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"All-Star Superman" (2011) Movie Review

Sean is a writer finding himself and shares a love for tales ; making them concise retaining all the juicy deets that shouldn't be missed.

All-Star Superman HD Poster

All-Star Superman HD Poster

Quick Info

  • Directors: Sam Liu
  • Writers: Dwayne McDuffie
  • Produced by: Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett, Sam Register
  • Distributor: Warner Home Video
  • Released: February 22, 2011
  • Runtime: 78 minutes

The Plot

Following a similar story to the comic, the movie was adapted from. Superman receives a lethal dose of Solar Radiation from Earth's yellow sun.

This proves as a gift and a curse as he is endowed with more power than before in turn cutting his lifespan short drastically.

Superman forfeits his identity to his one true love. Dedicating the rest of his days to better lives for the people of earth and spending time with reporter Lois Lane.

As Superman accomplishes, herculean feats, his archnemesis and billionaire scientist reveals his hand in our hero's fate linking the planet to a world-ending threat that a fast-fading Kal- El might not be able to stop.

Animation Was Good

The art was powerful conveying a message that rivals the twelve-issue comic.

There is no big fight scene, and I feel that we didn't need one, but we get to see the daily life of one of the best-written superheroes surrounded by the ones he loves and some of the most dangerous beings in the universe.

Cover of All-Star Superman #1.

Cover of All-Star Superman #1.

Superman and Lois: A Toxic Relationship

Lois Lane, a relentless reporter, and the ''Boyscout's'' love interest have a complicated relationship with the two alter egos of our main character.

She's often depicted as the type to string along clumsy Clark Kent and be forthcoming when it comes to how she feels for Kal-El, Metropolis' savior.

When the cape drapes and the facade, like his glasses come off. We see Lois in a new light and the question of whether she loves Clark or Kalel becomes something to ponder.

Lois Lane with the lethal Gravity Gun

Lois Lane with the lethal Gravity Gun

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Clark Kent's Lies Finally Catch Up to Him

Nothing goes better than capes, cowls, and the little fibs. Lying becomes second nature to saving the world. And boy does Daily Planet's clumsiest reporter know how to spin a tall tale.

Identities are a priority, especially those of a Superhero's loved ones. When everything is laid bare Lois is unsure whether to trust him or not.Sending her over an edge of paranoia that was well adapted in the comic as well as film.


The Lore Was a Lot To Handle

There were hints of the existence of other characters. A shoutout to Batman for an assist by Clark, mention of an already pummeled Brainiac, and even the Bottle City of Kandor.

There were even appearances by Samson and Atlas which really didn't go with the flow of the plot.

Atlas, a time traveler, with a reptile from the centre of the earth

Atlas, a time traveler, with a reptile from the centre of the earth

Evil Never Sleeps

Lex Luthor is a recurring ploy against Superman's resolve of truth, justice, and an American way. He gives him a run for his money. If not in strength, it's in pure strategy.

Superman's strength is waning and the realization that he won't be around to counter mundane and deadly thoughts alike is heartwrenching, but the movie does a great job at giving us a possibility where Kal-El is out of the picture and subtly hints at a character worthy of his mantle taking his place.

Superman's efforts to save planet earth in All-Star Superman

Superman's efforts to save planet earth in All-Star Superman

GRADE: It Deserves a C+

I really liked it, no doubt. Although I feel like it could have taken a different path from the original comic story. There was no visible difference between the two.

It's a slow film. Something to watch in the evening and nothing you want to have your friends over for.

Overall it's the bold story that you will change your perspective on and will change your perspective entirely on the Man of Steel and I know for a fact that you will like it.

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