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An Interview with Synthwave Vocalist NINA

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NINA is a vocalist with a passion for synthwave music. She brings her soaring, exciting vocals to a wide variety of synthwave tracks by various producers. In an email, I asked her about her interest in the genre, her creative process and her future plans for her music.

Interview with NINA

Karl Magi: How did you first become interested in making music?

NINA: Ever since I can remember I’ve loved singing. Once I moved to London permanently, I decided to pursue a musical career professionally and started collaborating with producers and writing my own songs. It took a while to find my own sound, but it was a great journey.

KM: What drew you towards wanting to make synthwave music?

N: I remember watching the movie DRIVE and feeling super inspired afterwards. I loved the soundtrack and ‘80s aesthetics and that's when I researched and discovered the synthwave scene. I was blown away.

KM: Who are the artists that have been influential for you and why have they had an impact on your work?

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N: Two acts come to mind: Electric Youth and Chromatics. They were both my initial point of reference when I was molding my sound.

KM: Tell me about your creative process when it comes to making new music?

N: I usually get inspiration from dreams or personal experiences and I like to write a lot of poetry. I also work closely with my drummer Lau and different producers to lay down demo ideas. It usually starts with a simple beat and a chord sequence and we build the arrangement from there.

KM: Tell me about your latest single The Calm Before the Storm. What was the idea behind it?

N: The song is about running away from your past and having to start a new life all over again. It’s about preparing yourself for the challenges that lie ahead.

KM: What are your future plans for your music?

N: I’m currently recording my second album (which hopefully will be out in the summer) and I'm planning quite a bit of touring around Europe, the USA and a show in South America for the first time.

KM: What are your impressions of the current state of the synthwave scene?

N: I think it's slowly growing and it's becoming a little bit more mainstream now. For example, Gunship was featured on the Wall Street Journal today! The Midnight and FM-84 are doing sold out major venues around the world. It's awesome news for the synthwave scene.

KM: How do you recharge your creative batteries?

N: I meditate regularly and I love a good hot yoga class. Also touring and meeting my fans face to face fills me with joy and gives me a nice energy boost.

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