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An Underrated Classic Battlestar Galactica 78

Battlestar Galactica is thought of as a cheesy old sci-fi show from the 70's that was given redemption in the form of a modern remake. Considered to be a cheap Star Wars knock off aimed at little kids, it was mostly dismissed and forgotten.

I was a big fan of this show as a kid. And I have a confession to make. I did not much enjoy the new version. Sure it was more serious, less campy. But for me that took away from the show rather than adding to it. I will also admit to not getting very far into it.

But lately I have been watching the original again on Netflix. I have to say, I still really like it. It holds up for me in a way that most shows from that era do not. Is it campy? Yes. Do many of the stories feel like they were written for five year olds? Sure. But the underlying story of humans fleeing from robot oppressors to the fabled planet named Earth is still pretty cool. And the old show is fun in a way that the new one is not.

I don't buy into the theory that everything needs to be updated. Sometimes what makes a classic into a classic is that feel from the time it was made. I am definitely not a fan of every franchise under the sun getting the "dark and gritty" treatment. I feel that approach diminished Superman in the Man of Steel movie. This is probably why I am such a big MCU fan. Marvel has kept the humor and joy in their movies.

Anyway, coming back from that little detour, the original Battlestar Galactica has that element of goofiness and fun. And rather than roll my eyes at the bad costume for the robot space dog thing, I find it charming.

Now, it is quite possible (maybe even probable) that this is purely an effect of nostalgia. Maybe my fond memories of this show from my childhood blind me to the fact that it really is a huge stinker. All I know is that I am thoroughly enjoying it.

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Of course, I haven't started Battlestar Galactica 1980 yet. I suspect that will be a whole new ballgame.


Ced Yong from Asia on December 09, 2016:

BG 78 is definitely a golden oldie with plenty of great moments. I used to be so glued to this as a kid.

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