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All About the Song Called "Kokoro No Placard" Pop Music Song by Famous Japanese Girl Group Akb48

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A Cover for the Song Kokoro No Placard

At the center of the cover is Mayu Watanabe. To her left is Minami Takahashi followed by Yui Yokoyama. Rena Matsui formerly of the group SKE48 is at the very lower right of the photo.

At the center of the cover is Mayu Watanabe. To her left is Minami Takahashi followed by Yui Yokoyama. Rena Matsui formerly of the group SKE48 is at the very lower right of the photo.

How This Review About Kokoro No Placard Is Structured

For those of you that enjoyed the song called Labrador Retriever by popular girl group AKB48, you are really going to like the group’s 37th single called Kokoro No Placard or “The Heart’s Placard” as it is known in English. Note: unlike the other AKB48 song reviews that I have done, this one will not have the track listing for all of the different versions but instead we will take a more detailed and analytical approach to discussing the song.

Why Was Mayu Watanabe Named As Center for "Kokoro No Placard?"

This is because now former member Mayu Watanabe received the most votes from the fans in the 2014 General Election, she earned the spot for AKB48’s most popular member for that single.

What Happens in the Music Video for The Heart's Placard?

The music video for the song begins with Watanabe having her eyes closed. I wonder if she was trying to meditate during the video. Then the video shifts to a street scene where these AKB48 girls are in fine, fancy dresses and dancing along with a huge crowd of people. They are also clapping their hands and this song even makes me want to clap my hands as well! Parts of the video show these AKB48 girls running through the streets while they are dressed in their traditional school uniforms. They are also seen surrounded by what looks like a campfire and they are dancing with the crowd. Mayu Watanabe is seen clapping her hands in some parts of the video as well. It was thought that the single would create some kind of social phenomenon. Minami Takahashi gives a high-five to some of the young kids that are in that grassy area. There is a line of English in the song as the phrase “give me a chance” is uttered. There is also the presence of Rino Sashihara in the video smiling.

Mayu Watanabe With Former Nogizaka46 Member Rina Ikoma


"Kokoro No Placard"

What Is AKB48's 37th Single About?

We would not be giving this song enough credit of we did not talk about what the song’s message is. That would be like writing a short story and missing a key section of the plot. This song lyrically is about either a young girl or woman that is telling a guy that she is interested in to look in her direction for just five seconds. She is asking him to give her a chance at love. She is saying that even if she could write the words “I love you” on a placard even if she were sweating, she would be able to confess her love for him. She is asking for a chance at love if it is a coincidence. Does the girl get her chance to have a romance? We will never know because that is not addressed in this song.

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Other Interesting Facts About Kokoro No Placard

  • This is the first such AKB48 Senbatsu appearance for Aya Shibata as well as Rina Ikoma formerly of the girl group Nogizaka46.
  • This was also the first instance where AKB48’s Team 8 took part in the single.
  • Kokoro No Placard was the first AKB48 single released after the graduation of Yuko Oshima.
  • The song Sailor Moon which is on the Kokoro No Placard single was used as the theme song for the drama Sailor Zombie. This drama starred members Nana Owada, Rina Kawaei, and Juri Takahashi.

The Song Kokoro No Placard Featuring a Photo Slideshow

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