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All I Want Is Oh Santa?

Mariah calls up on vocal powerhouses, Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson

After selling 200 millions records worldwide, five grammies, World Music Awards' Artist of the Millennium, 90+ platinum sales... (fill in blanks with endless achievements), Carey established herself as the solo artist with most number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100, totaling 19 last year with the overdue Christmas classic "All I Want for Christmas is You". The crown was delivered: Mariah was the Queen of Christmas, sealing it forever with this classic. So we thought.

This year, in spite of the "bleak" year of 2020, Mariah teamed up with Apple TV to create Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special. Nothing new so far, as she has been performing more Christmas Specials in the past years than you and I have been changing underwear in the past week.

The surprise comes when Carey announces a remix of her previously released Oh Santa!, with collaborations from Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson. If this didn't create unsettling expectations, waiting for the premiere was reported by millions of fans as "torture".

But on the 4th of December, as the clock struck midnight (for some), the long awaited video was released.


These Three Queens bear gifts

As a busy and "festive" toy factory comes to life, Carey, Grande and Hudson show up in designer holiday themed dresses, giving us the 60's girl group vibe while they unisonally begin the first lines of Oh Santa! The viewer might initially get distracted with Mariah's signature thigh high slit, but immediately the bop starts jingling in your head repeatedly.

The song, originally written by Carey herself, showcases in short snippets Jennifer's belty growl, Ariana's sultry whisper tone and Mariah's melismas, displaying a bit of their signature singing styles throughout the bop, blending in when "group harmonizing" is required.

Get your copy now:

But the ending is what gets the fans in a frenzy: shortly after Hudson belts out a high pitched Santa, the moment everyone has been waiting for arrives. Carey and Grande showcase their "rarity" and harmonize the final melody in whistle tone leaving everyone in awe. My jawe, included.

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Still unknown of the success the song may garner, this last moment will definitely reign in pop culture longevity as "a moment". After 2 days, the video has received 12 million views and the song almost 2 million Spotify streams, increasing daily. The most impressive however is having reached #2 on the Worldwide Itunes Chart, being blocked from the pedestal by, no other than, Carey herself with "All I want for Christmas is You" - the latter currently at number one almost everywhere, 2 weeks before festivities.

These three queens came to sleigh, and slay they did. Will the song top Carey's number one 25 year old Christmas song, earning Mariah her 20th number one, Grande's 6th and Hudson's 1st? Highly doubtful as Christmas songs tend to grow in popularity with time, unlike pop songs that usually peak at debut momentum. But in a couple of years once it becomes part of everyone's holiday playlist? Why not? The Queen of Christmas has done it before, so will these three queens...


See the video below:

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