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All About Reika Sakurai of the Pop Music Girl Group Nogizaka46

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Beautiful Reika Sakurai About to Pray Or Perhaps Meditate

It seems like Reika Sakurai is praying. She looks a little bit like a younger Atsuko Maeda but she is still very beautiful!!

It seems like Reika Sakurai is praying. She looks a little bit like a younger Atsuko Maeda but she is still very beautiful!!

Reika Sakurai Is a Member & Captain of a Famous J POP Girl Group

Reika Sakurai, member of girl group Nogizaka46 and its captain recently announced that she wants to graduate from this group but that’s not the sole reason to focus on her career. This 25 year-old singer, actress, and fashion model got an interesting head start on her career.

How Did Reika Sakurai Get Into Nogizaka46?

Her audition song to get into the group was the song Kiss Me by Japanese pop music group Happiness. She rose to the position of group captain in June 2012 thus ensuring that she would be at the top of the group for the remainder of her career as a J POP artist! She was a sociology student after graduating from high school. Who is Reika Sakurai?

Reika Sakurai From BUBKA Magazine April 2019


Interesting Facts About Reika Sakurai

  • Her captaincy in Nogizaka46 actually began on February 5, 2012 but this appointment was temporary.
  • She has always attended an all-girls type of school since her earliest years.
  • She is known to have great athleticism.
  • She has taken hip hop dance lessons in the past. In addition to being a skilled dancer, Reika also is skilled at being able to swim, playing the piano, playing tennis and gardening.
  • She took part in the Japan Expo in Paris, France in July 2014. One of the members of Nogizaka46 that joined her for the event was former member Nanase Nishino.
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What Are Reika Sakurai's Graduation Plans?

Now what are the details surrounding Reika Sakurai’s graduation plans? It was on July 8, 2019 that she announced her plans to graduate from Nogizaka46 following the group’s nationwide tour called Nogizaka46 Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour 2019. This tour will wrap up on September 1, 2019 in Tokyo. Sakurai explained the reasons behind her decision to leave the group saying that in these past few years, there have really been many members that have graduated. Sakurai said that she saw these members working very hard and she saw that as an opportunity to create what she called a new milestone. She said that in her view for Nogizaka46 to grow more as a group and especially for herself to grow, she said that she hoped to become independent as soon as possible so that the people that know her best can have pride in the fact that she was the first captain in Nogizaka46 history. She already actually has done something independent of her Nogizaka46 activities. Sakurai has released a solo photo book which has a very unusual name though but she is really beautiful!

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