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Ambient Singles Reviewed: "Welcome to the Den" and "The Scars Are Real" by Baying Ridges

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Welcome to The Den comes into being with a dense bass flow and the sounds of night insects. The eerie howl of a wolf pierces the track along with a high, descending sound.

There’s a deep background sound, moving in the track’s stereo space, creating a sense of tension. A lower sound that resembles the hum of an insect’s wings circles through the open spaces of the track, while the wolves howl and the insects chitter before the night sounds fade into silence.


Harsh, buzzing static moves with a delicate, ethereal sound to open The Scars Are Real. There’s a low, bubbling sound surging into the soft, background hissing of the track. Metallic notes rise and fall in time with the sound of waves washing through the music.

A line of minor key guitar descends and moves in drifting patterns while the waves keep their soft sound flowing. The unsettling, roiling sounds move through while subdued, minor guitar descends and the repeating notes shift another harsh buzz of sound and static grit fills the track. The other sounds bubble and breathe as the susurration of the static fades away.

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