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Ambient Single Review: “The Discovery of Djinn Cavern” by Baying Ridges

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Single artwork for Baying Ridging’s “The Discovery of Djinn Cavern”

Single artwork for Baying Ridging’s “The Discovery of Djinn Cavern”

Truly ambient music is not a genre that I normally listen to, so it was an interesting experience for me to review Baying Ridges’ new single “Discovery of Djinn Cavern.” I am glad that I did because while I don’t think I’ll become a full on listener to the genre, I can definitely appreciate what Baying Ridges has done with this track and enjoy the journey on which I took me.

The absence of any traditional “musical” elements was, at first, challenging for me. The more I listened, however, the more I began to appreciate the journey on which I was being taken. The way in which sound was employed on “Discovery of Djinn Cavern” transported me into the environment that was being “described” by the sound and had me immersed in it, almost liike the simple strokes of a Japanese ink painting convey more than their simple lines as one continues to look at them.

“The Discovery of Djinn Cavern” opens with the sounds of nature: a jungle, feet moving and underneath those sounds a persistent bass reverberation that has dimension and shape to it along with hints of shifting in its contours flows on. The initially warm flow of sound begins to become darker and more threatening as we move into the cavern. There’s a sense of foreboding that begins to grow in the track as it progresses.

The overall effect was indeed to create an atmosphere that felt like a cavern. There is a depth and volume to the sounds on this track that evoke something murky and vast. I found that trembling sense of tension kept me drawn into the track. The lack of a melody, harmonies or bass was unusual for me, but I didn’t get bored because of the effect of the sound all around me.

I am not likely to be a full-time convert to the world of purely ambient music, but I did enjoy my foray into it with “The Discovery of Djinn Cavern.” Baying Ridges certainly does know how to create a sonic picture and draw the listener into that picture.

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