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Ambient Single Review: "Sketches from the Den Vol. 1 - The Fisherman's Daughter" by Baying Ridges

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Baying Ridges is doing something interesting with their Sketches from the Den series of releases. Each track is a snapshot of their creative process at work. The first in the series is a “sketch of a track in progress” inspired by a painting by Charles Webster Hawthorne called The Fisherman’s Daughter.

I am not expert enough to tease out how this might differ from a fully finished track, but the elements I heard in it gave me a strong sense of how the painting inspired the music. There is a sense of desolation in the painting echoed by the dark bass that seems to go on forever and hollow, reverberating notes that echo and fade into that darkness.

There is the sound of a powerful rush of wind that will swell into the track and drop away again. That bleak rush of wind only adds to the dark mood that permeates this track. There is something empty about “the fisherman’s daughter” and her expression that I feel the track captures. The whole painting exudes a sense of loneliness and isolation that the music replicates in the sounds of the track.

I also felt that the music conveyed the contrast between the bleakness of the painting and the figure of the woman who seems a softer, less harsh force than the atmosphere of the image around her. The soft notes that moved out into the heft and wind around them seemed to represent that contrast to me.

It’s interesting to get a glimpse of how creators work out their projects. Baying Ridges has given a snapshot of how inspiration can be translated into a concrete result and how one art form can be inspired by another art form.

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