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Andromeda Strain review



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One of the very first films that talks about a bacterial infection that appears as a threat to the destruction of human beings. The peculiarity of his screenplay is that the bacterium is of alien origin, recovered from a satellite that returns to earth, but unfortunately is opened by the village doctor and infects the whole small village. The story is very slow and describes in detail the whole process of analysis and discovery of the killer bacterium, until the crisis that threatens the failure of the fight and the success on how to eradicate it.


Among the positive and interesting aspects certainly a vision far ahead for what were the knowledge of 1971: the decidedly advanced laboratories, the various sterilization procedures, the analyses that are carried out, the use of remote-controlled robotic arms (a premonition of the Da Vinci robot), ultra-high resolution electron microscopes, the use of a computer, Medbot, able to diagnose and determine how to intervene on the patient (premonition of the computer Dr. Watson), laser for defensive purposes, the possibility that bacteria may be found on meteorites and that an alien life form may be much smaller than common thought. It is especially true that so much technology lacks the ability to communicate effectively between the underground base where scientists study the alien form and what happens outside.

My personal comment

The film is claustrophobic and anxious, well underlined by noise, more than a real soundtrack, and keeps the viewer in a fair amount of tension, but lacks the bit of action that would have made the film less static. To be appreciated is the vision of a futuristic technology immersed in the seventies, even if the film never takes off in full. For some scenes it's better not to be seen by animal rights activists. Good movie

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