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Analysis and Perspective on the Inspector Gadget Cartoon Episode "Sleeping Gas"

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What Is the Focus of This Article About an Inspector Gadget Episode?

What follows here is a critical analysis of a cartoon episode in the cartoon Inspector Gadget called Sleeping Gas. In other words, this article was not going to be a straight up synopsis of the episode but this analysis as of 2022 and going forward will be an analyzed view.

A Brief Summary of What Episode #22 Is About

This episode certainly has a decent amount of entertainment value as the bionic Inspector Gadget is assigned to travel to the South Pacific to investigate the reasons why Dr. Claw is using sleeping gas to try and put the cities of the world to sleep. In the previous episode Basic Training, viewers saw that the use of sleeping gas was present but in this episode, it is the focus of it.

The Episode "Sleeping Gas" Has Two Very Entertaining Parts In It

The most entertaining part of the episode is when Inspector Gadget is taken on a boat ride through the water by one of Dr. Claw’s agents that pretends to be the social director of the hotel. Inspector Gadget as he is traveling through the water attempts to test his balance and coordination but he does not realize that Dr. Claw is after him. The second most entertaining part of this episode is when Inspector Gadget is pursued by Dr. Claw but Brain and Penny notice this and they use their uncle’s oil can to try and subdue him. Although they did not stop Dr. Claw from escaping, they at least prevented him from being able to harm their uncle. Inspector Gadget thinks that there is a race going on so he speeds up and tries to drive even faster.

"Sleeping Gas" Episode 22 of Inspector Gadget

A Few More Reasons Why This Episode Is Unique

The episode Sleeping Gas has a unique story line to it as the setting is in the South Pacific and it looks like Gadget’s niece Penny and his dog Brain will be on vacation. But such a thing does not occur as Penny begins the investigation as Inspector Gadget is led on some sort of tour of the island and he is brainwashed into thinking that the reason why so many people on the island are asleep is because they have been bitten by flies. The thing is though that Penny and Brain end up technically going on vacation in the South Pacific anyway as Penny does her usual deep investigative work. As part of this unique story line in a sense, Penny and Brain decide to accompany Inspector Gadget so they devise a very clever plan to do so. They decide to hide themselves in one of the bags that the Inspector decides to take with him. Meanwhile, Inspector Gadget either does not know or he does not realize that Penny and Brain are in that bag. He remarks that he wishes that they were around to help him with his luggage which has obviously gotten heavier. In this episode, once again it looks as though Dr. Claw will triumph over Inspector Gadget because while Gadget is floating in the air and asleep because of exposure to the gas, Dr. Claw thinks that he can put the Inspector to sleep permanently. However, even after he is hit by a laser and his coat deflates, Inspector Gadget flies through the air and lands on top of the police boat before hitting the deck. He is so drowsy that he seems to not be aware that the Chief is congratulating him.

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