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What Sin Does Every Character in Angel Heart (1987) Had?


Angel Heart (1987)

Angel Heart is a 1987 American neo-noir psychological thriller starring Mickey Rourke as Harry Angel A detective who is asked by Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro) to find a client of his named Johnny Favorite, yet as soon as Harry gets deeper and deeper unto finding Favorite he stumbles into even more darker and sinister things upon him. I am not into spoiling anything and I suggest people watch this movie and find out the secrets behind this chilling and dark detective story.

This content if for those who has watch the movie, I for one, have not read the book but I have watched the movie. They said that the book and the movie does have similarities the only difference is that the city the place took in. I am yet to read the book though so I am just going to explain what a sudden realization I had after watching again the movie. Aside that it was a good movie, the nostalgia, but there was that Mickey Rourke best acting and De Niro’s the Devil role was top notch just like Pacino’s in The Devil’s Advocate. Oh they did really nail it. Unfortunately, during that time it was not really interesting for viewers and writters because they are not in that kind of movie where the hero loses. I was like if you did not like this why does many critics loved Empire Strikes Back, see? Though we have different kinds of taste and preferences in movies but for me it has always been a cliché that the hero always wins. In the I do get disappapointed whenever the good guy loses or dies but nowadays, I could really see the essence of defeat on the heroes, it is not because they are weak or they doesn’t have enough will power to win against the villains but rather it is just how it should be. There are people who does no understand why some heroes loses in the story it will create and conflict of interest on them as such deeming the movie a disappointment. There are so many movies wherein the heroes loses but it ended up as cool as anything else. This is what happened on Angel Heart during that time. It did not make it to the box office because it was dark, it was sick, and the hero lost.

What I have viewed on this movie is that there there is always an impending doom for all the casts especially they are entangled with Louis Cyphere, you’ll know and understand what I mean if you watched the movie, if so continue reading if not then I will suggest you that watch the movie first before giving so much opinion on my content. There are so many secrets that the movie has, for example you will know who the villain is at the early minutes of the movie but only if you are sharp. You will understand the ending if you are just put into detail the every events during the timeline of the movie.

Does the 7 main Characters represents the 7 deadly sins?

As I walked it out again, Angel Heart was one of the best neo-noir psychological thriller movie I have watched at first there was a little bit of confusion because it made no sense to me actually, I was so difficult to decifer the meaning of the movie. there was a time that I did not finish it because it was so confusing but then again, I tried to watch it again and again until I found the right moment to see through it. There was some instances in the internet that they made clear that there was so many secrets this movie has for example, the turning of the fans in every scene, there was so many fans in this movie that signifies something. the settings, Margaret Krusemark’s room, the woman in black, etc, but there was this opinion that was not raised I think but feel free to correct me if I am wrong if there was another article regarding this. But you can feel free to comment about it. Okay let’s start.

The seven cast and the seven deadly sins. (spoilers alert: read with your own descresion) and how every room they were in to was reflected to their sin.

We start with the most notable sin of all, Pride, well we know who amongst the cast is pride, it is Louis Cyphre, basically of who he is I am not gonna talk why but it is obviously what he is. At the beginning of the film you can see him at a room with his associate, just the two of them as Harry walks in he talks then talks to Harry. By the way he talks he acts it’s as if he is full of pride. Secondly, Greed, as the movie progress we know who is greed, Johnny Favorite, he just sold his soul to the devil for what? To gain power, wealth, fame quite obvious isn’t it? He dodged a contract with the Devil, to get a hold of his soul, another trait of greediness, Johnny Favorite has no room but we can consider Harry Angel as his room beside it is like him and Harry share the same room a room with basically they can present their sin. Third, Wrath, Harry Angel, no no, he is no angel, he is no good, he served in the war, he inflicted damage to other people during the war. He is in every room during the scenes every room with sin. He killed (spoiler) the casts that was connected to Favorite, even her daughter Epiphany Proudfoot which we will consider as Lust, the things is, he was unto Harry Angel in flesh but was favorite in soul, still a sin to be considered. Her sin can be exibited on Harry Angel’s room. Sloth, I can consider Toots Sweet’s sin because he would have done the right thing, but he felt dodging it, he felt it did not matter to him what Harry Angel’s investigation was when he has all the resources regarding Favorite, quite lazy for me you know, even looking at his apartment it was no different after his scuffle with Angel. Margaret Krusemark I for one can be considered as Envy, broke by Favorite because he was also having an affair with Evangeline Proudfoot, because she was envious of Evangeline she does whatever Johnny wants as well as conspiring to outsmart the Devil what was represented on Margaret’s Envy? Her heart, the room in her heart exihibited the sin of Envy. Gluttony, Ethan Krusemark, obviously he is fat, eating too much he can swallow, a metaphor regarding his status in society, well in his scene, he with harry in a room next to a kitchen making “gumbo”. Well all in all he displays the characteristics of a glutton.

Here is a quick break down: as I watched the movie rooms always have an important role in revealing the sin of the character.

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  1. Louis Cyphre – Pride – the church in Harlem, the priest was a member of the occult.
  2. Johnny Favorite – Greed – body of Harry Angel
  3. Harry Angel – Wrath – exibhibited in all the rooms he went into to kill.
  4. Epiphany Proudfoot – Lust – exhibited in Harry Angel’s room.
  5. Toots Sweet – Sloth – His apartment was like a piece of garbage.
  6. Margaret Krusemark – Envy – the feeling of Envy in the room of her heart
  7. Ethan Krusemark – Gluttony – he was talking to Harry in a room behind a big kitchen.

This is the breakdown of the sins presented in the movie who is who and what are their place they exhibited the sins. But amongst the 7 of them, Harry Angel, was the represented all the sins the cast presented.

  1. Pride – He wanted to outsmart the Devil.
  2. Greed – Johnny Favorite’s infestation of his body.
  3. Wrath – The killings.
  4. Lust – With Epiphany of course, her daughter.
  5. Sloth – He just work small time as per Harry Angel’s statement.
  6. Envy – He is living a life he wanted to but he cannot. He envies people normally living.
  7. Gluttony – Oh yes he consumes a lot of alcohol, I could consider that since it is a bodily intake.

And that is about it. You can feel free to make your opinion regarding my article, I am much of a listener just leave it down the comment section. Your opinions, your criticisms, your arguments, are my joy in learning. Ciao!

© 2022 John Artchie Rivera

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