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All About the Song Sukinanda by Japanese Girl Group Akb48

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Rino Sashihara


What the Song Sukinanda Means

The next song by Japanese girl group that we will analyze is the 49th single called Sukinanda sometimes also known as # sukinanda or just simply hashtag Sukinanda. It was released on August 30, 2017 and the choreographic center for this single was Rino Sashihara. The song’s title when we translate it into English is literally # I Love You or hashtag I Love You.

Sukinanda Is a Love Song

Listening to this song for the first time, you may get the sense that it is a high energy version of the song Heavy Rotation. It does not sound like Heavy Rotation though. The song begins with what sounds like chanting but I get the feel of another kind of Aitakatta. For those of you that are not aware, Aitakatta is one of the earliest songs released by AKB48. We will also have some interesting trivia and information about the song as well.

Sukinanda is a love song. By this point if you have been following the evolution of AKB48 as a group you will notice that many of their songs deal with the lyrical themes of love and romance.

What Is the Song Sukinanda About?

Sukinanda is a song about a girl that feels embarrassed because she loves a guy that is a very good friend of hers. She whispers to herself the words “I love you” and she posts a picture of what she calls our food to social networking sites as she is stuck in what she calls one-sided love. Another term for this sort of love is also known as unrequited love. She is actually part of a group of friends as they are having a barbeque right on the beach. She notices that a couple are really getting started with their love. As some time passes, she notices that some people acting like jerks notice their group activity and she wanders around feeling like she is lost. But is she really lost? It is almost like describing this song is like telling a story that is going on. This girl described in the song Sukinanda hears the voice of the one that she loves. She tells herself that this is part of her fate. She imagines or visualizes that she got a reply from the person that she loves. She pictures herself and her lover breaking a watermelon in order to celebrate the fact that they are in love.

What Happens In the Music Video?

What was just described here is partially what happens in the music video for the song # sukinanda. There are no love scenes in the music video however. The AKB48 members that took part in the video for the single are seen in a place that is overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the ocean and as the song concludes, you can hear the sound of the waves and the birds chirping. It is truly a thing of beauty to witness that in any music video. The beginning of the video sees “center” Rino Sashihara sending a kiss to her fans as the video takes place in Okinawa. It is said that in this video, Rino Sashihara plays the role or acts as a tour guide and Mayu Watanabe is seen greeting her both at the beginning of the video and at the end of the song. These AKB48 members were traveling around Okinawa and not just hanging out at the beach but Sukinanda is one of AKB48’s best high-energy songs.

"# sukinanda"

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A Few Interesting Facts About AKB48’s 49th Single Sukinanda

  • With the exception of AKB48’s indie singles, Sukinanda is the first single to not feature any members in Team K among the top 16 ranked girls for this single.
  • Sukinanda is the first AKB48 single since Romance Irane that does not have the participation of Yuki Kashiwagi.
  • Sukinanda is the last single to feature Yuria Kizaki as a member.

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