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The Andy Griffith Show Online Hangman Game - Come Join In The Fun From Mayberry, North Carolina

Welcome to Mayberry, North Carolina - America's Hometown.

You don't have to hide the women and children here. Feel secure in knowing that this is a Britney Spears/Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan/Michael Vick/Madonna/O.J. Simpson/Rosie O'Donnell/Miley Cyrus/Kardashian FREE ZONE! There...Now don't you feel better already?

Come join in the fun of our Andy Griffith Show Online Hangman Game below. (It's therapetic!)


  2. The puzzle may be a name, place, memorable quote, or anything related to The Andy Griffith Show.
  3. Please guess only consonants before guessing any vowels.
  4. A slash in the puzzle simply indicates a space between words in order to make the puzzle easier to read.
  5. Use the Submit a Comment option below to guess a letter or solve the puzzle. You will need to register as a user in order to leave comments. It's FREE and it's even less painful than the shot that Rafe Hollister had to get.
  6. The first person to correctly solve the puzzle will have the honor of having his/her name or user id posted on our Winners Bulletin Board. (Just as soon as the Official Verification is received.)
  7. Be sure to check back here daily to see the puzzle as it is revealed.

Puzzle #416 : (Updated 10-15-14 ) 10:00 am

Letters Guessed = N S R T L M D C H F G Y B K

_ _ C K _ / _ _ C K _ / _ _ C K _



The Winner's Circle Bulletin Board

Paula - Solved Puzzle #1 (Floyd Lawson)

Beth - Solved Puzzle #2 (We Defy The Mafia)

Royce - Solved Puzzle #3 (Ain't You Got a Jack?)

Larry - Solved Puzzle #4 (Mount Pilot)

Annette - Solved Puzzle #5 (Wally's Filling Station)

Royce - Solved Puzzle #6 (Now you're going to Glen Ford it all over town.)

Annette - Solved Puzzle #7 (Kerosene Cucumbers)

Barbara - Solved Puzzle #8 (Call the Man)

Royce - Solved Puzzle #9 (Rafe Hollister)

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Royce - Solved Puzzle #10 (Water and air are free. We do make a charge for gas)

Annette - Solved Puzzle #11 (Weaver's Department Store)

Royce - Solved Puzzle #12 (That one makes me cry)

Royce - Solved Puzzle #13 (The Boys at the Lab)

Royce - Solved Puzzle #14 (Otis Campbell)

Royce - Solved Puzzle #15 (You beat everything, you know that?!)

Royce - Solved Puzzle #16 (Old Man Kelsey's Ocean)

Annette - Solved Puzzle #17 (There's been a lot of money in that collection plate lately.)

Larry - Solved Puzzle #18 (Malcolm Tucker)

jml1231 - Solved Puzzle #19 (I wonder what causes that)

jml1231 - Solved Puzzle #20 (Robert E Lee Natural Bridge)

jml1231 - Solved Puzzle #21 (Mayberry Union High)

sdorrian - Solved Puzzle #22 (If there's any sign of a trend, you let me know)

Royce - Solved Puzzle #23 (Gilley Walker)

Royce - Solved Puzzle #24 (Hey there life saver man)

jml1231 - Solved Puzzle #25 (Judy Judy Judy)

jml1231 & Royce - Solved Puzzle #26 (Howard Sprague)

Royce - Solved #27 (I'm Ept)

Royce - Solved #28 (Would you care to be my brother figure?)

Larry - Solved #29 (Ellen Brown)

Royce - Solved #30 (She's an eight cylinder...She'll take eight)

jml1231 - Solved #31 (Sarah, get me my house)

jml1231 - Solved #32 (Welcome sweet springtime, we greet thee in song)

JudyJudyJudy - Solved #33 (Count Istvan Teleky)

jml1231 - Solved #34 (You're not no account Ernest T. You're just ignorant.)

jml1231 - Solved #35 (Uncle Ollie)

jml1231 - Solved #36 (My Mama and Daddy just shook hands on their deal)

jml1231 - Solved #37 (Siler City)

jml1231 - Solved #38 (Taters)

Royce - Solved #39 (Laura Lee Hobbs)

Royce - #40 (Boy, giraffes are selfish)

jml1231 - #41 (Luke Comstock)

Eric - #42 (For a pretty woman that reads rose poetry, you sure pack a mean spoon!)

Larry - #43 (Thelma Lou)

jml1231 - #44 (Miracle Salve)

jml1231 - #45 (Never Hit Your Grandma With a Great Big Stick)

Royce - #46 (Hail To Thee Miss Mayberry)

jml1231 - #47 (Jeff Pruitt)

Royce - #48 (I charge fraud)

Royce - #49 (Morning Dear...Morning Honey)

Larry - #50 (Fun Girls)

Annette - #51 (I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man on Earth.)

Royce - #52 (Trouble Check)

Larry - #53 (Sometimes she'll tell you F when you really got yourself an E.)

Royce - #54 (Eatin' Goober Peas)

Annette - #55 (Hubcaps Lesch)

Royce - #56 (We will not sing!)

Annette - #57 (Pa-Ding Pa-Ding)

Annette - #58 (Mayberry Security Bank)

Annette - #59 (What About You and Edgar Coleman?)

Royce - #60 (Checkpoint Chickie)

jml1231 - #61 (Johnny Paul Jason)

Annette - #62 (It's Therapetic)

Royce - #63 (Wouldn't you know his name would be Don?!)

Royce - #64 (Huckleberry Smash)

Royce - #65 (I'll take the Mister Potato set)

Royce - #66 (Sergeant Carter)

Annette - #67 (Well Bless Her Heart)

jml1231 - #68 (Rimshaw House)

Royce - #69 (Poor Horatio)

jml1231 - #70 (Bobby Gribble hates Emma Larch)

jml1231 - #71 (Better Phone Him, Al)

Royce - #72 (The Rock)

Royce - #73 (If you want a good suit, you have to go to Mount Pilot)

Larry - #74 (Clara Edwards)

jml1231 - #75 (Barney Parney Poo)

Larry - #76 (Sam Muggins)

Annette - #77 (Loaded Goat)

Annette - #78 (I remember that about your mother)

Royce - #79 (Foster's Furniture Polish)

Royce #80 (Haven't you ever seen a man with his head in a harness before?)

jml1231 - #81 (Hello, Doll)

jml1231 - #82 (Oregano)

Royce - #83 (Leaning On The Everlasting Arms)

Fife_MD - #84 (Colonel Harvey)

Royce - #85 (You got your life...I got my fish...It evens out)

Annette - #86 (Midnight Madness)

Fife_MD - #87 (No coffee, tea, or punch, thank you)

Fife_MD - #88 (Morrison Sisters)

Annette - #89 (Extra Sensitive Perception)

Royce - #90 (Camp Wilson)

jml1231 - #91 (I'd rather be called skunk face than honey like that)

Larry - #92 (Bill Medwin)

Royce #93 (You'll find compelsion nuts all over)

Royce #94 (All Soul's Church)

jml1231 - #95 (Got time to breathe, got time for music)

Annette - #96 (A whole town is standing still because two old women's feet fall asleep)

Larry - #97 (Greendale)

Royce - #98 (If it's a butterfly, it's a mean one)

Annette - #99 (When it comes to potting petunias, I'm a giant)

Annette - #100 (There once was a deputy called Fife, Who carried a gun and a knife. The gun was all dusty, and his knife was all rusty, Because he never caught a crook in his life.)

Larry - #101 (Sam Jones)

Annette - #102 (Those zeros are the key to the whole thing)

Annette - #103 (Parnell Rigsby)

Fife_MD - #104 (Bad Bad Sheriff)

Fife_MD - #105 (Old Sig had this thing pegged years ago)

Annette - #106 (Do a good days work and act like somebody)

jml1231 - #107 (Thomas A. Moody)

jml1231 - #108 (Eatin' speaks louder than words)

Annette - #109 (Fife Realty)

jml1231 - #110 (Just what can you do with a grown woman)

Annette - #111 (Citizen's Arrest)

Dustin & Annette - #112 (You won't be needing the patrol car for anything, will you?)

Larry - #113 (Roger Hanover)

Annette - #114 (You're funny for a sheriff)

Annette - #115 (Take Alexander Graham Bell...People laughed at him right over the telephone"

Larry - #116 (Nate Bracey)

Larry - #117 (Goober, you were on a date...You weren't taking medicine)

Royce - #118 (Tuscarora)

Annette - #119 (We thought about killing him...kind of hated to take it that far.)

Annette & Royce - #120 (Who eats all the apricots around here anyway?)

Larry - #121 (Hoggette Winslow)

Larry - #122 (How do you do Mrs. Wiley?)

Annette - #123 (Orville Hendricks)

Royce - #124 (A good cowboy never starts out on a trip unless he's prepared).

Royce - #125 (Every head a walking testimonial)

Annette - #126 (Cymbal City)

Annette - #127 (Just a bed and a Bible)

Royce - #128 (Local Barber Captures Escaped Convicts)

Royce - #129 (Big Maude)

Royce - #130 (Now, I'll drive, so I'll sit in the front seat)

Annette - #131 (Surprise, Surprise...I can see it in your eyes)

Royce - #132 (Tina Andrews)

Annette - #133 (Cold Cream Guards)

Larry - #134 (Preston Foster)

Annette - #135 (Two and two makes four)

Royce - #136 (Pharmacy Gal)

Annette - #137 (I ain't gonna say ain't no more)

Larry - #138 (Why don't we go up to the old people's home and wax the steps)

Fife_MD - #139 (Andy: Yeah, but you hit her mother. Otis: Right in the mouth.)

Annette - #140 (I ain't talkin', I ain't talkin'...The more you're askin', the more I'm balkin'.

Larry - #141 (He's makin' for Canada)

Annette - #142 (Roy Stoner)

Annette - #143 (There's Andy and there's me and baby makes three)

Royce - #144 (Snappy Lunch)

Royce - #145 (I sent him a fruitcake)

Annette - #146 (George C. Handley)

Larry - #147 (The Barney Fife Peter Piper Nose Pinching Test For Drunks)

Royce & Granny7 - #148 (Telephone, telegraph, tell Floyd)

Fife - #149 (Got the rundown, Glenn?)

Fife - #150 (It's steak sandwich time)

Annette - #151 (Luke Jensen)

Teresa - #152 (Gomer, get down there with them spiders and start workin')

Teresa - #153 (Businessman's Special)

Larry - #154 (Effie Muggins)

Royce - #155 (Away IN A Manger)

Annette - #156 (He's probably crazy about children)

Fife - #157 (Fred Plummer)

Fife & Larry - #158 (What about them cotton pickin' rocks?)

Larry - #159 (The Sultan's Favorite)

Annette - #160 (It's not a whim if you put on clean underwear)

Larry - #161 (Giddy Up, Old Paint)

Royce - #162 (Lucy Matthews)

Larry - #163 (On my word as a gentleman)

Annette - #164 (Chester Jones, you're a two faced cheatin liar)

Larry - #165 (Rock and Roll Rosie From Rosie)

Blake - #166 (They're scattered all the way from Oregon to Nova Scotia)

Annette - #167 (You're a fine son, Barn...I try.)

Teresa - #168 (Bob Rogers)

Larry - #169 (I'm turning myself in old buddy buddy)

Dawson - #170 (Happy Sir Walter Raleigh Landing Day)

Blake - #171 (College of Psychic Phenomenon)

Royce - #172 ( Now there's bullet maintenance)

Annette - #173 (A Fading Flower Of Forgotten Love)

Royce - #174 (I don't want him falling into the hand of a strange barber.)

Annette - #175 (We can't make it over to Mary's tonight...Andy and I want to spend some time alone.)

Larry - #176 (Glenn Cripe)

Annette - #177 (I'm a little mean, but I make up for it by being real healthy.)

Royce - #178 (All God's children got a uvula.)

Royce - #179 (Eagle Eye Annie)

Royce - #180 (I won't need it, Barn. Fluffy and I have been friends for years.)

Royce - #181 (Flop Eared Mule)

Annette - #182 (I know Charlotte Tucker)

Larry - #183 (Shakedown)

Annette - #184 (Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye)

Royce - #185 (I've got the magazines to swing it)

Annette - #186 (Shazaam, we better call the police. Gomer, we are the police.)

Fife - #187 (I got a rude. I bet you never got a rude.)

Royce - #188 (I wonder where the gas tank on these buggies is)

Royce - #189 (Every head a walking testimonial)

Royce - #190 (Green River Ordinance)

Royce - #191 (Doctor Pendyke)

Annette - #192 (That's the clunker we sold to that boob in Mayberry).

Royce - #193 (Hear that boys? No yellin' at the table.)

Annette - #194 (Piedmont Hotel)

Larry - #195 (I think I've heard just about enough about that tomato.)

Larry - #196 (It's caution, just caution.)

Annete - #197 (What's to diggin' a hole? That cost us seventeen dollars.)

Annette - #198 (Don't look back Mrs. Lesch).

Bernie Al - #199 (Vickie Harms)

Royce #200 (She's gonna need plugs, points, bearins, valves, rings, starter switch, ignition wires, water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, clutch, clutch bearins, clutch plate, brake linin, brake shoes, brake drums, radiator hose, and radiator hose couplin.... and I'd give er a good wash too.)

Annette - #201 (Ask him why he wants to go to the Duck Pond.)

Royce - #202 (You've been out with waitresses and even a registered nurse.)

Larry - #203 (Hubacher Brothers)

Annette - #204 (Sgt. Carter: My Grandma moves faster than that! Gomer: Well, bless her heart!)

Royce - #205 (Charlie Foley)

Royce - #206 (Three cuts of pie is my high water mark)

Annette - #207 (Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their neighbor.)

Larry - #208 (Little old ladies ought never to clank.)

Royce - #209 (McAllister Case)

Chicken Thief - #210 (Stop that weddin'!)

Annette - #211 (I know how hot I am when I have a fever...Dang hot!)

Larry - #212 (Six dollars a week and what do I get? Heartaches, nothing but heartaches!)

Royce - #213 (And take that gun out of your mouth!)

Annette - #214 (Malcolm Merriweather)

Larry - #215 (He'd kill you)

Larry - #216 (Smith Brothers Institution)

Annette - #217 (That's a combination hard to come by... Neat and reverent.)

Annette - #218 (Juanita)

Royce - #219 (I've heard about your bullet.)

Annette - #220 (Slimy River Bottom)

Royce - #221 (Tick a lock)

Larry - #222 (Frances Bavier)

Larry - #223 (I'm lowering your rent and raising your wattage).

Larry #224 (Nip it in the bud)

Royce - #225 (How do you outfox a fox?)

Royce - #226 (Santa Claus, did you park your reindeers out back?).

Royce - #227 (It sounds like Donner and Blitzen and Rudolph ain't gettin' along so good.)

Larry - #228 (Nathan Tibbs)

Annette - #229 (I'm sorry I broke your heart, mother.)

Royce - #230 (Old Aunt Mariah)

Royce - #231 (Do not write on the walls as it is very hard to erase writing from walls.)

Royce - #232 (Nectarine Crush)

Annette - #233 ( I can get banjo sounds, guitar sounds, whatever I want out of it.)

Annette - #234 (Three hours is a long time to go without eating.)

Annette & Larry - #235 (Mary Grace Gossage)

Annette - #236 (Swell party, but what a dumb trick.)

Annette - #237 (My card, in case you ever need my services.)

Royce - #238 (True Blue Detective Magazine)

Larry - #239 (Cherry Berry Bin)

Annette - #240 (No account mule kickin on a tin can)

Annette - #241 (I'll put on my square wheels so as things won't get to rollin' too fast.)

Royce - #242 (Hello, doll.)

Royce - #243 (Keep your money in your shoes and it won't get wet).

Annette - #244 (It's a mark of us Fifes. Everything we eat turns to muscle.)

Royce - #245 (Santa Lucia)

Larry - #246 (Three year old bakery truck with the original paint).

Royce - #247 (I passed it. I didn't heave it.)

Royce - #248 (John Masters)

Royce - #249 (If I was a spider, that's where I'd go.)

Royce - #250 (Green River Ordinance)

Annette - #251 (You didn't leave nothing for the worm.)

Larry - #252 (You just had to go and egg her on, didn't you?)

Mayberry67 - #253 (Neal Bentley)

Mayberry67 - #254 (I'm going to Nashville)

Royce - #255 (Exactilioso)

Annette - #256 (I want the whole lot to be a regular bobby dazzler.)

Royce - #257 (I'll raise my voice, I'll raise hogs, I'll raise whatever I want to raise – this is MY table!)

Annette - #258 (Sam Becker)

Larry - #259 (Low and lonely, sad and blue)

Royce - #260 (Well, you can't cut hair for thirty years without learning something.)

Royce - #261 (Kleptomenerac)

Annette - #262 (Mr. Independent Wheels)

Larry - #263 (Ellen Brown)

Mayberry67 - #264 (You may go down in history as the first man to ever lead a loaded goat out of town.)

Royce - #265 (Jerry Miller)

Mayberry67 - #266 (Don't you want to know did I have a pain last night?)

Annette - #267 (Paw Paw...Barney's face is bleeding!)

Annete - #268 (Why is it I'm always getting my britches caught on my own pitchfork?).

Royce - #269) - (I shave a lot when I travel.)

Royce - #270 (Go feed your hungry buzzard.)

Larry - #271 (Barney's in jail!)

Mayberry67 - #272 (He pulled out the hat size.)

Annette - #273 (Hate to knock your town, Andy, but Lake Charles black topped around the gas works three years ago.)

Annette - #274 (That's one subject you just can't talk enough about.. sin.)

Mayberry67 - #275 (Fly away buzzard, fly away crow...Way down south where the winds don't blow.)

Annette - #276 (Frank Myers)

Annette / Larry - #277 (A slender, high-spirited person needs a sugar pick-me up late in the day.)

Mayberry67 - #278 (Nate Bushy)

Larry - #279 (What's your hurry?)

Mayberry67 - #280 (Maybe we better read this story another time. They're startin' to pile up now.)

Annette - #281 (Whatever it was it didn't sound like no baseball.)

Larry - #282 (George Lindsey)

Mayberry67 - #283 (What boys at what lab?)

Mayberry67 - #284 (Ralph Campbell)

Annette - #285 (I Picked A Pockets And Paid)

Mayberry67 - #286 (I ate four bowls.)

Mayberry67 - #287 (Don't tell me how to drive, Goober)

Mayberry67 - #288 (Try puttin' a pooh on the end of it.)

Mayberry67 - # 289 (Not the box, just the contents.)

Annette - #290 (Orville Monroe)

Larry - #291 (Why don't you put a red light on your nose and go in the circus?)

Mayberry67 - #292 (Tearin' up your old clothes to make rags)

Larry - #293 (Tell me about Myra Koontz)

Mayberry67 - #294 (I just come in here for some foot powder.)

Mayberry67 / Al Becker - #295 (Eleanora Poultice)

Annette - #296 (Call him a rabble rouser!)

Mayberry67 - #297 (Tell the Govenor to put that in his smipe and poke it!)

Mayberry67 - #298 (The Greater Mayberry Historical Society and Tourist Bureau)

Annette - #299 (Black makes me look so thin.)

Mayberry67 - #300 (Sick as a dog but having the time of my life.)

Mayberry67 - #301 (Pete Dooley's truck splashed mud all over Miss Fletcher.)

Annette - #302 (I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man on earth.)

Annette - #303 (You're on my foot, you're on my foot!)

Mayberry67 - #304 (I just gave you an "A" in breathing.)

Annette - #305 (For a mature human being, you're a sight.)

Mayberry67 - #306 (I want to do my sentence.)

Larry - #307 (Why don't we go up to the old people's home and wax the steps.)

Annette - #308 (Bobby Fleet And His Band With A Beat.)

Annette - #309 (You beat everything, you know that?)

Larry - #310 (Oscar Fields)

Mayberry67 - #311 (That's the couch I was telling you about.)

Mayberry67 - #312 (When you send that shirt to the laundry, unload.)

Annette - #313 (Orville Monroe)

Mayberry67 - #314 (About one loaded goat at a time is all we can handle.)

Larry - #315 (How could that great big foot, all of it, fit in my mouth.)

Larry - #316 (You're funny for a sheriff.)

Annette - #317 (They keep nibblin' at me like this, I'll be lucky if I get to go myself!)

Larry - #318 (After all it is national still smashing day.)

Mayberry67 - #319 (We been taking from Reverend Tucker a good many years now, and I ain't about to change.)

Mayberry67 - #320 (You want it to smell of a dog.)

Mayberry67 - #321 (Tonight we go into operation pickle switch.)

Mayberry67 - #322 (The owner of the still is Barney Fife.)

Annette - #323 (I spill on my shirt, I don't spill on my pants.)

Larry - #324 (Howard Sprague)

Mayberry67 - #325 (I don't think my head hit the pillow before a quarter to eleven.

Mayberry67 - #326 (Elizabeth Crowley)

Mayberry67 - #327 (Help someone along life's way, Spread a little sunshine everyday.)

Mayberry67 - #328 (Skippy)

Mayberry67 - #329 (If a duck stood still, you could catch him by the bill.)

Annette - #330 (You always drive around with celery in your car?)

Annette - #331 (If you flew a quail through this room, every woman in it would point.)

Annette - #332 (Sharon Despain)

Mayberry67 - #333 (You mean you'd waste a wish on undershirts?)

Mayberry67 - #334 (Say You'll Be Mine.)

Mayberry67 - #335 (Win With Taylor)

Mayberry67 - #336 (She's everybody's Juanita)

Mayberry67 - #337 (I'll carry him in my arms every step of the way-- the firstborn child of the man that saved my life.)

Annette - #338 (He thinks blue serge grows on trees.)

Mayberry67 - #339 (Electronal Marvels)

Annette - #340 (How do you know the sheriff don't sit under a dryer?)

Larry - #341 (During our lifetime we travel many roads.)

Mayberry67 - #342 (Try putting a POOH on the end of it.)

Mayberry67 - #343 (Any student that ain't back as soon as Christmas is over is gonna be picked up by this truant officer right here and do a whole lot of extra staying after school.)

Mayberry67 - #344 (I've got contempt of the law around here.)

Mayberry67 - #345 (From the hall of Montazuma to the shores of Tripoli)

Larry - #346 (The dog don't like that whistle.)

Mayberry67 - #347 (It's just not Noogatuck.)

Mayberry67 - #348 (Clint Biggers)

Annette - #349 ("The History Of The United States Of America" by Bernard P. Fife)

Annette - #350 (We're still holding on to Richmond.)

Mayberry67 - #351 (You've offended the dignity of my robes.)

Annette - #352 (The count grants you one wish.)

Larry - #353 (There is your criminal!)

Mayberry67 - #354 (if there's one thing I can't stand it's a family interferer.)

Annette - #355 (Fast Gun Fife)

Mayberry67 - #356 (Can a person ever get too much culture?)

Mayberry67 - #357 (Mary Grace Gossage)

Mayberry67 - #358 (With your imagination, you folks could really do something with this place.)

Annette - #359 (Tracy Ruppert)

Annette - #360 (Have you been talking to that old German soldier again?)

George - #361 (I hate the guitar.)

Larry - #362 (Floyd Lawson Enterprises)

Annette - #363 (I'll bend, but I won't crawl.)

Mayberry67 - #364 (If Sally wants to dance, you dance!)

Mayberry67 - #365 (The Barney Fife Subconscious Prober Primer)

Annette - #366 (I'm locked up with the Sheriff.)

Mayberry67 - #367 (This is operator Fife reporting in from stakeout with contact report on suspect.)

Mayberry67 - #368 (Do you want to be taken over by a bunch of women?)

Mayberry67 - #369 (The therapee don't talk back to the therapist .)

Annette - #370 (Could you pick him out on a porch?)

Mayberry67 - #371 (Fiddle Faddle)

Mayberry67 - #372 (I'd be happy to take a look at your motor. I'm sure it's a sight to behold.)

Annette - #373 (Let's listen to Bernie.)

Annette - #374 (Mayberry Bears)

Mayberry67 - #375 (I reckon the bestest thing for me to do is find myself a cave and hermitize myself.)

Annette - #376 (Henry Wheeler)

Annette - #377 (Horatio is not the only needy boy.)

Annette - #378 (Mayberry Knot Tying Class)

Larry - #379 (This jail's getting to be as bad as home.)

Annette - #380 (I promise to look like a deputy and act like a deputy.)

Larry - #381 (If you wear a ruby ring and ride an old horse, the horse will go mad.)

Mayberry67 - #382 (Well if it ain't Daddy Longlegs!)

Mayberry67 - #383 (How It Feels To Pull The Switch)

Annette - #384 (Have you ever seen a rich kid's bicycle?)

Annette - #385 (Mary Wiggins)

Mayberry67 - #386 (You look good enough to take to Chinatown.)

Larry - #387 (It's your shocks.)

Mayberry67 - #388 (Somewhere wandering loose around Mayberry is a loaded goat.)

Mayberry67 - #389 (I just think it's wonderful that they're all together at Christmas.)

Larry - #390 (I recon I could tell Opie that Santy Clause has been on a diet.")

Annette - #391 (Nora didn't bring my goose down pillow.)

Mayberry67 - #392 (Peggy McMillan)

Mayberry67 - #393 (It looks like she took the adult dose.)

Mayberry67 - #394 (Do you know anything about cutting meat?)

Annette - #395 (Watch your foot. I'm going to rock forward.)

Annette - #396 (Harry's Pond)

Larry - #397 (The bigger they are, the nicer they are.)

Mayberry67 - #398 (I thought you was the law.)

Annette - #399 (For a minute there, I thought it was the Count of Monte Cristo.)

Mayberry76 - #400 (Me and you'll gum us another cookie want to ?)

Annette - #401 (Buzzy Leonard)

Mayberry67 - #402 (A lot of people lie at lunch, what of it?)

Mayberry67 - #403 (Dig my grave with a silver spade.)

Annette - #404 (You mean you don't know how to cook leg of lamb... Andy's favorite dish?)

Mayberry67 #405 (When I go out into the sun, I get the herpes.)

Mayberry67 #406 (Next time I want a haircut I'll stick my head in a pencil sharpener.)

Mayberry67 #407 (You know they don't speak a word of South American.)

Mayberry67 #408 (The Monster from out of town.)

Annette #409 (Rube Sloan)

Mayberry67 #410 (Take a think under there.)

Mayberry67 #411 (Ain't we picking our peaches before they're fuzzed up good?)

Annette #412 (Doc Malloy)

Annette #413 (Our only crime is that we're attractive to women.)

Mayberry67 #414 (The most perfect day to start any job— tomorrow.)

Mayberry67 #415 (You civilians just don't know how to think on your feet, do you?)

"If we ever forget that we're One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under." -- Ronald Reagan

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Be sure to bookmark this page and add it to your favorites so that you can return and check the progress of the puzzle. Also, we will be adding more Mayberry-related stuff to this page (like the famous quotes section below) and links to other Andy Griffith Show web pages.

Famous Mayberry Quotes

Barney: You know what Sheriff Taylor has in his trunk? A shovel and a pick! Goober (to Andy): Ain't you got a jack?

Barney: You know, Andy...I thought it would never come to this. Mayberry, gateway to danger.

Otis: Uncle Nat? What are you doing here? You're not uncle Nat...You're a goat!

Andy: And that's also the biggest crock of nothing I've ever heard!!

Opie: Poor Horatio!

Barney: Ol' nutsy here comes running after me screamin', Citizen's Arrraaayyyssst, Citizen's Arrraaayyyssst!!!

Briscoe Darling: Got time to breathe, got time for music.

Gomer: Damp under there...Could be spiders.

Barney: Gomer, get under there with them spiders and start workin'!

Briscoe Darling: I'll raise my voice, I'll raise hogs, I'll raise whatever I wanna raise...This is my table!

Gomer: She's got 8 cylinders...She'll take 8.

Andy: Barney, that dog don't like that whistle!

Otis: Beep-Beep!! Outta the way, Sunday driver!!

Briscoe: Ernest T. Bass, you're a low-down pesky buzzard...Doggone ya!

Andy: Gluttons, gluttons, glut-tons!

Floyd: He pushed me real hard...He assaulted me.

Opie: Hey Barney, when are you going to get Johnny Paul's head out of the sewer?

Ernest T.: I ain't talkin', I ain't talkin' -- The more you're askin', the more I'm balkin'!

Andy: I already 10-4'd ya'...It feels kinda good to get it in first for a change.

Briscoe: I can take a bossy mouth, but I ain't about to be beat to death with no spoon.

Andy: I keep gettin' my britches caught on my own pitchfork.

Barney: I wonder what causes that.

Asa: I've heard about your bullet.

Bert Miller: If there's one thing I hate, it's a pushy salesman.

Floyd : If you want a good suit, you gotta go to Mt. Pilot.

Briscoe: Just jump in where you can and hang on!

Barney: Mayberry says thanks and happy motoring.

Floyd: See if it doesn't say Bobby Gribble hates Emma Larch. Now they're announcing their upcoming nuptials. Ain't life funny?

Gomer: Shoot, My Mama and Daddy just shook hands on their deal.

Barney: There's Andy, there's me...and baby makes three.

Barney: We defy the mafia!

Gomer: Water and air is free...We do make a charge for gas.

Andy: You're not no account, Ernest T. You're not no account...You're just ignorant.


And we cant forget this song either .. (Posted here simply for everybodys enjoyment )..

In a jailhouse, down in Dixie, fightin' crime and risking life, Dwelled a sheriff and his buddy, pistol-packing Barney Fife. Oh, my darin', oh, my darin', oh, my darin' Barney Fife. He's a deadly crime-stopper, what a copper, Barney Fife. One day there came a-ridin' two bad men to rob a bank. But Fife was tricky, a dead-eye dickey. Now they're locked up in the tank. (Andy added this part:) Oh, my Barney, oh, my Barney, had a jail and couldn't lock it. Had one bullet for his pistol, had to keep it in his pocket.


And here are a few words from Barney we will never forget:

compelsions = compulsions

inovert = introvert

Smith Brothers Institution = The Smithsonian

heeliocopter = helicopter

kleptomenerac = kleptomaniac

Einsteen = Einstein

inarculated = innoculated ,he really meant incarcerated

extra-sensitive perception = ESP

schizofreeniac = schizophrenic

nave = naïve

fire by constriction = fire by combustion

viz-a-viz = vis-à-vis

boodoor = boudoir

Sigmund Frude = Sigmund Freud

demore = demure

noblesse oblage = noblesse oblige

therapetic = therapeutic


Let's not forget this song either from Ernest T. [Tunes gas can]

Old Aunt Maria, jump in the fi-ah,

Fire too hot, jump in the pot,

Pot to black, jump in the crack,

Crack to high, jump in the sky,

Sky to blue, jump in canoe,

Canoe too shallow, jump in the tallow,

Tallow too soft, jump in the loft,

Loft to rotten, jump in the cotton,

Cotton so white she stay there all night.

Mount Airy, North Carolina



Mayberry1967 on October 30, 2014:

Yeah I was wondering where everyone is at?? Happy Halloween everyone!!

MayberryNC (author) on October 29, 2014:

I think maybe we should take a break with the game since Mayberry67 has been the only one participating lately. Annette and Larry (or anyone else), if you'd like to get back in the game, post a comment here. I'll check it every few days.

Lotsa Luck To You & Yours!

MayberryNC (author) on October 17, 2014:

*** Official Verification ***

That was kind of a different one...Good job!

MayberryNC (author) on October 17, 2014:

*** Official Verification ***

That was kind of a different one...Good job!

MayberryNC (author) on October 17, 2014:

*** Official Verification ***

That was kind of a different one...Good job!

Mayberry1967 on October 16, 2014:

Ok if that's not it then the only other thing it can be is WACKO WACKO WACKO or WICKE WICKE WICKE... lol

Mayberry1967 on October 16, 2014:

Ok I'll go wild and guess.. PUCKA PUCKA PUCKA

MayberryNC (author) on October 15, 2014:

Stop the presses! It could be...

Mayberry1967 on October 15, 2014:

OH MY Almost thru the alphabet!! LO How about a "K" please

Mayberry1967 on October 10, 2014:

How about "B" please.

Mayberry1967 on October 07, 2014:

Hey now!!! LOL how about Y please

MayberryNC (author) on October 07, 2014:

UK is really cold in this game!....Well, that's nothing new. LOL!

Mayberry1967 on October 05, 2014:


Mayberry1967 on October 01, 2014:

Ok Let's try for "G" please

MayberryNC (author) on October 01, 2014:

Not quite.

MayberryNC (author) on October 01, 2014:

Not quite.

MayberryNC (author) on October 01, 2014:

Not quite.

Mayberry1967 on September 25, 2014:

going out on the limb and guess WACKY WACKY WACKY

Mayberry1967 on September 25, 2014:

Ok Let's try for a "F" please

MayberryNC (author) on September 24, 2014:

Annette is a sneaky one for sure. LOL!

Mayberry1967 on September 22, 2014:

How about "H" please

Mayberry 1967 on September 18, 2014:

WOW!! Still no letters... Well let's try for a "C" please.. I feel Annette in the background somewhere waiting to jump... LOL

Mayberry1967 on September 15, 2014:

ok well let's go wild and try for a "D" please

MayberryNC (author) on September 12, 2014:

Keep shooting...You'll hit something eventually. LOL!

Mayberry1967 on September 11, 2014:

Wow still no letters.. You've picked a good one this time Gary.... ok let's try for "M" please

Mayberry1967 on September 08, 2014:

Wow still no letters.. ok let's try for "L" please

Mayberry1967 on September 05, 2014:

Wow no letter guessed yet! Let's try "T" please

MayberryNC (author) on September 04, 2014:

Sorry I've been a slacker about updating the puzzle the past few days. I probably thought about doing it a dozen times, but I always get sidetracked.

Mayberry1967 on September 03, 2014:

I'm back let's kick this off with "R" please

Mayberry1967 on August 26, 2014:

Where has everyone been lately? I guess we'll see if I can solve this before I go MIA for the Labor Day weekend.. LOL

May I have a "S" please

Mayberry1967 on August 25, 2014:

Let's start off with a "N" please

MayberryNC (author) on August 16, 2014:

*** Official Verification ***

Nice!...Got a lot going on right now, so let's let the puzzle rest for a few days...Next one coming soon.

Mayberry1967 on August 12, 2014:

You civilians just don't know how to think on your feet, do you?

MayberryNC (author) on August 11, 2014:

Sorry, nothing was showing up from Mrs. Frack...Don't know why.

Mayberry1967 on August 11, 2014:

May I have a "S" please

Mayberry1967 on August 08, 2014:

Why aren't my posts showing?? 2 days now Ive tried to leave a letter?? I answered that I was Mrs Frack and would like the letter G and then H and now I shall ask for a T please.

MayberryNC (author) on August 05, 2014:

Oh, you're funny! Are you Frick or Frack? LOL!

Mayberry1967 on August 05, 2014:

Oh Look freebie letters.. LOL Let's try for a "N" please

MayberryNC (author) on August 02, 2014:

*** Official Verification ***

Well done!...New puzzle tomorrow...or Monday. :-)

Mayberry1967 on July 31, 2014:

The most perfect day to start any job— tomorrow.

Mayberry1967 on July 31, 2014:

How about an "H" please

Mayberry1967 on July 30, 2014:

Some "S" please

Annette on July 29, 2014:

Some "N"s please.

Mayberry1967 on July 29, 2014:

Let's try for a "T" please

Mayberry1967 on July 28, 2014:

How about "R" please

MayberryNC (author) on July 24, 2014:

*** Official Verification ***

Nice job!...New puzzle on Friday.

MayberryNC (author) on December 17, 2013:

*** Official Verification ***

Good job!

MayberryNC (author) on October 28, 2013:

I'm sensing Annette is about to wrap up this case.

MayberryNC (author) on October 21, 2013:

*** Official Verification ***

Nice job!

MayberryNC (author) on October 17, 2013:

Welcome back, Annette!

MayberryNC (author) on October 10, 2013:

*** Official Verification ***

Good job, 67!

MayberryNC (author) on October 08, 2013:

Hope everything goes well for you, Annette!

MayberryNC (author) on October 05, 2013:

*** Official Verification ***

That's right...Larry The Lurker! LOL!

New puzzle on Monday.

MayberryNC (author) on February 05, 2013:

I'm afraid to look up my family tree...No telling what kind of nuts might fall out.

MayberryNC (author) on February 04, 2013:

*** Official Verification ***

67, are you trying to figure out if you're related to Nathan Tibbs?

MayberryNC (author) on January 30, 2013:

Folks, I didn't realize there was a problem with posting comments. I didn't do anything. You know how these electronal marvels are sometimes. Does it seem to be OK now?

MayberryNC (author) on January 29, 2013:

Larry, maybe we can form a history troop: Mayberry Minutemen - always ready with the answers.

MayberryNC (author) on January 23, 2013:

I'll let you SEC folks fight it out among yourselves while my Blue Devils reside in the #1 spot.

MayberryNC (author) on January 22, 2013:

*** Official Verification ***

Sorry for the delay, folks...I'm just overwhelmed at work right now.

So, Mayberry67 changed her name, huh?....Must be working undercover on a case.

MayberryNC (author) on January 10, 2013:

*** Official Verification ***

I'm really swamped at work, so let's take a few days break with the puzzle until next week. Lotsa Luck To You & Yours!

MayberryNC (author) on January 05, 2013:

*** Official Verification ***

Good job! New puzzle on Monday.

MayberryNC (author) on December 22, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Let's take a break until after Christmas...I hope each of you has a nice Christmas!

MayberryNC (author) on December 06, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

I knew Larry was getting ready to win again. Barney sent him a lucky letter and he passed it along.

New puzzle on Friday

MayberryNC (author) on November 20, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Good job, Mayberry67...New puzzle on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

MayberryNC (author) on November 14, 2012:

Yes, Annette...It's certainly needed!

MayberryNC (author) on November 09, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

I had a feeling Annette was about to make an appearance. LOL!

New puzzle on Monday.

MayberryNC (author) on November 06, 2012:

That's right, Larry..."Win With Taylor" - Oooh, say...that's catchy!

MayberryNC (author) on November 02, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Good job, 67...You had to do most of the work yourself, so you can have the weekend off. New puzzle on Monday.

MayberryNC (author) on October 31, 2012:

Anybody giving out Mr. Cookie Bars tonight?

MayberryNC (author) on October 29, 2012:

I think there needs to be an investigation...Just like with U.K. basketball. LOL!

MayberryNC (author) on October 26, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Good work folks! New puzzle on Monday.

MayberryNC (author) on October 22, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Win With Taylor...Ooooh, say...that's catchy!

New puzzle on Tuesday.

MayberryNC (author) on October 17, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

New puzzle on Thursday.

MayberryNC (author) on October 08, 2012:

You folks are walking on the WILD side this time! Sorry I haven't updated in a few days...Been real busy.

MayberryNC (author) on October 04, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Didn't take you folks long to knock that one out!

MayberryNC (author) on September 24, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Welcome back, Annette! (Or were you here all the time???) LOL!

MayberryNC (author) on September 21, 2012:

Annette Sighting!!!

MayberryNC (author) on September 13, 2012:

I'm right 'chere!

MayberryNC (author) on July 24, 2012:

Larry, be careful crossing the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge.

MayberryNC (author) on July 23, 2012:

That's 4 in a row for her!

MayberryNC (author) on July 20, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Nice...real nice, Mayberry67.

New puzzle on Monday.

MayberryNC (author) on July 13, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Kerosene Cucumbers for everyone!!!!!!!

New puzzle on Monday.

MayberryNC (author) on June 07, 2012:

Now, I'll drive, so I'll sit in the front seat.

MayberryNC (author) on June 06, 2012:

Happy Birthday, folks! Everybody in the car, and we'll drive over to Mt. Pilot and eat Chinese to celebrate!

MayberryNC (author) on May 24, 2012:

If you've never eaten at the Snappy Lunch, you gotta go when it's open and get their world famous pork chop sandwich.

MayberryNC (author) on May 13, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Nice job, 67!

New one on Monday.

MayberryNC (author) on April 10, 2012:

Yeah, Larry! Get with it! LOL!

All of you please feel free to find some more Mayberry nuts, er, I mean fans to play.

MayberryNC (author) on March 31, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

I think of that line every time puts her paw on my foot.

New puzzle on Monday.

MayberryNC (author) on March 16, 2012:

Let's hold off on the new puzzle until Monday.

Thanks & Happy Motoring!

MayberryNC (author) on March 14, 2012:

Annette, Barney says he has a cousin from New Jersey who could help out, but I dunno...

Mayberry67, You'll need a corsage for that dress...It wouldn't be proper for you to go unadorned.

MayberryNC (author) on February 15, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Annette sort of floats around in the room unseen, kind of like Count Istvan Teleky.

New puzzle on Thursday.

MayberryNC (author) on January 13, 2012:

*** Official Verification ***

Yeah, Larry...I remembered you're an Auburn man, but I just couldn't help it.

New puzzle on Sunday.

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