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Ambient Single Review: "A Hopeful Thought" by Baying Ridges

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Baying Ridges’ single A Hopeful Thought continues expressing their style of ambient music which is nuanced, carefully constructed and full of a fullness and depth that draws the ear and holds the attention (which certainly can’t be said for all ambient music out there in my view).

The track begins on a deep rushing feeling of air and something trembling under the surface. The distant sound of the Skinner* organ floats, barely perceptible, through the track and adds an ethereal, angelic sensation to the music. Every element is so delicate as it lightly brushes over the ears. The the organ recording has a ghostly delicacy that only adds to the drift and glide of this ambient soundscape, soothing although with a vague hint of shadow in it.

I find Baying Ridges’ approach to ambient music to be one that I can get behind. There’s substance and interest in their creation of soundscapes that I find pleasing. I also appreciate their attention to sonic detail and making each sound fit together seamlessly.

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