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Amazing BTS Songs That Are Not on Spotify

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Spotify is most likely the main platform that BTS ARMY and all other music enthusiasts would use when it comes to supporting their favorite artist(s). I use it on my laptop and on my phone, because for a premium subscription (which isn’t expensive at all), you can listen to any music artist anywhere and even download tracks, so that you can play music offline.

However, for quite some time since I became an ARMY in 2019, I thought that I have listened to all BTS Songs. Well, I was totally wrong. There are way too many BTS songs that are not available on Spotify. And it’s not just their unofficial songs and covers!

Why Some BTS Songs Are Not on Spotify

Agust D is the track that had me thinking, why in the world is this song not on Spotify? It’s one of my ultimate favorites! This track is from Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D’s debut mixtape album which is also entitled Agust D. It was released on August 15, 2016 by Big Hit Entertainment, which has now re-branded themselves as Hybe. After this, I was in a bit of a panic, realizing that a song that has been officially released to the world is actually not on Spotify.

Now, you might be thinking, if Agust D is one of my ultimate favorites, why did it take quite a while for me to figure out that it’s not on Spotify? Well, the answer to that is simple. I have way too many favorite BTS songs and I play them all that I could hardly notice what’s not being played. I always play their songs on shuffle through the BTS artist page, unless I’m streaming their newly released song. Now, that’s a different story. Also, I get to watch the Agust D official music video in Hybe’s official YouTube channel, so I didn’t realize that I was missing something, when I was.

There can be two reasons why a BTS song isn’t on Spotify. One would be because the song is unofficial. Meaning, it’s not part of any of their albums. However, for the Agust D track which appears on the Agust D physical album and SoundCloud, the reason could be due to licensing, or the artist and company requested to not include the song themselves. I really have no idea about the specific reason, but after finding out that this favorite track of mine isn’t on Spotify, I downloaded SoundCloud and got introduced to many more BTS songs.

Here’s a list of amazing BTS songs that I love that aren’t on Spotify:

  1. Agust D by Agust D
  2. Promise by Jimin
  3. Sea by BTS
  4. Scenery by V
  5. Ddaeng by BTS Rap Line
  6. Still With You by Jungkook
  7. Winter Bear by V
  8. Blue Side (extended version) by JHope
  9. Dream Money by Suga
  10. Rap Monster by RM
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You can find a whole lot more BTS songs like their covers, unofficial songs, and other song renditions or music mix in SoundCloud.

Official Agust D MV by Agust D

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