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Ambient Music Single: "Lyrasergic Stumblings" by Baying Ridges

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Baying Ridges’ latest single Lyrasergic Stumblings is another fascinating voyage through the realms of ambient music with a powerful sense of atmosphere that permeates it. I found my mind going on a journey as the sonic picture was painted through the sounds that formed it.

The way in which Lyrasergic Stumblings creates the impression of a cave-like space is through the overall feeling of openness in the production along with dark washes of sound that have a weight and depth to them. There are also dripping sounds and an impression of wetness that forms through the overall aural feeling of the track.

There is a feeling of something ghostly on this track that comes from the high and distant notes that wind through the vast openness of the music. The feeling of something ominous begins to grow as dark and droning sounds flow in as the long rush of cold air continues. It makes me feel as if I’m being drawn deeper into the cavern forming in my mind’s eye.

I find the way in which Lyrasergic Stumblings creates a sensation of shadow and tension that closes in around my ears to be quite compelling. When I listen to it, I feel like I am being engulfed in a shadow cocoon of dark sound and the strong mental imagery which it produces.

Once again, Baying Ridges manages to use ambient sound to create a solid, atmospheric impression with Lyrasergic Stumblings. I find that I am always craving more of their ambient soundscapes after I hear a new track from them.

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