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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Zodiac Compatibility

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The most famous couple these days is Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. How compatible are they though, according to their zodiac?

The most famous couple these days is Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. How compatible are they though, according to their zodiac?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Living in the Limelight

Almost everyone around the globe is talking about the most famous couple these days. It is undoubtedly Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle. This has further intensified the limelight on these star-studded personalities and their future. Since their engagement, the internet has been flooded with questions, such as what would Ms. Markle be wearing, who will her bridesmaids be, how would she be as part of the royal family, and most importantly, how compatible is this famous couple?

Along with these questions, predictions and theories have also been well-discussed all over the world. However, this new royal wedding, happening in spring 2018, has become even more interesting for astrology lovers, who continue to grapple with what the zodiac signs of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle have in store for them.

Prince Harry's Astrological Background

Prince Harry was born on the 15th of September, 1984 in Paddington, London. This makes him a Virgo. The sun and Mercury in his zodiac sign make him incredibly earthy, or in other words, tied to his roots. He is aware of the considerable power and responsibility his reputation has in the world, and he feels the weight of it. However, this does not diminish the spontaneity in his nature that comes with the high spirited Jupiter and Mars. He is sociable, charming as well as diplomatic which works great for him considering his position. This also explains Harry’s devotion to the military through the previous years. Being an earth sign, with Mercury as the ruling planet, service, teamwork, and the routine is important to him, as well as communication, learning and traveling.

Meghan Markle's Astrological Background

Ms. Markle is a Leo, born on the 4th of August, 1981 in Canoga Park, California. Her horoscope is governed by the moon alongside the cheerful Jupiter and the sober Saturn. This presents her as someone who is both enthusiastic as well as responsible. Her role as Rachel in Suits, a TV show, is perhaps the best representation of her character. Someone who is well-suited for dreaming big, but who takes the road to her dream with grounded realism, and a responsible demeanor. Moreover, the sun in the Leo sign makes her a natural star, and hence, suits both her career as an actress, as well as a future member of the royal family. Moreover, being a fire sign, with the Sun as the ruling planet, Markle is all about self-expression, recreation, and enthusiasm; this explains why she is so great at everything she does.


How Compatible Are They?

The individual birth charts and zodiac signs of both Prince Harry and Meghan Markel explain their respective personalities. Both have faced a lot of difficulties in their childhood, whether it was losing a mother at the age of 12 for Prince Harry or dealing with racism for Meghan Markel, their respective zodiac signs explain their struggle as well as the success in their respective careers and individual aspirations. However, it is interesting to note, for all the astrology lovers out there, that together the zodiac signs of the power couple are not entirely compatible.

For anyone who knows something about zodiac signs, would definitely know that a Virgo and a Leo are completely different from one another. However, Virgo comes right after Leo in the wheel of the zodiac sign. This case of adjacent signs for Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markel makes it all even more fascinating; they will have their differences and benefits both.

Virgo and Leo as Adjacent Signs

Adjacent signs perhaps do not ensure the smoothest relationship as both individuals thinks as well as acts differently from the other. This could lead to conflict unless both of them are able to attain a harmonious balance between them by being able to openly accept the other for who they are and what they believe in. Both teach something to the other, with Virgo passing on the lessons of responsibility to Leo and Leo helping the Virgo relax, these two signs can work really work under the right circumstances. It all depends on how willing they are to accept and learn from each other. Considering that the couple has been together for a long time now, and have also taken the important step towards formalizing the relationship with marriage they have perhaps reached that point of pleasant stability in their relationship.

More About Their Sun Signs

The way Leos and Virgos act is completely different from one another. Perhaps Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle's case is that of opposites attract. Prince Harry, being a Virgo definitely have a different temperament. They tend to plan and organize everything before getting into it, as compared to Leos who generally are quicker thinkers as well as impulsive actors. This perhaps explains Harry’s seriousness towards the relationship as he has proposed; as a Virgo, his decisions are not made as mere leaps of faith, but after a lot of thinking and devotion of time. Although, this may have been working well for the couple by now, for most Leo and Virgo pairings this might lead into one being hastier in making decisions and forcing the other to follow. On the other hand, if the Virgo has the upper hand, this might mean enforcing some sort of routine on the Leo, which he or she may not desire.

Nonetheless, it is important to realize that couples with such adjacent sign may not always end up quarreling over their diverse needs in a relationship, and may instead make the best out of it. Instead of looking at the other’s differences as weaknesses they might view them as strengths, or ideally as the missing pieces in their signs. Here the Virgo’s stability might be a blessing for the impulsive Leo, and Leo’s passion is encouraging for Virgo.

Rising Signs

The rising signs are helpful in describing how compatible is the couple on a public level. Meghan’s rising sign is Cancer, whereas Prince Harry’s is Capricorn. Both are similar and different to one another in different ways. They both place a lot of emphasis on family and home. However, for Cancer, it is about nurturing the family from within by establishing a loving and caring space, whereas, for Cancer, it is about stabilizing it from the outside through financial support. Nevertheless, both work in different ways to achieve the same goal, which is strengthening something that remains the most valuable to them.

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Moon Signs

It is worth the effort to look at the couple’s moon signs. Prince Harry’s moon sign is Taurus, whereas for Ms. Markle it is Libra. Their moon signs describe their emotional compatibility in their private life. Libra is all about socializing, romance and charm, whereas the same things are important for Taurus as well. Both moon signs share Venus as their ruling planet, hence ensuring that the couple gets along well. Pairs with these moon signs tend to fight less with one another just because it is comfortable for both of them to get along well.

In addition to this, they both seem to be madly in love and full of emotions. We see both of them as not only compassionate idealists but practical realists as well, with Harry working for children and soldiers, and Markle also doing her share in helping the world. Both are remarkable individuals, who together can motivate one another. As acknowledged by themselves in an interview, it was their desire to bring a change that got them together. The duo together could definitely do wonders! Also, their nurturing moon signs definitely makes them great future parents as well. Won’t we all love more multiracial, perhaps ginger, royal children along with Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

What Attracts Them to Each Other?

Once we have established that opposites attract in the case of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle, one must also note Meghan’s traits as a Leo that makes her desirable for Prince Harry, and vice versa. Prince Harry’s Zodiac signs show that he is looking for someone that provides him with emotional security and stability, and considering Meghan’s rising star is Cancer, and they definitely have it all going well for them. Cancer brings with it the care and protection that Harry needs, along with the confidence that is essential for every relationship. In addition to this, as a Virgo, Harry would seek perfection. This is perhaps why Markel’s beautiful, boisterous personality, being a Leo trait, makes her so intriguing for him.

On the other hand, for Markel, it is both Harry’s sensible rationality as well as his sensitivity that makes him so appealing to her. She appreciates his courage as a Virgo and would wish to offer him emotional protection in the relationship. Nonetheless, it is effective communication that serves as a building block for every happy relationship, and their relationship definitely has it all in their favor.


Is Meghan Markle Suited for a Royal Life?

This is a question almost everyone is asking. Considering her career as an actor and her being a rather unconventional royal bride, it becomes even more intriguing to predict how she will deal with life as a royal. Astrology predicts that Meghan is very well-suited to being a royal. Being a Leo, she is born to rule; she may end up loving the royal life. Leos have a taste for everything regal, traditional and pageantry. Although, Meghan is someone who is her own women, and who would like to direct her life on her own terms. This might actually work in her favor rather than against her as part of the royal family. Additionally, in the context of her relationship to Prince Harry, the fifth in line, she definitely fits as the rightful half of the power couple.

The Wedding Date

Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle are announced to get married on the 19th of May at Windsor Castle. It will be a Wednesday. It would be interesting to analyze the astrological the couple’s wedding date. During this time the moon would be in Meghan’s rising star, Cancer. This will provide Meghan with all the spotlight she deserves on her special day. Moreover, the wedding falls in the Taurus season, which promises them a happy, stable enduring union. It is definitely the best day to get married. We cannot say much about rain on that day, considering that it is England, but apart from them, it would be a perfect day to witness this fairy tale wedding. Perhaps, also a great time for the couple to start a family if they are planning to have children already. Also, even if Harry and Meghan took some advice from the Chinese, they would have happily suggested the same date as well; anything ending with 8 and 9 is lucky for them.

Advice for the Couple

The power duo probably has it all figured out for them by now, considering how well they are going. Nonetheless, we still have some piece of advice for our favorite couple. Considering both Harry’s and Meghan’s zodiac signs, both have extremely influential and powerful personalities. To have a successful relationship openness to the other’s outlook on life is extremely important. This perhaps makes effective communication a key to their successful relationship. Nonetheless, considering both these amazing individuals share the same goals and passions in life, they will complement one another. The couple is naturally accustomed to the spotlight and when united would definitely make the best use out of it in saving the world.

The big day is coming closer, and everyone is getting more anticipated every day about what it brings for the royal family. There are dresses to predict and a guest line everyone is looking forward to seeing. Thus, we wish the couple a wonderful wedding and a happy future ahead. We definitely cannot wait to hear more about them!

If you want to know more about Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle’s zodiac sign compatibility, watch this video. Here is the link to it:

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Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on March 28, 2018:

This very unconventional relationship will be very entertaining to watch! Thanks for sharing the star insight on it.

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