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Ambient EP Review: "Aesthetic Patterns of Nature" by DepthCruiser

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DepthCruiser’s Aesthetic Patterns of Nature is ambient music that is full of hazy warmth and creates delicate soundscapes that evolve and grow while staying fresh and interesting for the listener.

“The Post Pandemic World” comes to life in a soft crackle of static and sweeping, lambent sounds. The ambient sounds glide outwards from a sonic centre point with fluttering delicacy and aching warmth. There’s a feeling of the sun’s rays glowing out and bringing peace as a repeating pattern of metallic sound creates a focus.

The extended, swelling synths rise through the other sonic elements while the metallic, hypnotic sonic pattern forms a beat of sorts. Driving dark strings and a hollow, deep pulse of sound move in to alter the mood. There’s an insistent power to the strings before a sweep of air, a steady hollow pulse and static crackle cuts in and the track ends.

Reverent, expanding circles of caressing synth bring “I Am Nature” alive as a delicate, echoing sound, not percussion so much as a soft brushing noise add steadiness to the track. Glimmering, drifting synths ripple in wide circles as a quiet but firm kick drum comes in and the beat grows stronger as it fills the track with a steady heartbeat.

Sonic clouds float and coalesce around the solid bass and the beat, creating guiding energy for the track that makes for a nice balance between the gliding sounds and a more energetic sensation. Tenuous notes flow in and through the music, barely touching the surface as the throb of the beat moves everything forward. There’s a lush feeling to the music, a sensation of being wrapped up in a detailed soundscape.

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“Aesthetics, Imagination and the Sublime” opens with a rich flow of sound that lingers as it expands outward while the solid pulsation of the kick drum and bass adds form to the ambient soundscape that slips along. There are open, round synths that exude a misty, diffuse light as they twine around the rhythmic pulse under them.

There’s a glimmering, gliding feeling to the music as it pulses hypnotically and the fragile synths, like sun peeking through a veil of morning haze, add their glow to the track. The music is suffused with a peaceful sensation of distant light.

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