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Angela Lansbury is a Gifted, Gorgeous, and Great Actress

Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury DBE


One of the Most Beautiful Stars of Our Time

Angela always wore the most beautiful clothes on "Murder She wrote' which I am listening to as I write.

She could play any part and make it believable--one could think she had a twin--because her earlier films were so different; from her later ones.

I wish they would remake this show and keep it going for the next generation. And, I know who I would get to play Jessica's part and that is Piper Perabo.

Piper is another of my favorites stars. Check her out on Covert Affairs on YouTube to see her talent as an actress. Here is the link to the article I wrote about Piper when she payed Annie in 'Covert Affairs'

Murder She Wrote

Every night at 11:00 pm I stop what I am doing and watch my favorite actress Angela Lansbury in "Murder She Wrote." She completely captures my attention in every episode. And, I cannot forget to thank Hallmark Movies and Mysteries for showing it every night.

I have actually left meetings and parties to see her show. My sister knows not to plan anything for or with me late at night because I do not want to miss my favorite tv show.

She is one of my favorites and I admire her very much as an actress and a lady. She has class, beauty, talent and is honored by her the entertainment world.

38 Years has Passed since the Show Began--Cast from Murder She Wrote

Angela Lansbury Sings 'Goodbye Little Yellow Bird' | Murder, She Wrote

Amos and Seth fight for Jessica's Affection and Attention

Angela's Career Begins in Hollywood with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1944

Angela is a multi-talented international actress whose career began 77 years ago. She was born in London, England and came to United States of America when she was 15 years old with her mother and two brothers.

After studying acting in New York, she moved to Hollywood to star in her first film in 1944 titled Gaslight; and then the famous film in 1945 of The Picture of Dorian Gray. I remember in my youth of watching Dorian Gray with my mother in 1970s.

Gaslight Angela's First Movie in 1944

Angela's Role in Gaslight at 18 Years Old

Angela's role was Nancy. She was the beautiful young maid who is a thorn in the leading lady's side. Paula (Ingrid Bergman) whose husband is slowing making her believe she is going insane. She is convinced that Nancy the maid hates her.

Angela's talent sparkled and shined as she was in an Oscar-nominated as screen debut (Supporting Actress.)

Hollywood noticed an 18 year old in her first film as a future leading lady. Her star begins to soar into the orbits of Hollywood.

Dorian Gray

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Angela's Role as Sibyl Vane in Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray met Sibyl Vane a beautiful singer in a tavern, and he falls in love. They begin a romance and become engaged. Dorian loves her with all his heart, but Lord Henry will not leave him alone. He convinced Dorian to lead a more pleasure-seeking lifestyle.

Dorian writes Sibyl a heartbreaking letter ending their engagement and insulting her by sending a large payment in cash.

Sibyl commits suicide after she receives the letter. Dorian was shocked for a short while and then it no longer bothered him. Dorian Gray stayed young, but his picture in the attic changed into a horrible sight.

Elizabeth Taylor in "National Velvet" 1944

National Velvet

Velvet Brown (Elizabeth Taylor) lived on a dairy farm with her older sister Edwina (Angela Lansbury), sister Malvolia (Juanita Quigley) and brother Donald (Jackie Jenkins). Velvet was the only child horse crazy. Her horse's name The Pieblad.

Edwina Brown is interested in her boyfriend, not horses. She is proud of Velvet when she rode her horse to victory in the Grand National steeplechase. Velvet was only 12 years old. She cut her hair to look like a boy. Her best friend in the movie was Mi Taylor (Mickey Rooney.)

This is a great movie for children or a family movie night. Pop your corn and drizzle it with chocolate.

Velvet and Edwin Brown with other Family Members


Buttons The Movie


I want to see this film for sure with my two favorite people who are more than actors to their fans.

Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury are two guardian Angels in this movie. Whose help and protect two orphan girls find a home for Christmas.

Dick Van Dyke is 94 years old and still making movies. He was 92 in this movie and Angela was 93 years old. They are amazing and I am sure they have guardian Angels of their own. I wish them both the very best and many happy years on this earth.

Angela Lansbury--When Broadway Sparkled and Shined with Greatness

The Untold Truth Of Angela Lansbury

Angela Lansbury receives an Honorary Award at the 2013 Governors Awards

Angela Lansbury Awards

She has 113 credits as an actress and 1 credit as a producer and 240 credits as Self. Angela was nominated for 3 Oscars. She had 36 wins and 55 nominations.

2014 a winner of Honorary Award; To Angela Lansbury, an entertainment icon who has created some of cinema's most memorable characters, inspiring generations of actors.

Winner of Golden Globes Awards in 1992,1990, 1987. 1985 and 1963 for Murder She Wrote.

1963 Winner Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress The Manchurian Candidate (1962) 1

1946 Winner Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)

1991 Winner Special Award Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema

1983 Winner ACEActress in a Theatrical or Musical Program Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1982)

Winner CinEuphoriaCareer - Honorary Award

Edgar Allan Poe Awards

1988 Winner Raven Award

GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics

2011 Winner Timeless Award

Gold Derby Awards

2009 Winner Gold Derby AwardLife Achievement (Performer) Winner Gold Derby TV AwardLife Achievement Award (Performer)

131 of My Favorite Movies Review

25 Action Actors and Actresses

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Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on November 06, 2020:


My Internet keeps going out--I tried to answer twice. Here goes I like Hallmark Movies and my favorite is Murder She Wrote. Stay Safe.

Bobbi Purvis

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on November 06, 2020:

I love Gaslight and The Picture of Dorian Gray. We have both movies and watch them often because we rarely like anything that is on "TV". Like you, I think Angela Landsbury is a fabulous actress, and Murder, She Wrote is a favorite among the detective dramas we watch.



Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on October 17, 2020:


Thanks for the visit and yes, she is one of my favorites. I watch Murder She Wrote every night if we do not have a storm or hurricane.

Take Care,

Bobbi Purvis

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on October 17, 2020:

Angela Lansbury is one of my best actresses. I watched in the 80s and recently watched reruns just the best. You shared memories of a great woman.

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