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All About the Pop Music Song "So Long!" by Japanese Girl Group Akb48

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So Long! Type B Version Cover


There are moments in a band’s career that are so historic that they make the news almost instantly. Popular all-female pop music group AKB48 made history again because they would end up releasing their 30th single as a group titled “So Long!” So Long was released on February 20, 2013. I remember writing about this song before it was even released.

The Comedian Kintaro Joined AKB48 for a Performance for the Song Flying Get

There were several AKB48 members that performed during the song including Tomomi Itano, Rie Kitahara, Minami Takahashi, and of course, Yuki Kashiwagi. I heard the song itself and it is a song that is nice and relaxing. The members are dressed in gray uniforms during the performance. During the show, the members also met a comedian by the name of Kintaro and Kintaro became the center for the song “Flying Get” which they performed together.

"So Long!" Acoustic Version

About the Video and What the Song So Long! Is About

The length of the original music video is a staggering 64 minutes long! The music video was filmed over at Chuetsu High School in Niigata and the focus of the video is on the students at the school as these AKB48 members role play as characters in a comedy or drama. The song itself is very soft and it can bring tears to your eyes so have a box of Kleenex handy just in case. A cherry blossom theme song, So Long is a song about the fact that the cherry blossoms have not bloomed yet but with the arrival of spring and a road that offers hope will make the flowers bloom. We have to live life being strong even if there is hardship. With a good friend, you can laugh, cry, joke around, and share dreams. No matter what direction friends go in life as the blue sky spreads across the horizon, happiness and sadness are both parts of life as best friends will always be best friends.

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