lot of effort into his role and I enjoyed his voice acting a lot. He played Batman in a rookie role and showed his character’s inexperience as a detective. I liked these aspects of his character, that he’s not always right and doesn’t always catch onto what the villains are planning.

Josh Duhamel is fantastic as Harvey Dent. His voice acting was great, and since this is set before he became Two-Face, you completely focus on Harvey Dent as a character, and Johns Duhamel’s voice performance as Harvey Dent is amazing. He does a great job and he brings emotional depth to Harvey Dent in his voice acting.

Julie Nathanson did a great job as Gilda Dent, she was amazing in this role and she sounded emotional and relatable. She conveyed her character’s emotions and she is an excellent choice for this role.

Troy Bake is fantastic as Joker, he may not be Mark Hamill but he still sounds so similar you could only tell the difference if you paid attention to the differences in their voices.

He’s always been a fun choice to voice the Joker and he was great in this movie, even if he didn’t get to do much in the movie itself, he was still fantastic.

Alastair Duncan is great as Alfred Pennyworth; he voiced Alfred previously in the animated cartoon The Batman. It’s nice to see him in the role again, even if it’s for a different universe with Alfred in it. He did a great job and I always liked his voice acting.

I must make a special mention regarding the late Naya Rivera as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. She passed away saving her son from drowning before the movie was released so this became her final acting role. And while it’s very tragic that she passed away, this movie will be a special one because her son loves the character of Batman, and it’s a way for him to remember her.

Naya Rivera did an amazing job voicing Catwoman. She was great, and there’s a lot of great voice actresses for the character of Selina Kyle/Catwoman, but she was a great choice for this role.

There have been many voice actresses for the character, but I like Naya Revera’s voice acting because it was a unique take on the character’s voice and I loved her voice acting in this movie.

The voice cast is top-notch and I loved the casting choices for the roles in this movie. The voice cast was fantastic and they were excellent and kept me entertained.

The Long Halloween (Main Theme)

The Soundtrack Is Great!

The soundtrack for Batman: The Long Halloween is excellent. It fits the tone of the movie and complements the writing and animation.
Michael Gatt did a great job composing the music for this movie and I enjoyed the soundtrack a lot.

Batman and Catwoman investigating the Holiday Killer.

Batman and Catwoman investigating the Holiday Killer.

The Movie Isn’t a Completely Faithful Adaptation

Now I won’t spoil the movie because it’s a very faithful adaptation of the graphic novel, but it is not completely faithful when it comes to certain aspects of the movie, some character motivations were changed, some people died when they didn’t die in the comics and one character has a different motivation than the source material.

Despite all these changes, it’s still an amazing movie adaptation of a classic comic book that I did enjoy the story for, even though I disliked the art. The movie fixes my dislike of the art because it’s in a very nice art style that I liked more than Batman: The Long Halloween graphic novel.

Many diehard fans of the graphic novel love this adaptation despite the changes and that’s a great feat for this movie. Some people don’t like the changes but most fans don’t mind.

The Second Movie Is Rated R

This movie as a whole is going to be one of the rare DC Comics movies that are rated R, it’s rated R because of the grotesque imagery of Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face. It does have some stronger language in it that was censored in the graphic novel. It is the lower end of the R rating, mainly because of the uncensored language.

Part 1 of Batman: The Long Halloween is rated PG-13.

Reader Poll

This Is an Amazing Adaptation of “Batman: The Long Halloween”

Batman: The Long Halloween as an animated movie had a lot to live up to when it came to adapting the critically acclaimed and popular graphic novel. The animated adaptation had a lot to live up to and it lived up to the high expectations fans had for the film before it was released.

It may not be the most faithful adaptation, but it did a stunning job bringing the classic Batman story to life for fans of the graphic novel.

Batman chasing criminals in the Batmobile.

Batman chasing criminals in the Batmobile.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great story, world-building, and characters

It's not completely faithful to the graphic novel, has many big changes some fans might not like.

Great animation

Amazing voice cast

Good soundtrack

My Rating: A+

I loved Batman: The Long Halloween, it is an amazing animated film and it was so fun to watch. The mystery was great. The animation looked amazing. The voice cast is top-notch. It is an entertaining film whether you’ve read the graphic novel or not.

It’s an amazing Batman story and I loved the adaptation because it changed what I didn’t like about Batman: The Long Halloween graphic novel. It’s an amazing animated movie that does justice to the classic Batman story that retold the origins of Harvey Dent as Two-Face. The first part doesn’t tell show Two-Face but it does an excellent job of portraying Harvey Dent as a character before he went crazy and it’s an interesting look at the character.

I did rent the movie on Amazon and it did cost about $13.00 with tax and it was worth the money I paid. I could have borrowed it from my local library but I didn’t want to wait for the discs to arrive. It was a little expensive for the money but I enjoyed the movie. I also used some Amazon gift cards to pay for it so it is worth using Amazon gift cards if you want to use those on a movie rental.

The movie is split into two parts; Warner Brothers will be releasing a version that combines both parts in 2022. I will update this review when the combined version is released.

Batman: The Long Halloween is a modern take on a classic Batman story with a great adaptation that is one of the best in the DC Universe Animated Movie.

I highly recommend Batman: The Long Halloween if you want to watch a fun and brilliant animated Batman movie.

I highly recommend buying this movie, but if you just want to watch it, borrow it from your local library or rent it digitally. It is also streaming on HBOMax if you have a subscription to the streaming service.

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