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Amy Winehouse; Star Of Pain

Amy Winehouse; The Star That Shined Through Pain


Early Years

Born in 14th September 1983, Amy Jade Winehouse was a British singer and song-writer that was raised in a Jewish family. Her mom and dad got divorced when she was just 9 after her mom found out that her dad was cheating on her. This was the start of her traumas and later on, her daddy issues were going to create big problems for Amy.

After the divorce, Amy started to live with her mother. Turning into a rebellious and intense person day by day, Amy used to be a cheerful, free-spirited and positive child. However, her parent’s split and her dad’s relationship with another woman changed Amy’s life and personality so much; she was the one who got hurt the most. In an interview, she openly talked about how her parent’s divorcement gave her opportunity to skip the school, gain time to do bad habits and so much more.

While her family life was becoming worse, Amy decided to listened to her inner voice and started to take action for her musical career. At the age of 10, she formed a hip hop band with her friends and gave performances for people around them. 3 years later, Amy got her first guitar that was going to be her best companion over the years. Owning her first real instrument made Amy discover her talent to compose and write songs. Lucky her, the muses didn’t leave her side while composing; she would write down the words that came up to her mind during the day and she would bring them all together to make a whole song.


Her Career And Blake

By the age of 16, Amy settled her professional musician identity and created herself an artist profile. Soon that artistic personality released her first album “Frank” with the Island Records. The album’s name was coming from Frank Sinatra who was one of the artists that Amy admired and listened. Meanwhile, her personal life was no better than before. Music was kind of an escape from reality for her. She first started using tobacco products to relieve her stress. In her free times she would play pool with her friends or make music. But after the local fame she got from her first album, Amy fell into a group with full of people that wanted her for her popularity and money. There when she met her murderer; Blake Fielder.

Amy’s love life had always been a mess; because of the gap her father left in her heart, she would flirt with guys she didn’t even know for attention and forget them after a while. But Blake wasn’t one of them. She was madly in love with him. But the word “love” may not deceive you; Amy’s feelings for him wasn’t healthy. They knew each other for only 2 weeks when she convinced herself that Blake was the man of her life.


Back To Black

When I tell you that this man was a menace for Amy, do not underestimate it. He made her fall into a drug and alcohol addiction when old Amy was strictly against any of that. Unfortunately, her feelings were uncontrollable, she would do anything to be in his life. But that wasn’t the only reason behind Amy’s actions. Blake was on excessive usage of drugs, which made Amy feel alone and left out. She started doing everything Blake did to catch up on him so that she wouldn’t be distant from her lover. Sadly, her self sacrifice and love wasn’t mutual, when she was feeling better about her relationship, Blake left Amy for her ex-girlfriend Sarah Aspin. That was the start of Amy’s end.

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Her alcohol addiction became worse after being left, she started to eat unhealthily and lose weight day by day. Not only her body and health, but her mental state and music career were in danger; she was in the edge of quitting music. It’s been 2,5 years since she released an album, so the company told her to start making music. So, Amy got up and wrote the album that was going to leave a big mark on music history; Back To Black

Made with heartbreak and tears, Back To Black received big love by the producers and the company. While Amy was about to release her biggest hit, Blake was living happily with Sarah. Little didn’t he know, all of the songs in the album were written for him. In pain and alcohol, Amy attributed her most precious songs for the most vulnerable man.


Back To Black was the recap of her relationship with Blake. In her songs, she told us about how she fell for the evil and stuck with him. The album became a world-wide hit and Amy gained an international fame with it. She wasn’t the jazz bar singer Amy anymore, she was a big star with millions of fans all around the world. She was getting invited to big talk-shows, parties and radios. But living her golden era wasn’t enough to make her forget about Blake. In fact, the more she sang the more she remembered him. Amy was in trouble with paparazzis too. They would do anything to catch her off-guard and expose her, which would make her so uncomfortable and more furious.

Meanwhile the man behind everything, Blake made an unexpected appearance and they married that year. Having an already stormy relationship, Amy and Blake was in spotlight of paparazzis more after the marriage. Cameras started to film their every moment and they caught so many photos of the couple being covered in bruises and wounds; which were the proofs of how dangerous their relationship was. They, especially Amy, were humiliated and people started to mock them.


Her Unsolved Death And Last Days

Nothing was getting better for Amy; her body and mental state were at risk. She got ill and diagnosed with bulimia. The only good news was coming from her album; It got 6 Grammy nominations and won 5 of them. Unfortunately, she couldn’t attend to the award ceremony because of her ban on USA visa. It was the night that she finally felt truly happy after a long time. Although Amy was becoming more and more famous, Eros wasn’t one of her fans. In 2009, Blake went to jail and they got divorced; her dead end was coming closer. Surrounded by wrong people, this time Amy was helpless. The years 2010 and 2011 were full of pictures of Amy looking like a mess. Despite her awful mental and physical situation, Amy got forced to go on stage and she went on a world tour. She gave her last concert in Belgrade, where she was acting weird and needing help. After her fans booed her on stage, she went down to her dressing room and locked herself in there. Everyone, including her closest friends, knew what she was going through. But none of them bothered to help Amy.

After what she lived in Belgrade, Amy traveled to Istanbul for her last gig in tour. But on their second night, she announced that the concert got cancelled. According to her guide in Turkey, there were broken stuff all around Amy’s hotel room; which sounds like she had an argument with her manager. She immediately went back to London, where she was going to live her last days. Amy finally decided to get herself together; she reduced the amount of alcohol she was consuming and quit drugs permanently. However, this didn’t last for too long. On 23rd July 2011, Amy Winehouse found dead in her home. Not finding anything related to chemicals in her blood, her cause of death is still confusing and unusual to her fans. Considering that the 27-year-old artist died when she just started to become mentally and physically better, the suspicions are not unreasonable.

What is so heartbreaking about that woman is that we will not be hearing other masterpieces from such a powerful voice anymore. She made so many mistakes because of the lack of love in her life. We can find plenty of people responsible from her death; but no one can deny that Amy’s addictions got her killed. And Blake was one of her many addictions…

Amy Winehouse, Belgrade, 2011

Amy Winehouse, Belgrade, 2011

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