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All About the Pop Music Song Aitakatta Which Is the Most Well-Known Song of Akb48

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Atsuko Maeda Also Known as "Acchan" was the Center for This Single


What is Aitakatta and What Does It Mean?

Aitakatta is the first major single release by the girl group AKB48. It is called “I Wanted to Meet You.” I have done reviews and commentary about the songs Labrador Retriever, UZA, and Kibouteki Refrain but not about this song specifically. This article covers information about the song as well some additional perspective. Why is the song Aitakatta important? Why should the world take notice about this song?

Why is Aitakatta So Important In the History of Japanese Pop Music?

There are two major reasons why Aitakatta is so important in the history of Japanese pop music. It was the first major single released by AKB48 through DefSTAR Records in October 2006. It has become known as the signature song of AKB48 and the song that the public recognizes the most.

Besides these two factors, Aitakatta was the first single that had the participation of members from Team K. The song was the first time that members such as Yuko Oshima and Mariko Shinoda were ranked as Senbatsu or the top ranking members for that song. Oshima would win the 2nd AKB48 Senbatsu Election in 2010 as AKB48’s most popular member, beating Atsuko Maeda who is also a dear friend to her.

Promotion of Aitakatta and Where the Music Video Was Filmed

Aitakatta ended up being promoted so often that the song ended up being in the Oricon Charts in Japan in 2009 and 2010 and it also became GOLD certified for the amount of digital downloads. Aitakatta is also the theme song for the AKB48 TV show called AKBINGO! There has been much help from DefSTAR Records and this has caused people to really take notice of the song. I would say I like Aitakatta as a song more than Heavy Rotation. The video was filmed in Chiba Prefecture with the main dance scenes taking place at the Sunosaki Lighthouse. In 2017, Thai idol group BNK48 did a cover version of the song called "Yak Cha Dai Phop Thoe."

"Aitakatta" Song Only

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What is Happening in the Music Video for Aitakatta? What is the Song About?

The music video features the members riding their bicycles as they are surrounded by water and near a lighthouse. It features the girls walking along the beach as Atsuko Maeda has her eyes closed and there is dialogue going on. Yuko Oshima and Minami Takahashi are looking on. The girls are also running around all over Chiba Prefecture as they are dressed in their traditional uniforms. The song is a very high energy song and should bring up your energetic vibration. The song is about wanting to meet someone perhaps very special. Does she want to have a loving relationship? She is riding with her bike up a hill with whatever strength she has. She wants an honest and open dialogue with the man she will meet. If he wants to have love in his life with her then he should be honest without the façade as the song says. Even though the man has given her the cold shoulder, she does not regret that because he is the most important person in her life. If you love someone you should be honest with them about your true feelings. So there you have it this was a brief introduction to AKB48’s most famous single called Aitakatta.

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