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All About the Pop Music Song "Sexy Boy Cuddling in the Gentle Breeze" by Japanese Pop Music Group Morning Musume

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Introduction To Morning Musume's 29th Single With a Very Long Title

Sexy Boy (Cuddling in the Gentle Breeze) is the 29th major single by the pop music group Morning Musume and my goodness how far they had come up to this point in their career. The single was released on March 15, 2006 and it is on their studio album called Sexy 8 Beat. Note: the name of this single is actually called Sexy Boy Soyokaze Ni Yorisotte but I wrote the song's title in English to keep things very simple.

The Cover of the Regular Edition of the Song "Sexy 8 Beat"


The Cover for the Limited Edition of the Album Sexy 8 Beat

The bottom row features Risa Niigaki, Koharu Kusumi, and Sayumi Michishige.

The bottom row features Risa Niigaki, Koharu Kusumi, and Sayumi Michishige.

"Sexy Boy (Cuddling in the Gentle Breeze)" Music Video

What Is This Song Sexy Boy Soyokaze Ni Yorisotte About?

The song is another song about love. However, this song has a reference to falling in love with those guys that are called “bad boys” and this sort of thing happens in so many relationships. The song refers to a bad boy that splashes water and brings kindness with him at the same time. I wonder if such a thing is even possible when it comes to romance. The girl thinks that if they cuddle together in that gentle breeze things will be fine. She thinks that he is supposed to cry at a time like this because they are falling in love. All of this is happening in spite of the fact that there are rumors about this guy that she has fallen in love with. But she reveals that she has let her guard down and this is very uncharacteristic of her. Or is she really the type of person to let her guard down? She speaks of the sea, the wind, and the shower of sunlight as these aspects of nature make her feel at peace. But is she ready to fall in love again? The song also has a rap style feel to it as you can hear male vocals in the song as the words “sexy boy” are uttered.

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